towards Dharamsala

After nearly 2 weeks staying at Sunils and Reenas house I finally had to say goodbye. The view towards the snowy Himalayas welcomes me while leaving my ‚part-time-home‘.
2 days of very beautiful landscape followed. I was just amazed by this beauty. The hills went already up to 800m. I felt blessed to be on very small curvy roads with very little traffic.
One night I stayed with Tellek. He spoke about the damage, the monkeys do in the fields all the time. Even though the Indian government allows to shoot monkeys, and bringing a dead monkey to the police would give you 1000 Rupees (15€) no-one in India is doing it. Every life is precious…. and God given…. But the following day I was somehow contemplating on this topic. The area around the Beas River and reservoir  is a quite green area, and still, if I would move here, I would even plant more trees. Especially originally trees. Trees who provide enough food for the animals. To my mind comes the question, what do eat monkeys in winter? At night I see by chance a YouTube video, a sadu explained, that 35 years ago he could go any time of the year into the jungle and there was always food.  Now, if he goes to the jungle, it can happen , that he is starving…. So, if originally trees come back to the jungle, monkeys maid stay there, don’t damage the field anymore. It would be best to buy properties and replant the land…..

I come closer to Dharamsala. Again beautiful landscape, later a lot of tea plantation area. It’s 19 km to walk but 1000 elevation meters to go up. So good for my body to really sweat again. The sun and weather so supportive to my journey. Still my ears are not open again, in lower areas I feel somehow under water,  but I realize, coming up to 1800m, I feel so much better, my ears get lighter. Reaching McLeod, the residence area of the Dalai Lama, I nearly shake because of exhaustion. On the way I had another inside, about attachments. I understood, that all the ‚anger‘ topics of my earlier report are actually my helpers. In the moment, I get angry, I am attached, can’t be my real self, my god-self, anymore. I am attached to the world. Same also with my pain in the belly, being with the belly pain means, not being with my god-self anymore – when I stay there at least. So using this sensitive moments, not to get attached, frees me, to be my true self. I maid have picked up this info out of the collective consciousness around the Dalai Lama residence area…?… Anyway, I am very grateful for this inside.

The last month I walked without cappy. So nice to have the sun and elements directly on my shaved head. Now the sun gets stronger. I very soon have to get a cappy again.

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