Between Kandira, at the Black sea at an organic farm

Thomas writes:

We arrived here two days ago. Location is north of Ismit at the Black Sea.
Phap Khi, Andrew, some days also with Ken, we walked from Istanbul to here.
The weather is still cold, sometimes sunny, sometimes foggy, also 1 or 2 days rainy or a bit of rain. Sometimes stepping through mud 🙂
There is so much to report…. so where to start.

Walking in mindfulness
Creating peace in us and around
Walking for peace
Walking step by step
Listening deep
Speaking and looking with compassion
Recieving and Giving
Aware of the present moment
Aware of live around and in us
Breathing in and out
Breathing now

Türkish hospitality
Foreigner meets foreigner, already friends
Teehouses and restaurants
Donations and hugs
Türkish Chai and Coffee
Beautiful mosques
Different culture
Every night different beds
Helpers everywhere
From the busy City to the country side
Black Sea
Beautiful Nature
End of Winter
Wind, Sea, Colours of the Soil, Sun, Rain, Fog

Andrew went home today – to Switzerland
Phap Khi will stay at the organic farm until Wednesday – leaving to France
I continue walking tomorrow or the day after – along the Black Sea – east
Magdalena and Paulin starting hitchhiking  from Germany in two weeks

More reports are coming soon, Phap Khi and Andrew are intited, to write something for the block.

Thanks for reading.
Thanks for supporting in any way.
Thanks for beeing in peace.
Thanks for breathing

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