19.2. Peace Walk in İstanbul / 20.2. continuing walking east

Thomas writes:
Today is the 16th of February. This is the last day of waiting!
This weeks feels a bit of a waiting week. Waiting for good weather, waiting until everythings continues again, waiting: I did not  know, what I was waiting for, and in the end a lot of things are happening!! And a waiting week is also a good resting week.

As earlier mentioned Phap Khi is coming on Monday 18th.
Suddenly another massage arrived, Andrew from Switzerland comes also already at the 17th.
Magdalena and Paulin wrote a surprising mail, that they both are coming back to the peace pilgrimage in the middle of March. Yesterday a skype call with Magdalena was also very enjoyable.

I really want to continue soon the peace pilgrimage. So this is the plan, how he unfolds to me:

19.2. A Peace Walk in İstanbul
Meeting Point is Taxim Metro station.
We will walk through some silent ilands in the busy city, like parks, a church, mosk, and through the shopping area towards the Bosporus……
We will walk in mindfulness to enjoy happiness and peace in ourself and giving this present of being present to this wonderful and busy city …….
Everybody is invited. Please call me if you want to come, so that we do know, how many we are 0090-5367775594.

Participants are Phap Khi – Monk from France, Andrew from Switzerland, Ken from Portugal/US – PeaceWalker for Masterpeace – Inge from Belgium and maybe Sofia from Belgium and myself.
The most are introduced at facebook: steppps peacewalk

We will take a boat to cross the Bosporus to continue our peace walk along the Black Sea (Karadeniz) direction east.
With crossing the Bosporus we are arriving in Asia.

For the next weeks we are properbly 4 walkers jet: Phap Khi, Ken, Andrew and myself


There is still a Visa problem, because after 3 mounth we need a permanent or tourist Visa. We will walk another 6 mounth in Turkey. In İstanbul it didn’t work out to prolong the Visas jet, so we hope for help in a smaller place.


Thanks everybody to support the Peace Walk in what ever way:
Financially, Meditation and prayers, thanks for our hosts and food, help with printing maps and for all your good thoughts, and and and………..

From my heart

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