My hosts

Ridvan, Davut and Samet
They are the best. The two brothers Ridvan + Davut and Samet are the best.
I met Rivan (together with Hans) at a couch surfing party close to the hostel, we stayed in at that time. Nesren did guide us there and managed, that we met. As Ridvan heared, what we are doing, he offered from one second to the other: You can stay with me,with us …. I will pick you up tomorrow. Since then Hans and me, later only me are the guests of the 3 students. Actually Ridvan is not a student any more, working in the IT-buisiness, paying the most of the rent of this 100 qm flat.
One day, when I said, I will maximum stay another week, Ridvan looked surprised at me and said: I thought you stay two month.
The three are unbelieveble. They offer there bedroom and sleep during the semester holidays themself on the sofa or on the carpet in the living room. They take care, that I have a key to the flat, while having no key for themself. Today Ridvan called me, was on the way home, had to wait for me, called me, he had no key by hisself…..
It is so naturally for them, that I could invite my three friends for a meal and for the night. No question at all.
Samet lent me his computer for 3 full days, when I was writing the article about the Fagaraş experiences, while he could have used the computer in the mean time by hisself.
They where open for the bell sound and some silent minutes at the meals. They where open for the silence we practice, when the muezzin calles for the prayer. They where open, and even some friends of them, for some sharings.
After that, I said thanks to Davut with the words: You are a really good host. He repleyed to me: I think,  you are a really good host, too.
And Ridvan and Davut are so joful all the time, it is incredible.
They should get a price, a certificate!!!!
Thank you dear hosts!!!!!!!!! I will not forget you!!!!!!!!!! I keep you in mind.
And maybe they come walking with us in summer!!!!!!!!!!!!
A deep bow to you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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