Phap Khi

As ealier mentioned is Phap Khi (Monk in the tradition of Plum Village) joining the steppps peace pilgrimage. He is arriving at the 18th of Februar and staying until the 6th of March. I am very very happy that he is coming to support the project. We will do a peace walk in İstanbul at the 19th of February before we leave İstanbul at the 20th to continue our walk along the black sea coast, direction east.
I already invited him last year in summer to support our group. Finaly he is able to come now.
So, in the mean time two things changed.
1. As natural, some of our walking group are not here anymore. In the moment it is me and from the 19th on we will have Ken (from the US, lived for 15 years in Portugal) in the group. He walked already as a peace walker from Portugal to İstanbul and I am happy, that we can walk a while together. I am still waiting for Paulin from France (walked with us from Austria to Romania), but until know I do not know, when he will be back. And there a two Susannes (Austria and Germany), who also maid come soon. But what I know, we will be 3 leaving İstanbul, maybe some more for the Peace Walk in İstanbul.
2. I promised Phap Khi last summer to take care of the expences of his trip, because a monk is also living from donations.
I am still able to do so, but my bank account is not so comfortable filled with donations, than it has been ealier.  So I do like to ask you for financial support.
There are 232 € costs for the flight, 40 € for the transportation in France and some more costs here in Turkey for transportation, food…..
He knows about my financial situation and offered already to take care of some part of the money.
If you like to sponsor for Phap Khi, please send some money for him to my account  Thank you so much!! 🙂

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