Just a normal day :-) / ‚Please come back‘

Thomas writes:

Walking a title for a new article arised: Just a normal day!!!
The idea was to write about what happens just at one normal day!!!
But having no access to internet the next day was even worth to be reported ….
and having no access to internet……
and so on.

It is impossible to discripe everything, what,s is happening good to me. So here are some………..
– A man is watching me from his car, parking at the seaside – 50 meters later he runs after me, having a packet big like a cigarettes packet with him. Nearly said already, I do not smoke…. but he offers candys 🙂 So much love in this guesture!!
– A rainbow appeares in front of a dark wall – after walking the hole day in cloudy weather – universe kept a little spot ’no clouds‘ over the horizen, so the sun could create with the rain a huge rainbow, seems nearly more than half of a circle…… bright and a second one arises half way 🙂
– It is hard to pay for a tea in Turkey, always invitations……..
– (nearly) everyone is so helpful, when I ask for a bed, yes come in……
– yesterday Onur payed the hotel for me in Zonguldak, no hesitation at all, big bow!!!!!!!!!!
– In Ereğli invitation to Hotel Eken, privat spontanious organised city tour, meeting friends at the bike shop, newspaper interview….
– the day before I stayed with a very beautiful family, Orhan, Aytin and Jansu have a very open home with inner space, friends are invited and there is still this calmness inside themself, it is realaxing – closed by the black sea in the mountains – snow arised two days ago and is still staying from 150 meters up, they offer everything, even new socks and haselnuts from there own field. When Orhan said goodbye to me, he said ‚coming back‘ and it felt in heart language like ‚please, please come back‘ …… It felt anyway in the house, that many things where spoken in silence – so  I did the muslin prayer movements in my room in the morning – wanted let it follow by my sitting meditatin – than I heard a (inner) voice saying, ’no, you do not have to, it is already complete‘ (teaching by muslim brothers)
and more and more
I can only breath and breath
breath and smile
breath with all of my heart
thankyou to all of you – even if I do not mention you

And I breath and smile
with you all
I breath and pray
with you all
I breath and be
with you all
and mother earth
and the entire universe


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