Border/Visa issue

Border/Visa issue

All together I am pretty calm about this issue. I do not to much about it, and when, only the things, where I have an impulse to do so.

In the beginning I was busy with the Immigration officer here. 10 days ago I contacted the Myanmar embassy in New Delhi, but also not with a real positive result, except that they have been really friendly.

In the moment, I think, the only possibility is, because the border is closed because of Corona, that I get connected somehow to someone important enough from the Myanmar government or high ranged Diplomat from Myanmar embassy. So I started a call on some media in the hope to find someone who knows someone, who can connect to someone, who can solve the issue

This I published:

Who has connection to Myanmar foreign ministery, Myanmar embassey, Myanmar officials or others who could help me with my Myanmar Visa during this time.
I am since 5 weeks at the border (which I have used for relaxation) to Myanmar in Mohreh/Manipur/India and I would like to cross the border on foot.
In 2012 I started the Steppps Peace Walk in Germany. In the last 8 years I crossed 16 countries on foot and walked more than 23.000 km. My final country on this peacewalk is Myanmar. I like to walk until Yangoon. This is another 1200-1400 km.
After completing the Peace Walk I plan a 4-6 week meditation retreat in or clise to Yangoon.

I have the feeling, especially in this time, there is no other way to get a 6-month Visa, except with some direct connection to Myanmar government, embassey or other officials.
Who can help?

Please contact me here, by PM or WhatsApp +91 7807254511‘

I must say, I am really impressed by the kind way, Indians responded on the ‚Call‘ and the willing to help. But in this case, not so much can be done, except by high ranked people….. but there is now something on the way…. lets hope and wait…..

Yesterday I heard, that the border will be closed until 31.1.2021. Further order comes before the end of this order

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