How to finish the Peace Walk ?

Finishing the Peace Walk in April????

Its not clear, if I can enter Myanmar at all.
If I can, I would like to walk until Yangon. But now, with the wish to complete the Peace Walk in the end od April it seems, even when the border opens, impossible. Yangon is at least 1.200 km away.
If I could enter Myanmar very soon, I could prolong the walk one or two month to reach the goal or end up in another place. Both possible.
(I guess a 2 weeks quarantine is needed by entering Myanmar)

Or, if the border does not open, I am also very fine to finish my peace walk here in Moreh with the clean up. So that would be maximum another 2 month on the project.

I am happy to announce, that I am happy with both options.

(But, if leaving to Myanmar, I would like to finish the clean up beautifully)



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