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Day 120 🌳 2.6.
Clean Up Khujailokh river

A call for donation.

I am excited.
WATAM is on the way to bring there service to another level by offering step by step to more and more streets a door to door service.
WATAM is transforming his waste management service with a tractor towards a real truck, which can more easily go to also smaller streets. …and can reach quicker the dump area.
WATAM now has about 2.7 Lakh together, to make this dream come through. There was a truck available for 2.5 Lakh, somehow in a good condition.
But there came a better offer around the door, for a nearly new truck, build in 2020, which was barely used because of Corona. It’s 4.7 Lakh. This truck could serve Moreh for about 10 years…. Because of his young age there is little repairing to expect and he needs also less gas than the older version.

Who can donate or contribute some or more Rupies, Dollars or Euros? Or give a credit? So still 2 Lakh are missing, means 2.745 $ or 2.242 €.

Please contact Thounaojam Shekharjit Luwangcha or sent to my account in Germany, if from Europe/International. Any $/€ helps.
Thomas Heinrich Schmöckel
Bank: Kreissparkasse Steinfurt
IBAN: DE46 40351060 0077526473
The money goes to 100% to WATAM. Any bank fees from my account to India I will cover.

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

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