Germany III

7 years I have been away from Germany. Lots of things have changed in that period.

  • private distance busses are now more avaiable besides the train company.
  • more than 1 million refugees came to Germany, mainly in 2015/16. Refugees also came before, but this is a big amount. So many people where welcoming all the refegees in the beginning. Then some ugly right wing people and politicans changed the mood of the country, to be able to give help. Since then a right wing party come with 12 % into the parliament. (I have the feeling, slowly, slowly, the people, who welcomed the refugees are realizing, they are more….)
  • Electro bikes and Electro scooter are now to see on the streets to see. E-bikes gives a lot of people a change, to ride a bike again, even though if people have health issues, older people maid also use easier a bike again – and for sure, hills and mountains are easier to get up.
  • Prices of rent and houses went up
  • ……

Coming from a ‚economicly poor‘ region, prices in Germany and Europe seems to be high – and partly prices went up.
Also I see, the richness of so many people, I wrote yesterday about it, ‚to have more could be reached by having less‘. ‚Less is more‘
But sometimes it only seems, that people have a lot, but there are also struggeling in every days life, because things and services are so expensiv to get.

If rich countries rise up there prices more and more, how can poor countries be able, to catch up???
There is a big unfairness with the money issue in the world. How could it be possible to eleminate the unfairness???
We have to find a somehow ‚trick‘, to hopefully soon eleminate the unfairness between countries currency’s, so everyone is able to travel, for example.

My money experience, coming back to Germany, is a bit, like someone coming from a poorer country. But here I must say, I am even more ‚privileged. I got some help here and there and by using some secure money….
For the first weeks I stayed with my relatives. They sponsered me with place to sleep and food. But going out of this safety net, money issue comes big so soon. I told you, to have access to cheaper train tickets, I had to get a ‚bahn-card‘. The card costs 255 €. Its good for one year and than you can by any train ticket for half price. Otherwise it is just not possible to pay the original price. But even half price is digging big holes in my small budget.
Since seven years I live just from donations, here its a big challange to continue so.
Because I wanted to go to my favorite Island in the north of Germany, Amrum, I did not wait for an invitation to go there. I just needed to continue having rest time, so I decided to go there…. I got a bike from my mother, transported this in the train, to have mobility on the island. But even the cheapest version by having a litte tent for less than 5 quare meter put up at the camping ground, cost me 18,60 € a day!!!! I remember, that was less than 14 € 8 years before. Even then I found it a bit expensiv. Now nearly 20 € for a tiny little tent on a camping ground in the dunes. Sure the bathroom facilities are great, clean and modernised…. And food I also had to buy. This is also more expensiv on the island, than on the mainland, ferry costs are not so high to justify prices around 30 % higer than on the mainland…. So I needed around 10 € a day for buying food and other things. But I went only once for a pizza in a restaurant and twice to a movie theater (lost of years ago, that I have seen a movie in a cinema).
There was a time, when I thought to stay longer on Amrum, but its just out of my possibilities, to pay this amount of money for the most simplest ‚accomodation‘. Anyway, I stayed 13 days, what brought me close to go bankrupt. I dont know, if I can effort another stay there, if not sponsored by someone.

Further, there is a law, to be illness insured as a German in Germany. In my case, staying for 3 month or so, not being health insured since 7 years, it really makes no sence to pay 200 € a month for the health insurance. And I also dont have the budget, to do so. Yes, I can get into the social system, and ask for help. But than I have to have a permanent residence, which I do not have. This could be solved, by offically register at a relative or friends residence and officially annouce, that I live there. But this social office is only accepting me, if I am ready to accept a work, they maybe offer to me. For this it is needed, that I stay reachable at that residence permanently. But I am here to continue my self organized health rehabilitation (and for that I have to travel to different places, I have to be free for this.) If I would stay at a permanent residence, being not able to work (because I still need to recover), I could even though get help from the social system, if I would go to a doctor to get a sick leave. But the price I had to pay, is staying at one spot. A circle!!!
Luckily I know how to get cured. At least this worked for the last 7 years and before. (Its true, if something seriously happens to me, and they have to bring me to a hospital, it would cost hundreds or even thousands of Euros.)
So I take the risk and stay independent. Health is continuing to get better.

Yes, money is an issue, but I have managed that issue since more then 7 years, and I trust, that all will be fine….


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