In Germany II

Arriving in Germany
In the afternoon at the 19.7. at around 4pm I was standing in front of the door of my parents and sisters family home.
The house has 3 floors and a cellar. The two upper floors are inhabited with the family of my sister Conny and husband Jens.
My mother lives on the ground floor. So, not announced, I rang at the door bell on the ground floor. No one opened. Second time ringing, no one opening.
I use the upper ring bell at Conny’s. Finally my 14 year old niece comes down the stairs. The front door is from glas, so I could look through. My niece Nora petrified. She could not move for a long while… See looked at me with an open mouth, in shock, literately in shock, freezed…. there where 3 or 4 more steppps to do to go down the rest of the stairs and maybe another 3 steppps to the door, but she remained there. Conny soon realized, something is wrong, so she also came down the stairs, stopped behind her daughter, a few steppps further up, could not believe, what she saw. Later she said: I expected the postman maybe, but you, Thomas, you could not be here, why are you here… it got around in her mind… because, you can’t be here, you are somewhere else, hääää???? Also I looked a bit different, I had just new classes and the cappy on top…. Why is he here??? A while later, I guess Nora opened the door, still speachless, Conny spoke a few sentences with me and my mother entered also the stairways, but could not see me… but the sound of my voice…. ‚Is that Thomas‘ she said guessing but not believing…. Soon the situation relaxed and we huged each other, Nora still in shock. Later Conny said ‚I guess, I have never been so surprised.‘
All together the surprise had worked!!!!!!!!!!!!

For this time I am mainly in Germany to bring my mother, Inge, some happiness and to spent time with her. (But I have also to take care of my health and take time for myself). My mother has it with the nerves, is very quickly nervous…out of lots of reasons. My father, Bernhard, is in a nursery home, he has demencia since some years, now he cant speak and walk anymore and is sitting in a wheel chair. So I stayed for about 3 weeks at my parents house, with a litte detour to my friends Helga and Hartmut in Heiligenhaus, close to Essen and Düsseldorf, friends, who support me so much, already before the peace walk, but also during, so beautiful… so grateful.

More is only, to have less.
One day, talking to my mother, we came to the topic, how it is for me, to come from a poor country to a rich country. I must say, I managed pritty good, its easy to get a culture shock also. I knew what I had to expect from earlier travels, coming home to Germany from Turkey, 28 years ago, from Egypt, Marocco or Vietnam, I have some experience to manage this difference in live style and culture…..
Even though the house of my mother is for her style tastefully set up. It is clean and my parents have beautiful furniture and decorations. For me, its just to full. Most people even would not agree with this comment, but I like at least a room, which has to be empty, with space for meditation. Also, even though my parents are not rich people, everything is there, what is needed (and maybe even a bit to much) to have good comfort. So where could it go? Is more to have better?
I said to her ‚More is only to have less‘
What I mean ‚Less is more‘. There is no way to feel more comfortable, by having more. Only by reducing your outer ‚having‘ you will reach a state, where you feel, you have more.

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