what happend at around 5pm

Dill is calling. She wants come and see me. Dill I met on couchsurfing and she promised a few times to find me a place to stay.

I have to go down to the reception, to get help for way description. In the lobby runs the TV showing a documentation about the Sami people in northern Scandinavia and there ren deers. In the background the Gayatri mantra is played.

It takes a few calls, when she finally arrived close to my hotel. But, but she can’t come close, because it’s a one way road, so I have to search for her. I have to go around a blog. Another phone call and the brother in a light blue Afghanian dress stands in front of me. I am guided to a black expensiv car. We gather in the car. Because I have eaten so much garlic (3 days at nearly every meal) I first have to apologise about the smell.

I sit in the back with Dill and her brother, in the front sits Waheed, and Mohamadreza ( not sure about the name) the driver. Dill asked me to tell the others, what I am doing and why I am in Afghanistan. So I tell my little story about the peace walk and that I am not allowed to walk in Afghanistan, so I am happy to offer my time, which I have for walking, to support peace in Afghanistan. Everyone listens interested and curious. Finally Waheed takes the word. He owns a company. He and his friends are interested to make peace in Afghanistan. They have a lots of contacts in whole Afghanistan. They tell me, people are tired after 50 years of war.

I feel they have hope in my ideas but also there a big expectation. But I am happy to meet again tomorrow to work on some ‚plans‘. They feel very clear and serious of starting something for peace.

I also showed them the peace birds, earlier I did sent a foto to Dill with the words صلع Solh Peace and  عشق Eshq Love written on the wings. This could be one project we can do. Even allowing the world to participate.

And we can work on more. We will see tomorrow. Proparbly in the afternoon. The driver will pick me up at the hotel and bring me to Waheeds company.

Dill mentioned, that Waheed has the power and possibility to take care of me also. To find a place for me to stay. He agreed and mentioned also some very nice hiking experiences in the Afghanian mountains. I also heard that he wants to take me there?

With Love and looking forward to the tomorrows meeting.


There is a very nice flute player somewhere very close. I hear him now the second time. I just went down to see where the sound comes from. From the security soldiers, who take care of the hotel, I learn, that the sound comes from the close technical ministery. Maybe another security guard?

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