I dont like adventure…..

I don’t like adventures….. I don’t like adventures (outside) to much. I have already enough adventures inside. But here comes more. At 4am I wake up, sort myself, little face wash and teeth brushing. Rebuilt the mosquito net and pack my bag. At the Hanuman temple and crossroad a look on the map. 34 km […]

Intense and tense

Intense and tense There is a unsureness, if I really shoud go the small way through the country side, but also there is no ’no‘! It will be 44 km towards Murliganj, which I want to walk in 2 days. First steppps are until the village of Mangwar, 14 km. I start late, because of […]

Kangaria to Sonbarsa

From Khagaria I walk northeast. Soon after coming out of the town, life becomes beautiful. Small street. Fresh air. Nature. After 10 to 12 km at a fork in the road more or less under a big Bodhi tree stands a lonely policeman with his motor cycle. He wants to control me but he is […]

Concentration (Vipassana 2)

I started to write about the Vipassana technique in the ‚Bihar‘ article some days ago. This is a technique, which was preserved in Myanmar, in some monastery/ies for 2500 years in its pure form. Only since the 1950th/60th it came back to the ‚people‘. It’s a very scientific approach to understand, on a experience level, […]

Becoming fit again

Walking from Begusarai towards Khangaria I realize, now finally my body is fit. No new blisters. The most places are healed no wonderfully. The feet don’t become swollen anymore. They just behave normal. Also swopping from my old slippers to the new ones don’t make any real trouble. I still keep the old once for […]

Bihar (Vipassana 1)

Bihar Is it possible, that a state get punished, because they don’t follow universal rules? The short version is: yes We as human being have to follow the Law of Nature, or the universal rules. Such as – no killing – no lying – no stealing – no drugs or other intoxicants – no sexual […]


China The Indians have a ongoing conflict with China. Some border lines in the high Himalayas are not clear. From time to time something is happening these. I only know the Indian side. In the newspapers they write about 20 martyrs who died. Not sure, how many died at the Chinese side (40? But i […]

Walking Troubles

Walking troubles I ended up this day with 27km. I really did not want it. Just to far. After Samera I took my new flipflops on. Some km later I switched again to the old ones. At the end of the day I had again some blisters, but at some more ‚comfortable place‘, I could […]

Pure Joy

Pure joy I started walking barefoot when I left Aloks house. I met such nice people in the way to Samera. Several invited me for food.  But I just had breakfast at Aloks house. One young man, I think, that he said he was just 17, still student, he really impressed me. First he invited […]


Police During my stay in Aloks house, Alok had some trouble with his neighbor. The neighbor is constucting a house just at the property border line. On the first floor he planed to extend the roof further out, ignoring the fact, that this is not his property. Everything was on the way to get cemented […]