Murliganj to Purnia

Big monsoon rain at the morning of departure from Murliganj. Police came 3 hours late, 8am. I had planed a northeast route through country side and it could have be done in one day, but departure time would be, because of 39 km, 5am. So I change the route along the highway, all together a bit longer on my journey, but managable, now east, 27km to Banmanki.
I get safety escorted again by different teams of the police. People at the road do not speak so often to me or get interrupted by the police. Once I wanted to buy something for breakfast, the owner did not want to serve me, because of corona, police managed, I could buy something there. About 8 km before Banmanki suddenly the safety guards disappered with a sign, that the next team will come, which did not.
Instead, a stationary police post controlled in a rude way, all my bag. Also he did not want to come to close, so I had to show him all singlely by myself. I felt a bit like a model showing different products and clothes out of my ‚wonder-bag‘. People are irritated by the glaring neon green rain cover of my bag.
Arriving in Banmankhi again some police men. Luckily I could convince them, after controlling my passport, that another visit at the police station is not needed. One of them helped me to find a hotel.

Next morning I am just done. Muscles and body say ’no!‘.
Closer to the afternoon I realize, I don’t want to see anyone. Usually I would have gone for a meal. I can’t have another conversation today ‚ Where are you from’…. and I can’t!!!! manage today someone who steps back from me in fear for Corona. There is a kind of fear in me today for rejection? or harmful comments?. I am real not balanced today. So I stay all day long in my boring hotel room without window and a loud fan. Some fruits and peanuts are left.

I am a bit tense. After a bad sleep I do my next lap of today’s 35 km to Purnia (no hotel before). After half way I feel I enter somehow another area with less tension?! Anyway, my body releases. It’s a great sunny day. Overflooded rivers and fields show the beauty of Bihar in monsoon. Purnia seems a bit more developed and I find a relatively cheap hotel. Yes, a have to clean something here and there with my sponge, but lying on the bed, I can also see the beauty of that room. Luckily I can always find something what is nice and beautiful.

The hotel becomes a little oasis to me the next day. Around the hotel there is only chaos incl. bus stand over the street and cheating fruit and snack stands, overflooded area in front, you have to step through the mud to enter, rubbish lays everywhere, backside also everywhere overflooded with lots of rubbish and a car junk yard. But I have a little nest in my room (2nd floor, bathroom without window – best for fresh air) and at the first floor, on the roof of all the shops below (most of them are closed, because of a partly lockdown), its almost like a garden with some walking possibilities on fresh air between drying clothes. My body is again tense and I will not be able to walk the day after too.
Also I have something to do. The blog is waiting and…. again…. I have to apply for the next Visa (I really need a secretary)

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