‚The Big Hug‘ is now completed


It’s completed.
‚The Big Hug‘ is completed.
I wish all the people in this area all the very best.

Now I am at a special place, close to Siliguri in Matigara, where the rain yesterday pushed me into a small kind hotel.
This is a narrow area, which connects main India with Northeast India. To the west there is Nepal. In the north (and here) the famous district Darjeeling, and the state Sikkim. North and east of Sikkim China. In the south Bangladesh and northeast from here is Buthan.
Because of the high Himalayas there are only a very few of connection roads to China. This is the only big one from India to China through the capital of Sikkim, Gangtok towards Lhasa/Tibet (only about 650 to 700 km from here). There is another big road, but through Nepal/Kathmandu.
Oh, it would be so wonderful to walk to Lhasa or even earlier to Mount Kailash, more west in Tibet. But it would be an expensive journey, because the Chinese government only allows foreigners with guide into Tibet…
Long time ago I gave up this dream…..
Now I even don’t go to Sikkim. No ways around here and there anymore (maybe later, after the official end of the peace walk).  I really really want to end this peace walk and my commitment to it latest in or around April 2021 in Yangoon/Myanmar.

The last 70 km the scenery changed a lot. From very flat plains to this area with very little hills. From lots of rice fields to pineapple farms and finally tea culture, Darjeelings tea plantations. Also inhabitants look different. Even some groups with Mongolian  inheritance I encountered.
People are here also careful to meet a white man (because of Corona/and in lockdown) but this is less fearful and with more smiles than the Biharies. Yeah, the fear in the Bihar people is really strong, and not only because of Corona. The gestures of the people outside of Bihar are also not so aggressive anymore.
I am happy to report, that I had many encounters with women on the street in West Bengal. In Bihar it’s so rare. Here women have more self esteem and confidence. Talking with Alok about this, he tells me, that pevious governments in West Bengal had several programs to strengthen women in there state. Congratulations. I also walk whereever for equal rights between men/women/others….

Even though I know that I continue east/eastsoutheast towards the border of Myanmar (1000-1200km) I have not decided which exactly route I take. There are several options. Also, I am not sure if I can walk the smaller roads again, after encountering such fearful reactions in Bihar. It is such intense to deal with the reaction of the people. Even though I managed all the situations good in the moment, I felt the tension later, when coming out of the situation (or some days later)

Oh people of Bihar – I wish you from the bottom of my heart to take your fate and challenge yourself for a more relaxed way of being. That you can forgive your ancestors and what you inherited from them, and that you rise up in the paradise surroundings of your beautiful nature to unite in abundance with the universe. I met so many nice people in Bihar. Thanks. I love Bihar.

Shanti, Shanti, Shanti


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