A break is not really a break when it’s not celebrated as a break.
All together I stay 10 days outside (northwest) of Siliguri in Matigara. First I thought I just stay two days. But than I extend day by day, because I feel exhausted still, because I am mentally and bodily weak. Because… it’s not the right time to continue… because it’s raining….
I pay day by day knowing that I might continue walking the next day or the day after…. Keeping the energy up for the walk instead of really having a break. The Darjeeling mountains are close, sometimes to see…. but I don’t go there.
I get a new telephone, because my old one is out of several reasons not really to use anymore. And also I went to a dentist to fill up a big hole, but after I am not to satisfied with it… it’s good for a while….

All together I am finally fit to enter the road again on the 10th of August.

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