Wisdom (Vipassana 3)

Wisdom (Vipassana 3)

(These articles belong to each other: ‚Bihar‘ ‚Concentration‘ (Scroll down) and this ‚Wisdom‘)

Everything becomes Wisdom when it is experienced.

With the step of Concentration (no thoughts about past and future, no craving and no aversion) you reach equanimity. A balanced mind.
With this balanced mind you are ready to step down into the so called unconscious mind, which is actually a storage consciousness. Here is everything stored what you have accumulated. Positive and negative things. Cravings and aversions. And this subconscious mind is full of it.
Any time you react on a negative or positive sensation, you crave or don’t want to have it, every time you accumulate more of it.

‚I want more of that loving feeling, I crave for it‘ you accumulate more of that ‚craving‘ feeling. Your storage of craving get enlarged. Does not mean, that you get more of that loving feeling. It means, you get more of that craving. Suffering starts or continues.
‚I don’t want this feeling of fear, I reject it‘ You accumulate more of that aversion feeling. Your storage of aversion get enlarged. Does not mean, that the feeling of fear gets deminishes. It means, you enlarge the storage of aversion. Suffering starts or gets bigger.

Now is the time to come to clean up all the storage of our ‚house‘. And this can be done with the balanced mind, with the equanimous mind.
You have only to observe.
With the balanced mind you don’t accumulate more storage.
And with pure observation you can now experience the storage area.
With pure observation the storage gets cleaned up.

You go to the sensations of your body. There are positive a negative feelings/sensations. The positive feelings belong to your cravings, the negative feelings belong to your aversions.
Often when you get to your sensations, you can not label which positive or negative feeling is ment. And it’s not important.
You work what comes up first.
And you just observe without reacting.
You just do nothing but just observe the sensations.
Slowly, slowly, aversion and craving gets deminished – but that’s a long process. So you also have to be patient.
With a balanced mind you observe, with a balanced mind you are in meditation.

That you get not stuck in one area of your body with maybe intense sensation, you start scanning the whole body from top to bottom. Whereever there is a intense sensation, you realize the area, but you continue with your scanning observation throughout the body. Try to feel not only the intense sensations but also the suttle once.

The whole technique works only or best by continuesly practicing. Layer by layer is worked through. Defilement by defilement gets eradicated.

Wisdom will arise by direct experience.

And here is one more important information. And you can also meditate on that.

Wisdom also means, to know, that everything arises and passes away (soon or later). Nothing is permanent. All is impermanent.
This you can experience by observing with an equanimous mind.

With Love

Vipassana meditation can be learned in any Vipassana center around the world with free of costs, not for tuition, lodging or food. (you can donate, if you want afterwards, but nobody is asking you for doing so). The basic course is a 10 day course in silence where you get all the informations. Meditation is practised all day long.

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