From Kokrajhar to Bongaigoan

Unexpected I stay 2 days in Kokrajhar. It’s the blister and general exhaustion after 36km walk. At the 3rd day it rained heavily in the morning, so I take that as a reason, to extend another day. Later it stopped raining at 10 or so…. but desision is made….

Jitendra supports at day three with a motivational whatsapp message.
‚You’ll get the delicious taste of nadu made from coconut mixing with sugar and pitha made from rice mixing with coconut and molasses. You’ll find a dance form called Bihu. It is a festival of harvesting of paddy. Assam is a land of river and forests. As you proceed towards Guwahati, you’ll see hills and hillocks here and there. Green paddy fields attract you a lot. Fishing is a common hobby of the Assamese. The Assamese ladies wear a special type of clothes. It is called mekhla chadar, two parts of clothes. They make it at home. About 1500 years ago Sankardeva, a great social, educational and spiritual leader was born in Assam‘

After this message I finally know how to write Assamese, the people of Assam.
For my feet, especially the blister at my sole, it was really good to rest another day. So, I am able to walk without pain. It is raining again, but I really want to get on the streets. As soon as the rain looses its intensity I step out of my place, barefoot, and it’s always so good to be in connection with Mother Earth, and my feet love wet conditions. And my whole body is also so happy to be earthened.
Some hills I saw before arriving in Kokrajhar in the distance and now I can see them closer. They built a beautiful silhouette together with the over flooded rise fields, bananas, palms, other tropical plants and the very rich green of the Monsoon season.
One man approaches me, when I was resting at one place, at a bridge close to a power plant. He, because of Corona, wants to check my papers. Quickly lots of others gather. A little tense atmosphere arises. I don’t show anyone my passport, except of police, hotel or other officials. There is also no prove of the Virus status within my passport. After a while a young men comes by and relaxes the situation.
In Basugoan, with the help of the police I find myself in the government guest house.

So long ago that someone served breakfast to me. 3 ladies from the neighborhood came with the most beautiful smile around the corner to ask, if I would like breakfast. They had this beautiful colourful dresses on, as Jitendra mentioned before. I very much enjoy the service and enjoy the meal. Again it’s a rainy morning, it’s always cosy when it rains.
The distance is today only 15km, but with some delay, suddenly 15km can become a task. And what further happens, google maps shows, that the distance is 16km, after I walked already 1 km…? Then I take a wrong way, realise after 500m the mistake, again one km more. I real like the Monsoon. It’s not that hot that I thought (it’s mostly 3 degrees above or below 30 degrees) It’s not raining that much, as I expected. I love the greenery and I also love it a lot, when plants and trees can grow, when trees develop mosses and ferns in there branches, this super rich lush tropical green conditions.
Arriving at Bongaigoan I have difficulties to find the right hotel for me, walk up and down the road. At least another km. Then I really really want pineapple. Or at least some fresh pressed fruit juice. But… njet… pineapple season is gone and a fruit juice is not to get anywhere. For this I walked another 2km (back and forth) Suddenly out of 15 I have walked today 21!!!

I would not say, I am weak, but a lot of conditions are there to let me be exhausted. Sometimes it’s a bit surprising. Beside the climate, which I can manage somehow, its walking in plain areas, where I am exposed to all the human conciousness, this is always so difficult. Its like walking under water. The collective Corona stress is another weight I feel. And than I have all this bodily sensations, stress points, which take also some energy. Especially there are from diaphragm area incl. liver and spleen up to the shoulders tension areas, (it feels like compressed energy) which includes heart, lungs, mussels and than up to the neck. I am happy to work while observing through all of that, but it’s a lot… on top I have still some areas on my body with a rash, partly with little inflammations and lots of itchiness. Its exciting to observe all of that…. puh…. And with the knowing that nothing stays forever, everything has a beginning and an end… …. ….


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