Maybe I did a mistake

After 5 days rest I continued walking today. Problem: I had to cover 37km.

Yesterday I thought came in my mind: even after 5 days sometimes feet and body neet to be first trained again…..

After 23km – really nice scenery. People are relaxt and friendly in Assam… – I arrive at a bridge. Underneath a small river. From the other side someone, Ramajit, calls me to come over. Ah, a temple, a outside temple. Quite some people sit together at 2 different locations. Lunch is offered, rice with dal, served on a banana leave.

After a while Ramajit invites me to stay for the night. Bath in the river is also included in the offering package.  The young men smoke and share one joint, 30 min later again….. I look around at the different locations, another guy explains everything. I am not sure if I should stay. It’s really nice to get a invitation after such a long time. Sleeping should be together on a wooden big bed with four or so…. I speculate to sleep at the riverbank under a tree, if weather stays stable….. I lay down on  the wooden supersize bench….. sleep a bit … get awake by smoke from burning rubbish…. hmm

I decide to leave…. out of insecurity if maybe someone comes closer two the night and kicks me maybe out, because of Corona fears? (Ramajit promises this would not happen) Or I want to have it more comfortable at night? Or….  Actually the spot is great… I did not have a bath this summer in a river or lake…. I wished to find a somehow outdoor spot to sleep, its so nice to be in nature when it’s so warm at night…..

14km more to go….. its 2pm and I think I can manage…. but…. it’s a bit hard and…. I walk myself a BLISTER underneath of my left foot…. rrrr

The univers wanted to safe me from overdoing…. and I did not listen…..

According to my exercise I still say ‚Thank you‘ to my sensations on the body…. and try to just observe……

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