How to promote peace

How to promote peace

Jitendra sent a question to me:
I wish to know from you how do you preach the message of peace among the people by walking a so long distance from Germany to India.

First I can say, that I don’t preach. I like to share my knowledge, experience….

Lots of answers can be given to this question. In fact the real answer can not be given by words.

Peace and Love is something that we all have somewhere, if not on the surface, than deep in our heart. Because it’s our nature.
If we like to experience the way towards it, we just have to do the little effort, that we wish to walk towards it. But… it is maybe not always a easy way, because we have to face everything what’s in the way. And it can be a lot…. But…. and you can be sure to reach the goal. This does not mean, that you reach it in one day, month, year, years… it can even takes lifes to reach the final goal. But it is possible to reach it in a second if the time is ripe. We don’t know.

Peace is nothing what we can make with our mind. It has to be done by heart.
We have to give up our mind to reach the goal.
We have to give up our identity as a person to reach the goal.

It’s an inner path.

There are some guideline we mostly learn at our religious places. Here we have to be careful to get the universal truth. One religion who preaches this way and another religion preaching that way and he third religion…..
There must be a universal truth relay underneath of this teachings – and even if the preachers use different words, it must be possible to find the common universal truth in it.
To find the universal truth it’s also necessary to understand the teachings in its common ground.
If there is no love and peace involved, something is wrong, something is not true.

While working on our inner understanding we can work on the outer peace. Also with following the rules, the religions have done. But some religions have been very busy to make to many and unnecessary rules. The rules have to make sense and have to be in the name of love and peace.

Outer peace has to be done for the well being of all beings. It has to be done for the harmony of the entire planet.

We can engage ourselves by serving other humans, animals, plants or the whole planet. We should not harm anyone by doing so.

For my self. I love to do Vipassana meditation. It’s mainly observing with an equanimous mind. Means, no craving, no aversion, no thought about future and past. And observe the sensations on the body, but only observe.

The basic rules of Vipassana meditation ( free courses can be done around the world, see are
– no killing (also no animals)
– no stealing
– no lying
– no intoxicants or drugs
– no sexual abuse

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Very simple said, a step of peace can be even achieved by making order…. by cleaning a bathroom, collecting trash, planting trees, being hospital, giving, being selfless and and and……

And on my way I don’t need to talk about peace, because the language of the heart is silence and silence is transmitted from the heart and the ‚It‘, God, existence, universe is situated in the heart and is not outside of it.

(If the Corona Virus is transmitted so quick around the world), why do we think God, the existence, univers can’t. ‚It‘ connects us all and it needs only a blink of an eye to transmit peace and love. It’s already in us

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