Rest and ‚THANK YOU‘ excercise

Rest and ‚THANK YOU‘ exersice

The day later I arrive at my rest place, again organized by the police, a hotel some km back. But this time I had also to do a Corona test – negative.
I don’t know if the Corona test is right. Actually I had some symptoms who are a bit similar to Corona symptoms. But also they could have another source. My dry throat I could have from the ventilator which runs all night in the heat. I have also less then a little cough, could come from whatever. Then I do not have any cough for 24h. One day I felt there was something moving from my throat into my lungs, but it was only one event, did not appear there again. Then I had some headache, but it could also come from carrying the backpack ( know that from earlier). And it could come from being to much in the internet. I guess my new phone has more radiation. Also my right and left ear where swollen inside, in the lower part, but maybe just some ear wax? But it is more likely that one of my defilement is unload through the ears. I had that earlier, too.
Anyway, the test said negative. I also protect myself and others all the time by mask and not shaking hand and so on.
Fever I never had. That was checked so often. And I could always walk the way I had to walk.

Some weeks before I had a nice conversation with a good friend of mine, Elisabeth. We spoke about the possibility if sensitive people maid have sensations as collective awareness. I for example had a slide sensation in my throat when exiting the first time from the Vipassana centre for some hours. So little big as a needle head.
Also I have sometimes little headache when standing to close with to many people. …..????….

From the police officer I learned, why there so many churches is this area. And it’s not only here, in all Northeast India. Its going back to a missionary about 150 years ago.

My room is just amazing, has 5 windows to the mountain panorama side of Buthan, when Monsoon clouds are not hanging in the air.

When I have a rest, my body unload everything what he can’t show through walking periods. It seems the body has painfully re-do was he has to experience. So sometimes the first 2 or 3 days are very painful and I can’t do really anything. Even not sleep sometimes because I wake up from some pain or the body is to tense. This I do not feel necessarily earlier in the walking period, but I can guess sometimes, what’s on the way. I can also not write the blog or do other needed things, like applicate for the next Visa, also it’s difficult to meditate sometimes. Then it happens that I am lots of the time in the internet. And this is also not good.

Since 4 weeks I always wake up at night. Most between 11.30pm and 3am for about 2 hours. I try to meditate then.

I practise now very much a exersice from ‚Mooji‘ ( Its very simple.
Its saying just ‚Thank You‘ all the time. When something positive happens ‚Thank You‘. If something negative happens ‚Thank You‘. For the sensation on the body. For the experience….. Thank you and not to judge anything. It helps with my observing exercise, observing without wanting or not wanting anything (no craving – no aversion).
Its ‚Thank you‘ to God, the universe, the existence….. how ever you like to call it.

And it helped me a lot and brought some amazing results.

For example waking up in the night, with some pain or not, I just say Thank you and the whole situation sometimes can relax and I even fall to sleep after having said Thank you.

Or once, I came to the police, and they offered me 2 free nights to stay in a hotel they rented

And little things who can only be experienced by not described.

Some days ago Vedangi, a indian extreme cyclist asked in Instagram: What do you like most on a adventure?
Actually I am not so much into outside ‚adventure‘. I love to be connected to nature.
And I am very happy with my inner adventure.

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