Arriving in Assam

Arriving in Assam

After the rain the Buthan mountains are visible. Wow. Beautiful view to the north.

Lots of people offer there help to me. Some guy offers me a pineapple and chips out of his car. It feels a little bit, they are hiding in the bushes and turn towards me when coming closer, nearly to many to handle. I see it as a welcome sign. Later I learn, that Assam people are very hospitable…. I had the proof.

Also one man came to me. Typical dark skin, very friendly face, white fabrics around him, friendly flowers (plastic) looking out of his bags, fixed at the handlebars. All of him looked nice, but a man on the side said ‚He’s mental‘. I can’t find it. We talk a bit and then ‚Next time I see you, I will help you’…. and cycles away…..
But not long after that, he is really waiting for me again, he offers a lunch, but because again, there is someone from further away is saying ‚mental‘ I am a bit irritated, don’t take the invitation. He had prepared a paper: Om that Sat. From Sri Balanam Gonswami. I love dumb ( those who can’t speak) and Song. Please do something for them. And his phone no.
So sweet and he really wants to help me. After I refused the meal he gave me some money.

So I am through ,through this somehow birth channel, the narrow indian land between Buthan and Bangladesh. Now it becomes wider again and I can already feel it.
It’s also the land of the huge and holy river of Brahmaputra which gathers in the lower centre of Assam and carries all the water from the surrounding lands of the Himalayas and Meghalaya. Finally the stream also flows, as the Ganga into Bangladesh towards the ocean.

The night I sleep in the guest house of the forest department, organized by the police.

After the lockdown I have walked within two month since Rajgir 744 km. 204 km after leaving Siliguri in 12 days. A rest has to follow.

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