Barefoot walking

Barefoot walking

Actually I did not so much barefoot walking. But here and there I did.
It’s because, I have to walk mostly longer distances as normal and further have to overcome obstacles by finding a place to rest, which takes energy.

Some days ago I had a interesting observation. It was the day, entering Assam.

Through some process on a spiritual level some defilement – old karma – is leaving my body through my feet.
So this manifests mainly through a kind of pimple with some little inflammation in the centre. It usually takes the pimple to come on the surface and to dry out for several days. It’s like a red burn on the skin after it dries out and the red place takes another 2 weeks or so to dissolve. Sometimes there are a lot of pimples to the same time, which feels nearly scary. But I very much love the process, even though its itchy. Because it’s a healing process. I could go further on detail…. why and so on… but it’s a bit complicated and for this article not important….

That day it was raining often. And a lot. And long. So I decided to walk barefoot in the rain. Finally barefoot  again.

We all are not connected with Mother Earth anymore, but we need to. Otherwise it feels a bit like overloading us, because we can’t earth our energy anymore.

We are not connected with Mother Earth anymore, because we are using a plane, (far away from earth), a train, a bus, a car, a motorcycle, a bicycle. All not in direct contact with soil/earth. Even when we walk we have a isolation between our feet and Mother Earth. The isolation is mostly from plastic in our shoe soles.

So that day, when I woke up, I had a lot of new pimples with inflammation in it.
But after walking almost all day barefoot I was so surprised, when I observed my food, all the inflammation in the pimples had disappeared and all the skin area looked so much better.

I am sure it had to do with walking directly on Mother Earth. It accelerates the process of healing.

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