on the way to Mandi

I suffer

It’s my last week before having a 3 month walking break.

The luggage feels heavy. It is getting warmer coming to a lower and lower elevation. I don’t wear so many clothes anymore and I have more staff then before walking through Ladakh.

Coming down into the world ‚people’s world‘ everything gets more heavy. Walking on the streets, even though it’s not the main road, which is super crazy, I don’t see mountains and nature anymore. There are mountains and a big river, but walking on the street, it’s not visible and feelable anymore. Dust and horning. Fast driving and, sound and horning…… It’s painful. And people also forget that they are living in a great super nice valley. Symptomatic, there is one big house at the river side. All windows are towards the street. Towards the river no window. People forget, the life source is the water, not the street. Painful. ….. And than, all the creeks and rivers which are used as dumps…… sooooo painful……. People at the street are not in a good mood….. And they don’t know, that sound, dust and pollution is making them so…..

Male dogs are marking everything and anywhere. Here in India, and before also in Afghanistan (some other countries I have seen not so obvious) the menfolk is spitting everywhere. They bring it up with a loud unplesent ugly noise, and then they are spitting it out. All the time. For me it is a type of unconcious way of marking the area. Because there are so many people on this planet, it does not make it less embarrassing. Sometimes it feels to me as again a unconcious way of having a ejaculation on the street, or better said as a replacement of a ejaculation. 

In Europe I feel so good, when I can leave human concioussness bubble at around 1700m and up. Here in the Himalayas it’s, when I come over 2500m…. Sooooo goood. Coming back in lower elevation….. I become kind of nam….. the eaes are closing up…..it feels like to become under water. Already in Manali in about 2000m elevation I felt a bit like that. Under water. Where is my planet earth, sure I can feel her, but ‚under water‘ it’s so difficult to feel the mountains and the beautiful sky. ……


Two or three more days to walk to Mandi….. Puh….. And maybe very nice…..

I love this Mother, Mother Earth…..


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