Already arriving at Rothang pass was a surprise. Suddenly, after being weeks in Ladakh, so many people on the pass. A big Indian crowd. It was also first snow on the pass, but I guess, this is just normal, a kind of party atmosphere. For me it is the ‚greeting‘ of more upcoming crowds in 1.2 billion people India. Anyway coming further down to 2000m in Manali and a very touristic place normally, ‚after season‘ yet, I need to get used to ‚this‘ again.

Manali has beautiful nature and mountains around. I was greeted by some big blue birds with a little concert. Only the tail feathers were 20cm long. At the nature park close to a river with big round stones in his bed, I see also monkeys.

At the first evening I met David, half Indian, half German, who is so surprised by my peace walk, that he immediately brings me to a cheap hostel. He knows the owner Ayush (just 22), who opend in the last year 20 ‚bonfire‘ hostels all around India, and David is so sure, that he will invite me at least for some nights. After some days, directly after Divali, a Light Festival, a whatsapp message from Ayush, arrived…..

‚Hey Buddy!!
……..You have free Stays at our all properties Bonfire ?
And for Manali feel like home you can stay as long as you can.
Buddy I really love your passion of travel and really expect a beauty film blog from you. We will be happy if you share Bonfire Hostels on your pages and blogs and we gonna share your story to all our portals. Secondly I personally invite you to our Rishikesh Hostel and we gonna record your amazing travel story and share all around.
Facebook: Bonfire Hostels
Instagram: bonfire_hostels
Bonfire Heart‘

I am so touched……. This multiple invitation….. Thank you Ayush from my heart…..!!!!

In Leh I had met Angelina, she and her brother run in Manali a restaurant/lounge ‚The lazy dog‘. I am invited to eat there for all my stay in Manali for free.

Coming also to Manali and further down, it kinds of means coming now to ‚real India‘. Ladakh, I feel, is an exeption in culture and landscapes……
And it also means, arriving to my main destination in this walk. I am a bit scared and to the same time full of happiness, finally to arrive after 5 1/2 years. From tomorrow, after more than a week here, I will walk further down…..

Love from my heart all around the world

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