Plan Oktober 2017 to November 2018

● Mid to end of October 2017
Walking to Mandi
(Renewing the Visa in Nepal beginning of Nov)

● Nov 2017 until January 2018
3 month walking break. Visiting friends and interesting places in India. Making a Vipassana retreat.

(Renewing Visa end of January 2018)
● Febr-April 2018 Parkistan border to Amritsar, then DharamSalam (Dalai Lama), then towards Shimla
Maybe visit Haidakhan (Babaji ashram) in April

● May-june- beginning of July 2018
Shimla towards Spiti, then to Leh
(●End of July- fly to Nepal, new Visa India, back to Leh)
●August 2018 stay in Leh
●September, Oktober until begin of Nov 2018
Walk through Ladakh to Spiti and Shimla
● November 2018  walking towards direction Nepal

Please know, this plan could change.
If you plan to walk with me, you have to check with me. Some parts of the walk are very extreme….. I can’t exept everyone for that.

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