Back in Leh and Bliss

ack in Leh and Bliss

I am back in Ladakh.
The last week was filled with arriving back and feeling very welcomed.
It was filled with giving two interviews, one to a radio station, one to a newly published magazine.
It was filled by a talk I gave in a local very sympatic 'Metta cafe' owned by Tanvi. Lots of social activity and volunteering is taking place there…. respect
It was filled with organizing the upcoming time. Thinking of the routes to takes, thinking of the food to carry, thinking of stations, where friends here will bring more food….. Skarma and Sunil will visit me once or twice or…. to support and …. maybe even walking and cloning together.

From tomorrow on I attend another 10 day Vipassana retreat in Saboo, just so close to here.

Directly after I start walking, finally again…. first to Moorey Plains, where I had the vision (see earlier article) to walk another clockwise circle (~140km to go once around the visions triangle), then I extent my walk into other areas of Moorey Plains, there are some lakes located in beautiful landscape. All the plains are mainly on 4500-4700 m. After the walk continues to Zanskar Range….
This will take around 6 weeks.
It seems there is enough time to walk afterwards into the Nubra Valley.

I feel so blessed and often bliss, that I am allowed to do this wonderful work and walk. I am so grateful.

Blessings and bliss to you all

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