Dalai Lama at Nubra Valley

Dalai Lama at Nubra Valley

The Dalai Lama is this month (July) in Ladakh. He travels to a lot of monasteries in the area and teaches. Elisabeth and me had the luck to see him arriving close to the airport,  when we wanted to pick up her late coming luggage.
All Ladkies are so happy when he is around and the anyway uplifted atmosphere in Ladakh gets even more highlighted with his presence

After the retreat we are travelling to Nubra Valley. Herefore we have to cross the 5.600m Kardung La Pass. His Holiness will teach in Sumoor at the monastery for 3 days.
It is always a joy,  and maybe the best of gathering with the Dalai Lama, to get there. Everyone is so happy to see him, it’s just a wonderful atmosphere in the air.
The whole valley with 3000 to 4000 people is gathered. All Ladakhies in there traditional clothes.  Just beautiful. Also around thousand nuns and monks are gathered, travelled also from South India into the far Himalayas.

The first day is a bit political. All important people greeting him, politicans and religious leaders in the region. Recently the Dalai Lama had his 83rd birthday. There is a big Muslim community in Kashmir.

The second day is a quite a interlectual speech from him. And it is somehow hard to follow. Even the translated can’t believe, that after 3 hours, there is another chapter to translate… he is just exhausted.

What I take from his speech:

He talked about 6 elements
Earth, water, fire and air. The fifth element is space, the sixth element is consciousness. 5th and 6th element space and consciousness. Wow.

Then he says a sentence:
Anger is always selfish!!!!
I contemplated a lot of it, it’s true. Anger is always selfish!!! Thanks.

The third day it’s the long life prayer of His Holiness. Always I thought, people pray for his long life, but it’s a meditation he guides for long life of everyone. Beautiful.

The days after we have a little rest. I feel, I need some days being for myself and walk all the 100 km back to Leh over the pass. Great. And then, finally out last a days together. Elisabeth has to fly back to Germany. A few days later I also have to fly, but to Nepal because I have to renew my Visa. Time flyed. …

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