‚R2‘ Bonfire Hostel and Giving and Receiving

Beginning of November 2017

I was again invited by the Bonfire Hostel Chain to stay at there hostel for free, and I had a special invitation for Rishikesh. But Ayush, one of the owners wanted me to mention it in my blog again and again. Everywhere, in Facebook, instagram…. to make some kind of publicity with it for him. The giving was really from the heart, and until now I was never making this advertising thing on my blog. (But I dont say advertising at all is a bad thing) I want a free giving with now expectation. Otherwise I feel a bit ……… but here I mentioned it again and want to combine it with a story of one universal law

It’s the universal law about Giving and Receiving

Receiving is Giving
Giving is Receiving
When you give, you (will) receive
When you receive, you (have to) give

Let me explain. It’s actually very simple. The first 2 lines tell everything. The second line is helping to understand and explain.

But it has to come from your heart. As every prayer or spiritual activity…..
If you do it with your ego mind, it does not work. So your head has to bow to your heart and admit, that this center is the closest towards to the highest source and to your god-self.

The giving has to be free of any expectation…. free, from your heart and you will receive. That’s the natural flow. If you give with expectation to get something from your giving, it will not work, or even less comes back. If you give some money it does not mean money comes back. But if you give something for example money with love, you can be sure something with love or ‚only‘ love itself will come back to you in a perfect timing, when you maid not expect it.

I experienced on my journey that even receiving is sometimes giving. Coming to some homes and receiving all the gifts of being invited and hosted and the food, getting care taking… and all of this felt sometimes even as a giving…. just because while I was receiving I was giving. The possibility that someone could give was already the receiving for the same person. This is than a door opening to another level…. so beautiful….

Giving is also teaching you to come closer to your heart. Because there will be anyway a response from the receiving side (even if you don’t feel it yet) so it’s also a good exercise to get more and more open. Nearly every religion is telling you to give away as a basic exercise of spirituality or to grow compassion and love….. and it has so many levels.

So, in case of the bonfire hostel the owner Ayush will receive anyway, and universe is wise, what to give back to him or his company, advertising or not. In fact we could say, we don’t act as humans, but through our god-self, through the universe –  in us…. there is the real flow. Giving and Receiving, Receiving and Giving, all the same when it comes towards realizing what we really are.

It’s good to contemplate and meditate on it….
It’s like a hug with a loved one – giving is receiving….. and that can be also in different levels of realization….


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