‚R4‘ Before Vipassana Retreat

I went to Dehradun by bus, then by auto/tuktuk to the retreat place northwest of Dehradun. The tuktuk had to cross a military area, then we arrived in a little village, where the driver had to ask for directions. The retreat center is close to a little river, which is in November more a creek…
I have to wait a bit, can put my backpack in one of the rooms, so I think, I can stay for the night before. But there is no clearness, if there is a free place for me for the next day. As I understand, if you did not attend any course earlier, there is no way to stay in the Vipassana center (it does not help that I led 25 to 30 silent retreat by myself, because its not exactly the same)… So I have to search for a shelter outside of the center….
I walk back to the little river and start a communication with, as it turns out, some Christians. These three young men invite me to stay at there place, later I realize, its the place of one young pastor, who still lives in his parents house. He has converted everyone in his family to Christianity, the family is very happy about that and one family member got healed through this process. The other both are kind of pastor students from Nepal. All three visit houses in this village and elsewhere, to tell the story of Jesus Christ to finally convince them by there believe. Because I am walking, I told the young pastor the story of the peace walk. And because I homeless for the night and ‚hungry'(not very much), it seems to some people, and here to this pastor also, that I have to be converted. Also because I am intending to visit this Vipassana retreat close by. He has a very strict idea whats going on there, and he believes, the retreat brings only temporarily help. He heard from some friends, whats the exercises about, but he did not try by himself. So I become more and more, and I feel it, more and more a victim of his penetrating way his believe, that I wouldn’t believe in Christ. So I tell him two stories of my experiences, which I encountered with Jesus Christ, to let him know, that I have Jesus always in my heart.
First story: When I learned singing harmonics in 1988 in a 1 week seminar with Christian Bollmann, I had a very deep change in my spiritual life, maybe I can even say, here my spiritual life even started. I was following Christian religion from my childhood on, but in that seminar, and it was not about religion at all (but we were singing also lots of spiritual songs from different religions), something big happened. The natural scale of the universal harmonics sorted something in me. I can say from my perspective now, that I maybe felt until then, that the teachings of Christ came always from outside towards me, to give me some impulses and also feelings. In that seminar, the change was done, that I understand, at least the deeper or higher parts in me, that everything is already there and things are flowing from the inside. (My ego did not get it) Here it started, that everything came from God, who was already inside me. Anyway, when I came home, I was laying in my bathtub, crying, because of happiness. My heart had opened.
The next year I intended again the one week ‚harmonics and meditative singing‘. And it went even deeper. I was singing harmonics with 2 friend in a chapel in the evening, when everything stopped. We were just standing there, singing, time and room disappeared, space opened up. While toning, our bodies where moved around…..There is a lot more to talk about this moment, which took about 2 hours (in time) but in the conversation with him I mentioned, that at one point, I was standing in front of a silver cross with Jesus body on the cross, and a intense beam of light was coming out of that Jesus Christ stature eyes towards my eyes. I was receiving it as long as I could manage to withstand, it was just to much and so unexpected…. anyway, I call it until now an initiation….. and a blessing….
But this was not enough, to convince the young pastor, that I was not lost….
Second story: When I had invented the ‚Sound healing education‘ or lets say the Sound healing sessions itself, there was a point, always when we did healings to others, to invite first our ‚highest sources‘, to sing through us. A sound healing session is open to every ones highest source, whatever religion or non religion you believe in, because in the end, there is only one God/Allah/Universe/It/Consciousness/Nature, however you call it, where we all come from, and to call/invite the highest source we know, is a help of our mind and system, to guide the healing process. I told him, that I always invited Jesus Christ (and other masters into a circle of masters). One day, Jesus came to me, and said: ‚You don’t need to ask me anymore, I am always with you‘. That was a very touching moment.
He listened to this stories, but in the end he still was not convinced and continued to penetrate me. I said ‚I feel your heart and the burning in your heart, and I feel my burning in my heart, and it feels nice‘ and he still went on and on. After some other tries I just left the room to get some fresh air (and thought of leaving his house). He went after me not stopping, he just wanted to hear, that Jesus is my savior, and that was the only thing counting to him. So I said: ‚God brought us together today, you and me, me and you, and your nice family and both of your students or companions, but why do you think, you are the teacher, and I am a poor person from outside, who does not know, where to go? I walked all the way walking from Germany to India, trusting and knowing, there is a shelter for me every night, food every day, donations, when I need them, how can that be done, without God?…. Today I did not have to go anywhere, to find a place to sleep, because you where waiting for me at the river…. Maybe in this case, Jesus or God brought us together, because not you have to teach me something, but I am the teacher, sent by God to you?‘ Finally I ended up the conversation by admitting that Jesus is my savior, but he had not any question towards me… maybe that itself was the teaching for him.
Next day a lot of waiting at the Vipassana center, until it was clear, that all the people on the waiting list could participate…..


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