‚Still with Sunil’s family in Dehra‘ and ‚Food‘

I am still in Dehra, where I arrived 9 days ago. With Sunil’s and Reena’s family. It’s like in many Indian families, it’s a big family, brothers and wifes, who live in the same house with there little children. One unmarried brother and one ‚being married very soon sister‘, also mother and father live here, this is called in India ‚joined families‘. The grandparents have a house not to far away.
This family is so great, everyone has a smile on his or her face, when I see them, when they see me. Also, I am kind of all the time working on the blog, no problem, whatever I need is supported.
The day before, in Sunil’s office, suddenly a professional photographer showed up. He did a foto with Sunil and myself. Sunil want’s to frame us and put us in his office….?!
Also two days ago we went to a tailor, to find some fabric, that he could make a new trousers and a shirt for me. Picked it up yesterday. Looking good. New socks and a T-Shirt updates my travelling clothes collection. Wonderful.
The family invited me several times to stay longer, means a month or so….
Every meal is prepared as I need to, see further down, that I really feel comfortable…..
I can use his laptop and his office, as I mentioned earlier, to write all my articles…..
When I came first to this room, which is no kind of ‚mine‘ for a while, I mentioned somehow, that it smelled a bit and somehow it was not very welcoming, because it was used as a storeroom for a while, no problem for this family. Everyone came to the room to see, what needs to be done. Then everything was removed, what needed not to be there, brooms and mops were activated, the shelf was also refreshed. The smelling test revealed that the blankets…. so there looked for better blankets, who were refreshed next day in the sunlight. (normally, when I get a room offered, and it is not in condition, how I wish, then I just go for it, just clean it by myself, day by day, until its spaceful. But here…. I just was so welcomed, that I could express, what I need….)

Already, and now it comes, at the first evening, or the second day, Sunil told me, that he would be so happy to build a house for me. I did not know what to say towards this offer, it’s a premiere…..  But he mentioned it again and again. The property is already bought, it’s in the middle of the jungle. We went last Sunday to see it. He want to build his own new home there, he likes to be with family by himself. And there is surely enough more space to build a house for me there. Also he offered me a job in his office, and by having that, it would be easy for me to become a Indian resident with a Indian passport. He would take care of it.
So after I while we spoke. I think and feel, in the moment, heart and mind consciously I don’t need a house…. But then he replied, ‚but whenever you ready, please… think of me, and we can make it happen….‘

Food and belly
This is a topic all my life. All my life, when I look back, there was something in my belly blocked. But in the first 35 years I kind of thought it was normal, because I did not know different or better…. Even the cramps I often have, they have been there a long long time, maybe all my life. After I started a ’spiritual life‘ I also understood, that I have to work through all this blockages. First I was busy with a heart area blockage. After that was done, I got aware of this upper belly problem first, then that there was a blockage in so many areas of my stomach/belly. And there is already a big big big history in working through it. And very big achievements.
Through Vipassana some more doors opened up, to look at it, I feel, so I feel some progress…..

Its just so taff to understand it all, because it’s very complex. And you can be very sure, I look every day at some part of it, trying to understand the whole picture. Anyway, I also benefited a lot from the blockage, because I had to feel everything with my heart, everything. My belly feelings are kind of hidden, but underneath of this hidden areas I can feel slightly the normal feelings I would have there. I can very exactly feel, but reduces or nam somehow. Besides working at the trauma’s what I don’t want to comment this time (I did earlier) I had to focus this winter on the food.
Its anyway a bit complicated with the food, because I don’t eat several things. I am vegetarian, but that’t in India no problem at all. Than I don’t drink black and green tea…. I don’t eat sugar…. I am not eating onions, because of an allergy, here it becomes complicated. This winter I also realized, that I am not tolerant to garlic anymore, it makes sense, its the same family. So travelling through the countries, its complicated to get always the right food.
This winter I faced some more problems, I had always diarrhea. Leaving the garlic away, the diarrhea stopped. I actually liked the diarrhea a bit, because it always made my stomach empty and light, because I have the tendency to eat sometimes to much. So then I felt like, the food sticks inside, making the opposite, a kind of half or 2/3 blockage with cramps. But because I am used to it, I somehow ignored it a bit, but observed.
During the winter and also in other periods before I had another suspicion. Can’t I eat bread anymore, do I have a gluten allergy?…. and does my stomach don’t like spicy food? (my mouth likes it)
But anyway, life goes on, I did not have any diarrhea anymore, cramps I am used to my whole life, and I guessed they have there source not only from food…. I spent the whole period of break time looking at this belly topic…. now I have to walk again…..
But Indian food is always with onion and its very hard to avoid, most families say: only a little bit of onion…. so I sometimes took, thinking, maybe the cooked version is not doing so much to me, at least not diarrhea…. So at one incident, I thought my host goes to the kitchen, and the food is already done, he just brings something out, so I can’t say anything. When he came back, after a long while with two freshly cooked dishes, it was to late to say anything, and there were onion in it, cooked onion. And just not a very little. So I tried to move the onion to the side… ate the rest and I was hungry, a lot of bread. It kind of stuck in the stomach, but I thought, ok, I ate to much. I stayed all together 3 days, they where aware now, that I don’t eat onion, but a little bit… brrr…. ok…. and they always served a lot of bread and yogurt. I did eat also bananas and peanuts. After a while there was only a big blockage in my stomach and it felt very uncomfortable. Days and days after it was even not gone.

Coming to this family, they are so understanding…. wonderful… I can here really not eat also bread and they make me non spicy food. And one time, when it was to spicy, without any hesitation or anger, they search for the reason of not eating and just make it different. And the cramps came down more and more. Now, since some days, I was eating some bread from corn, what was very delicious, and I thought, this might be the solution, because it does not content gluten, but the cramps are coming back. Does it have to do know with the corn, or just eating to late in the evening yesterday, or a little to much…. Its so difficult to find out. Anyway, maybe I let the corn away again for a while, just eating vegetables without onion, fruits and nuts…. what I anyway love most….

I am so greatful for this family, to make everything possible…..
Thanks thanks thanks thanks univers….


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