Georg M.

Das ist mehr oder weniger eine private Nachricht an Georg M. Du hast mir im August letzten Jahres mit deiner Spende aus der Patsche geholfen. Danke. Leider kann ich dich nicht per email (geaendert?) erreichen, und so waere es schoen, wenn du dich mal meldest. Herzen Thomas Any feedback or question Facebook: Thomas Heinrich Schmöckel […]

Review 1 (R1) Mandi and two times to Nepal

End of October I booked a cheap hotel in Mandi center. To get the right room was a bit difficult. So they showed me some rooms and I accepted, even though it was a bit to much money wise. Soon after I accepted I found out, there are much cheaper rooms in the hotel and […]

Dear friends

  Dear friends, I walked 2/3 of the way from Amritsar towards Daramshala. About this I will report later. First I try to update, step by step, its more then 3 month, since I wrote regularly. And there is a lot to report. For me to reflect and for you, to hopefully enjoy reading, maybe […]

on the way again

Dear friends, I am walking again. I started at the 1st of February at the Pakistan border. Walked to Amritsar. Now I am going step by step towards Daramshala. Any feedback or question at Facebook: Thomas Heinrich Schmöckel Facebook: steppps peacewalk Email: Whatsapp: +30 698 0654542 Fotos on instagram: schmockelthomasheinrich