Imam Reza’s shrine

All 12 Imams who came after Mohammad where born in Medina. Reza is the 8th Imam after Mohammad and he came and died here in the area. Finally they build him a shrine and it became after some miracles happens a pilgrim’s place.

Coming there first, I could not believe my eyes. It was night and I saw the area only from outside, because I just want shopping before. A beautiful illuminated – sure it is a super huge mosque – looking like a palace from 1001 night. The beauty is tremendous.

When I went again I went also inside, and again it was night. The area has so many courtyards. I still was astonished by the beauty. How super beautiful. Just only the beauty maked me humble. Sure we could say it’s pomp,  But it’s not. It’s just soooooo beautiful. All the halls are decorated from artists by hand. Templates of tiles and ceramics make every quare meter of the halls and places unique. Also a lot of mirror pieces are put together in huge art pieces, everywhere on the walls and roofs. It’s really a place of unbelievable beauty. In the middle of the whole complex is the shrine. All the time, day and night , tausands of people are praying everywhere. At the shrine its sometime a bit a pushing athmosphere. But people pray contemplate, lots of people cry because of suffering, hopelessness, bliss or happiness or release.

Outside on top of the shrine a golden dome, surrounded at the whole area by golden or colourful tile decorated gates and arcads. A lot of beautiful golden shining or also tile decorated towers.

The beauty seems to be perfect.

A palace for and in the use of the people. Normally palaces are built for kings or goverments and not everyone can go. This is a palace from and for the people. Everyone can use.

I made some fotos at night. At day time I went there with the idea to make a series of photos, but I did not know where to start. Everything is so beautiful. As it is also  holy place……

Also a big surprise for me, that I never heard about this place ever outside of Iran.

Anyway. I want a lot of times. Mostly including a silent prayer time. What a great space.

One of my hosts, Amir, he told me, that he witnessed a blind men being healed. He could see again.

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