maybe something to smile

Hi friends,

Maybe this is something to smile, but it feels good….😊😊😊😊

Last year I was 54. Two times 27

27 is a age a really like. Maybe it’s the best age in my opinion. Even when I was 27, I kind of felt it, I realised it also then. I was grown up. I had my own life. I got more confident, what I liked in life…..

Now, when I write this, I realise, that was the time, when I ‚woke up‘ first. It had to do with coming in contact with harmonic singing. That really brought me back to my heart. So, it’s maybe also a rhythm, a circle of 27 years  (I don’t know how many circles of 27 I will make….. – its also 9×3/3×9)

I don’t know how long it is ago, I said inside to myself: when I am 80 I want to feel, to be like 27 again. By this I mean bodily fitness, freshness, open minded, knowing there is still so much coming…… and for sure I want to keep all my experiences with me.

Until I was 46 1/2 I never felt any difference between 27 or younger and than. Then suddenly I could see – yes it’s true, this guy or this girl, they are somehow younger.

When I started the peace walk, I already new that I had to kind of come closer to 27 again and that I kind of have to work on it. I thought I would find some technic or something else – I did not know what- what could help me to come closer or get in the direction to 27 again…..

Anyway, nothing really showed up yet, and I turned one year older than 54. That day, or very close by, I thought, from now on I do the first steps by counting backwards. Means, when I do the next circle of 27 years, I am back at 27!!!!

Uuuuhhh. I really really like that. So, 54 (+) -1 year is exactly 53!!!! That feels so good, getting wiser and year by year closer forward my real age 27!!!! I love it so much.

Are you smiling now?

I do!!!!

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