until Fariman, 3 days in Fariman (Mashhad)

The weather is increasing its temperature. 4 days walking south, southeast. Sometimes trees. Sometimes no trees. The sun is shining heavily already in the morning, increasing at midday, does not lose the power until 6pm……

I met really nice people in the way, for overnight staying beautiful help. A outside garden room with persian carpets used for election propaganda was my first night place in Toroq. A youth group was so exited to meet me. Later the evening we had a big laughter coming up. Not really knowing why. Visiters had arrived. A man with all his female relatives. Out if some reason they had to laugh and I just joined in. This elderly 4 women where sitting on the ground, giggling all the time … totally covered in there back capes, partly also covering with the fabric there mouth. Looked like a big fabrik sack vibrating with giggling sound. Uuuuhhh. So good.

Next day chicken farm and the day after I stayed without blanket in a little cabin in the floor. Soooo surprised cold it got at night.

Next day no trees at all. 29 km to walk. At luch a gas station appeared, with some shade. Little nap. Then I did have a deep conversation with my different parts. The ego mind, cramps in my body, the body, and the god-self level. It went on for hours and they all spoke to each other with different voices. Even funny to listen to, where all this voices came from. The god-self level guided the ‚meeting‘. Offering the other levels to surrender, knowing there are no cramps, worried, mind, person…… Surrender into he real self. The time flew by. Suddenly I found such a beautiful place to meditate. Fluffy dry grass polster under my ancles, shade under a tree. The sun went already further down. I maid have sat there an hour until I continued walking.

Some hundred meters later I met my next hosts from Fariman.  6 km more to go. Ok – arriving at around 8pm this would mean. But there was no doubt at all to follow that beautiful invitation. Ali, Fatima and the 8 and 4 year old kids Saman and Mina. They came towards me with a commen white Peugeot and a little tiny caravan, they carried. A caravan is very rare in Iran. This one is about 40years old. Later I learn, it was until last year forbidden to have even one for Iranian citizens.

Arriving at the home was also unusual. Ali had still something to do. So son Saman opened the door. No problem in this family to be with the wife alone at home for a while. Fatima served water with rose water – what a taste. When Ali arrived he immediately told me his dramatic moments when he was 6 and involved into a horrible accident. His upper leg was completely in the middle separated from the rest of the body and he was the first patient worldwide, where the leg was successfully joint together. He had to stay all together 2 years in hospital, because he had more injuries. With help of the doctor’s moving and sport exercises the leg grew nearly normal. Today there is only 1cm difference between both legs. Unusual is this Family also, because they have open curtains. Light is coming in – View travels out. Connection to mother earth.

Ali and Fatima are crazy for travelling.  They want to see the whole world. 1 year with the kids and this cute caravan. Looking inside this ex-french ‚egg‘ it is like a little persian space miracle…. As in many houses in Iran, rooms are empty. People sit and eat in the ground. So also here. No big furniture in there. Just empty space covered with a red Persian carpet. At night all the blankets get enrolled and a wonderful family sleeping space is opened. Surprise. All the family has because of this clue enough room in there. On one side there is even room for a sink and a gas stove. On the other side is one extra bed….. In all Mashhad (a 3,5 million city) are only 10 caravans.

Fatima is an super excellent cook. Normally meat eating family, she performs with some ideas from the internet, a fabulous vegetarian meal. And not only at the first evening. It went on. For example with watermelon smoothie with rose water as the introduction for the breakfast next morning.

In the evening we still hear honks and celebration sound from the street. Iran has elected President Rohani again. Release. People hope for a further opening of Iran. Iranian went through a raft time already for a long while and I can only hope, that the people have a more easy life….. incl lots of travel issues. I just love Iranians so much and I hope from my heart all the best for this amazing beings.

Anyway, it was clear from the beginning that I love to stay 1 day. I was happy to extend my stay, while having warm invitation wishes, for 3 full days.

Ali helped me with 2 dentist visits. Nothing big, just a crown felt out and there was a little other place, which I forgot at the first visit. The dentist arranged a gathering in a garden of an 83year old and superfit men who had worked so many years in Germany. Even he, who becomes a German pension, has problems to get a Visa. We went to a waterdam a little bit outside of Fariman at the next evening.

Because of the travel and caravan enthusiasm I got convinced to make a little trip. Hihihi. Again to Mashhad. It’s true, I did not see a lot there. I was to busy.  So we went. Overnight staying in a park. Visiting another beautiful park, called stone park. Fantastic arranged stony hill with a surrounding park. Water games and playgrounds for the kids. I guess here, while tree hugging, Saman liked it and the next day I found him bonded to a tree somewhere. So nice. A new tree hugger…..

We really slept all in that little egg and found us at a relaxing breakfast outside in the well disposed day. Sunny and relaxed atmosphere. Ferdosi’s, tomb. This poet died 800 years before. A interview could not take place, because the media could not arrange a translater. Anyway. 3 days before there was a article published about me in the 3rd biggest newspaper of Iran, the biggest in this area. 2.000.000 readers, that say.

Before we want back to Fariman, we had lunch picknick. A men came closer, collecting plastic and bread. This he can sell to a recycling company and some animal shelter. I gave him two peace birds and so we started all to talk. He so poor. Starting crying when we offered him some food and some of my 10% money. What a heartful meeting.

Tomorrow I continue walking heart filled up on all levels.

Saturday Ramadan starts. Again I participate.

Everyone who come to Mashhad is welcomed to stay for a week in the Caravan. Ali said, he is in your service. Contact him at +98 915 561 8418

Love, peace, Happiness


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