Angaan Ching Eco Park in Kakching

Angaan Ching Eco Park in Kakching I stayed a week at Woods and Earth. Taking rest and good food. Enjoyed here and there company. I am surprised how many people come here to book a place at the riverside just for picknick. But I need rest rest rest. Sometimes I sit on one of the […]


Perception One day, I learn something about my perception and especially I learn to let go of some fear and be more free. I admit, that perception of recognition of names anyway, but also faces, is often not there. It has been so often in my life, that I felt so awkward and ashamed, that […]

On the way

On the way There are no hotels on the whole way. The reason maid be, even though the nature is so beautiful, that the people from the plain area, who would be the creators of such places, are not allowed by law to buy land from the mountain tribes. But here and there a nice […]

Manipur is ….

Manipur is again a very Christian state, but most Christians life in the mountains. In the plains, I hear, more Hindu’s but also some Moslems. The plains have the capital and around a lot of mostly, rice, farming. The mountains are so gorgeous, full tropical forests. Most people belong to some tripes, and it seems, […]

Woods and Earth

Woods and Earth Manipur is the last state in India. Now I have crossed about 200km, another 100km to come. I am staying now at a camp ground called ‚Woods and Earth‘ in the ‚Imphal plains‘ (about 800m high) at the foothills of the mountains and have a rest. Arriving here I was a bit […]


Guilt There is a feeling of guilt in my system, that I feel not any loss, when my father left his body. It seems, that society wants, that I feel a loss, when a friend or a relative leaves. But how can I feel loss, when I am so happy, that he could manage to […]

Dad died 26.10.2020 8.20am

Dad died at 8.20am 26.10.2020 I have a day of rest. At midday Indian time, my father has finally managed to leave his body, passing the gate of transmission. Ulrich, my brother, informs me by phone. I say ‚I am not going to play a game of being shocked and sad, because we have to […]

Inter State border

Inter State border ….. At the state border from Assam to Manipur, because of Corona, so many regulations. They need a new Covid19 test. So I am sent by so many officials back to Assam and I end up in a very small village hospital, which is actually more or less a maternity ward. One […]


Missionar People on the road are present and overwhelmingly talkative towards me. Interested and questioning my appearance. It feels a bit, leaving the country soon, and a collective awareness is greeting. These all happens more and more, since I had this Corona shift/switch inside, a few weeks ago. And it seems to intensify. True is, […]

Barefoot in the rain

Barefoot in the rain Again its beautiful to walk partly in the rain barefoot. Its always a healing, when my feet touch Mother Earth. Even though I am taught from inside, to walk all the time barefoot, in daily practice I am not always, because of different circumstances, able to do so. But when I […]