The Big Hug II

Dear friends,

Even after a short break of even some days, walking is just different. All the mussles in the feet, legs, but, around the lower spine are hurting. It’s again and again surprising. So it’s important to listen to the body, he has a reason.

Also: Getting out of the bed, first steppps on the ground feel like coming out of a cramp, especially the mussles in the feet. But…. then….. after a while, it’s ok again.

I am walking barefoot and it is a joy. To feel mother earth. To feel the direct connection to the ground. To be not enclosed in a shoe or sandal, not having to deal with blisters, coming from to narrow sandals or from any ‚comfortable‘ waves, so called soles. But sometimes, but less often it is also possible to develop blisters. If so, than it’s so more understandable, why nature established a blister, to protect the feet from more damage. I so had only a very few at some very unusual spots. For example between to toes, who kind of rubbed each other. Once, because a toe nail hurt the toe nail bed. And another time, on top of a toe, underneath a crusted skin and because of unusual movement of my toes, still learning the right way to move barefood. The barefoot walking is almost everywhere possible and all the time. But I allow myself to use slippers here and then,  If the road is very raff or there is already to much happening in my feet, because of to much walking (for example in the end of the day) or some inner process. The barefood walking helps my inner process together with the Vipassana meditations to bring the old defilements, the sankaras, stored in my subconsciousness up to the surface. I observe and realize. It’s very interesting what we all carry on levels down to atomic and subatomic levels. When the time is ready, it comes up for transformation. It manifests as feelings, sensations, symtoms, stays a while and then disappears again. I am so greatful, what I learned through Vipassana and that my walking barefood and in awareness supports step by step my transformation.

At the second day I meet Manoj inThuthibarihh…..

I wanted to write more…..

But I had to stop,  because the connection was bad…..

I realize. I have tostop at least this time about all the incidences. …. Meeting so many nice people wants me to report about it here and then…..

This time I will not….. in gratitude for all the interactions…. I say thanks and bow to you all.

I wish you all a wonderful new decade. It will be a brilliant one.

Continuesly on the ‚Big hug‘ round.

FFor my Visa I had a break in Lumbini/Nepal.

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