To my surprise.

Dear friends

it seems that I change my route again. 

I arrived Varanasi. Now hidding towards Bodhgaya. From there towards Patna as planed. (Then a one month Vipassana retreat as planed)

Further I proparbly change diagonal northeast toward Sikkim. That means not walking to Kathmandu, which I would have loved to….

The reasons are multiple. Most important is my feeling. It’s seems I am here to walk through India. And it’s a strong feeling. Secondly I safe some money by not staying in Nepal for to long. Nepalese Government increased the Visa fees again. It was already not cheep, especially when you think about the income of most Nepalies. Now they increased it again by 25 %. It feels cruel to me and somehow mafiotic. Third is: I just read a article about Sikkim, which I anyway was interest to go to. The Indian State of Sikkim got back to organic farming and that’s just so sympatic. That’s what India really need, countrywide!!!! To be wholesome with mother earth, to be more healthy with oneself. That’s the way.

Later on I will again enter Nepal. Because of Visa issues. That could be then done in July (monsoon starting month). I have to find out, if it is possible to walk through Buthan. And how to manage the Visa issues about Myanmar later on.

Heart hugs.


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