Dies ist der FriedensPilger-Blog
This is the peace pilgrimage blog


For my birthday today I like to send Happiness around the world. May all beings be happy!!!!

What’s about hugging a tree today. It’s always a blessing.

I myself just completed a 30 day Vipassana meditation retreat in Shravasti in northern India, where Buddha himself taught during 25 rain season retreats. Also we are not allowed to go out here. So we just do another retreat with the whole group.

While being in a personal little catastrophic situation through ‚911‘ and the earthquake/Fukushima/Japan in 2011, I am now in a great positiv transformation process during Corona happenings…. parallel to the world? I believe so!!!

Positive vibrations
Loving kindness

The big hug III

From Bodhgaya the direction is now northeast – towards Sikkim.

Because of a little injury I had to wear my fancy expensiv barefoot shoes, but they produced some severe blisters at my hills…. so I will give them away. Leftover are only now my slippers, already once repaired and my ’nange paw‘ barefoot feet.

From tomorrow on the way is towards Rajgir, Nalanda to Bihar Sharif.

All March I will sit a 30 day Vipassana retreat in Shravasti. Beginning of April some days afterglow of the retreat in Shravasti, where Buddha led 25 monsoon retreats. Some days in Lumbini/Nepal to renew my Visa and hand over some more money for Varuns school. Finally coming back to the path….

Towards Bodhgaya

Bihar. In this Indian state everything is a bit different. First I am  walking along the highway, which is very taff.

From Sasaram on I have a Chinese companion, Xi. After such a long time it is really nice to walk in company. After crossing the river at Dehri we were lucky to turn away from the dusty highway, following smaller roads. But some challenges arrived.
People in this area are friendly, welcoming and curious what we are doing, even the conversation is often very limited because of language barriers. An hour before sunrise something is changing in there expression. They become a little bit anxious and sceptical. So it was a bit hard to find a place to stay at night – also because of fear of chinese coronavirus. Two times we were kicked out after being invited. Once the police was called, infact they only told our hosts to take care of us. In one case, after Xi left again, people of Guraru friendly escorted me to the police station. I got bed and mosquito net there.
One night, after kicked out again, we accepted a place and slept with 6 grown up men in 3 beds in a small room in very poor condition.

Coming towards Bodhgaya the weather changed because of season and because of entering a different climate zone. Vegetation went to more palms, but not only because of climate area. People cut down the other trees because it’s easier fire wood.

Bodhgaya is a special place because of Buddhas enlightenment. It’s exciting to be at this historic places.

On Buddha’s foot steppps

After Buddha became enlightend he walked from Bodhgaya 230km west to Varanasi/Sarnath. Only then he offered his first teaching to 5 followers.

I feel honered to be able to walk that path now in opposite direction. What a special event this is, for the steppps peace walk.



It reminds me also to the times Israel/Palestine, when I suddenly saw the places where Jesus lived and walked….



To my surprise.

Dear friends

it seems that I change my route again. 

I arrived Varanasi. Now hidding towards Bodhgaya. From there towards Patna as planed. (Then a one month Vipassana retreat as planed)

Further I proparbly change diagonal northeast toward Sikkim. That means not walking to Kathmandu, which I would have loved to….

The reasons are multiple. Most important is my feeling. It’s seems I am here to walk through India. And it’s a strong feeling. Secondly I safe some money by not staying in Nepal for to long. Nepalese Government increased the Visa fees again. It was already not cheep, especially when you think about the income of most Nepalies. Now they increased it again by 25 %. It feels cruel to me and somehow mafiotic. Third is: I just read a article about Sikkim, which I anyway was interest to go to. The Indian State of Sikkim got back to organic farming and that’s just so sympatic. That’s what India really need, countrywide!!!! To be wholesome with mother earth, to be more healthy with oneself. That’s the way.

Later on I will again enter Nepal. Because of Visa issues. That could be then done in July (monsoon starting month). I have to find out, if it is possible to walk through Buthan. And how to manage the Visa issues about Myanmar later on.

Heart hugs.



7.1.-18.1.2020 Walking from Muhammadabad to Varanasi

18.1.-30.1. Maybe serve or sit a Vipassana retreat in Sarnath

30.1.-27.2. Walking from Varanasi to Bodhgaya and Patna

29.2.-31.3. Sitting a 30 day Vipassana retreat in Shravasti / getting there by train.

1.4.-10.4. Afterglow the retreat / renew the Visa again In Nepal / travel by train back to Patna.

11.4. …….Walking from Patna north towards Nepal. Kathmandu and/ or south of Everest area.

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The Big Hug II

Dear friends,

Even after a short break of even some days, walking is just different. All the mussles in the feet, legs, but, around the lower spine are hurting. It’s again and again surprising. So it’s important to listen to the body, he has a reason.

Also: Getting out of the bed, first steppps on the ground feel like coming out of a cramp, especially the mussles in the feet. But…. then….. after a while, it’s ok again.

I am walking barefoot and it is a joy. To feel mother earth. To feel the direct connection to the ground. To be not enclosed in a shoe or sandal, not having to deal with blisters, coming from to narrow sandals or from any ‚comfortable‘ waves, so called soles. But sometimes, but less often it is also possible to develop blisters. If so, than it’s so more understandable, why nature established a blister, to protect the feet from more damage. I so had only a very few at some very unusual spots. For example between to toes, who kind of rubbed each other. Once, because a toe nail hurt the toe nail bed. And another time, on top of a toe, underneath a crusted skin and because of unusual movement of my toes, still learning the right way to move barefood. The barefoot walking is almost everywhere possible and all the time. But I allow myself to use slippers here and then,  If the road is very raff or there is already to much happening in my feet, because of to much walking (for example in the end of the day) or some inner process. The barefood walking helps my inner process together with the Vipassana meditations to bring the old defilements, the sankaras, stored in my subconsciousness up to the surface. I observe and realize. It’s very interesting what we all carry on levels down to atomic and subatomic levels. When the time is ready, it comes up for transformation. It manifests as feelings, sensations, symtoms, stays a while and then disappears again. I am so greatful, what I learned through Vipassana and that my walking barefood and in awareness supports step by step my transformation.

At the second day I meet Manoj inThuthibarihh…..

I wanted to write more…..

But I had to stop,  because the connection was bad…..

I realize. I have tostop at least this time about all the incidences. …. Meeting so many nice people wants me to report about it here and then…..

This time I will not….. in gratitude for all the interactions…. I say thanks and bow to you all.

I wish you all a wonderful new decade. It will be a brilliant one.

Continuesly on the ‚Big hug‘ round.

FFor my Visa I had a break in Lumbini/Nepal.

The Big Hug

Last bus ride (40h) to come back, after walking the gap, and arriving at Nepal/Indian border, Sonali, where I start walking tomorrow towards the Buddha places in Northern India.
Love flows through my body coming closer and arriving in Sonali, being connected with the Peace-Walk-way. (Until here 20.650km are walked) Universe arranged everything, to come quick back to continue walk step by step.
To say it short: Being on the actually way, walking, feels sooooo right. Being not on the way (for example having a few days break in Rishikesh) feels so weird.
The outside conditions are chaotic, but inside it feels so right to do.
Let’s start the walk to the Buddha places – it’s a circle – as a big hug to the area. It will be a ~1200km hug.

Dehradun to Haridwar

Dear friends,

The Vipassana retreat helped me to come to another level. But starting walk from there I felt just so exhausted. It feels that the barefoot walking also empowers the transformation process inside me. It feels that the process itself needs always a specific time. So, if there is to work through so much to the same time, it comes somehow to a transformation ‚jam‘.

On the way to Haridwar I meet incredible people. Also I found, with some exeptions, smaller ways I could walk. In one day, where I already thought, the big road is coming now, I just relaxed at a river side. Enjoying the view, nature and calmness, the bright sun and the fresh air. Effortlessly the neighbours invited me, started cooking and we had without much talking a wonderful time together. Greatness always appears. I can’t mention all the other beautiful meetings, but it seems, that I can again eat Indian meals, and I like it. Highlight is always to have brown or red rice, the natural one.

Somehow, still exhausted, I maid it to Haridwar, clompeted finally the gap. Now all the way is walked until Lumbini in Nepal (and a bit further over the Indian border, where I continue walk towards the ‚Buddha‘ places).

I thought is was a good idea to have a rest time in Rishikesh, so I took the bus to the 30km away town. But my final place where I have been several times is somehow a big mess now. Heavy mashine work on the promenade to make it nicer. The neighbors property, a ashram, has to give 2,5m of there building (illegal constraction) back to the city, so a slegehamner is busy all the time. And everywhere I walk it feels to me, soooo busy…. including beggers, tuc tuc drivers, traders with there approaches …. Sometimes I even can’t feel the beautiful Ganga, I only can see, because of loudspeakers, insences, rituals, workplaces……. In these days nature seems not present in Rishikesh – only disturbance…. even the nature is sooo close.

The day after tomorrow I leave towards Sunali at the Indian /Nepali border. Trains are not easy to book these days  (some are cancelled) because of some construction work going on. After trying some days it will be now the night bus to Lucknow, another day bus towards the border. So 24h on the bus. To my first walj destination,  Kushinagar I found a calmer way.

I asked people to join me at the flat areas to the Buddha places, but no responce. So I take it as a universal message and take my fate in my hands, heart and feet. I try to do my best!!!!

I love you all


Reaching Mussouri

Leaving the holy river Yamona I have to walk uphill again. Nearly no shortcuts, which I speculated on,  the mountain just to steep. Mussouri lays on the top of the mountain and not in a highland as I thought and really high up, at about 2000m. As I arrive there,  clouds and fog limit the view. It’s also a sign for the beginning autumn/winter. Traffic jams remind me of Dharamshala and Shimla. It would be really good for this cities to have cable cars. But even though for lots of ways through the Himalayas.  Even cable cars for good transportations in containers could be a solution. It’s an intersting thought to think of a net of cable cars in whole of Himalayas, cable cars with a bigger capacity, like busses. India should have a fabric for cable cars to invent this system.

Walking through the steep mountain area I imagine having flower seeds spread everywhere. Flowers to install a lot of bee hives,  who collect honey from all over. This could help the people to earn good money. Honey in India is nearly everywhere added with some kind of sugar syrup. Real honey is a need to have, also for a lot of health reasons. 

Coming down from Mussouri I found a wonderful lonely hiking trail. The way was so lonely, that I doubted for a few times, if I am really on the right path. Only problem where a lot of loose stones on the way. But I enjoyed walking all the way barefoot, it took a long while, the stones slowed me very much down. But I just wanted it.

Tomorrow I have to walk another 13km to the Dehradun Vipassana center. I have not signed up the 10 day course, hope to find a free spot, because often not everyone signing in comes to the course.

Best greetings to all of you