Dies ist der FriedensPilger-Blog
This is the peace pilgrimage blog

‚The Big Hug‘ is now completed


It’s completed.
‚The Big Hug‘ is completed.
I wish all the people in this area all the very best.

Now I am at a special place, close to Siliguri in Matigara, where the rain yesterday pushed me into a small kind hotel.
This is a narrow area, which connects main India with Northeast India. To the west there is Nepal. In the north (and here) the famous district Darjeeling, and the state Sikkim. North and east of Sikkim China. In the south Bangladesh and northeast from here is Buthan.
Because of the high Himalayas there are only a very few of connection roads to China. This is the only big one from India to China through the capital of Sikkim, Gangtok towards Lhasa/Tibet (only about 650 to 700 km from here). There is another big road, but through Nepal/Kathmandu.
Oh, it would be so wonderful to walk to Lhasa or even earlier to Mount Kailash, more west in Tibet. But it would be an expensive journey, because the Chinese government only allows foreigners with guide into Tibet…
Long time ago I gave up this dream…..
Now I even don’t go to Sikkim. No ways around here and there anymore (maybe later, after the official end of the peace walk).  I really really want to end this peace walk and my commitment to it latest in or around April 2021 in Yangoon/Myanmar.

The last 70 km the scenery changed a lot. From very flat plains to this area with very little hills. From lots of rice fields to pineapple farms and finally tea culture, Darjeelings tea plantations. Also inhabitants look different. Even some groups with Mongolian  inheritance I encountered.
People are here also careful to meet a white man (because of Corona/and in lockdown) but this is less fearful and with more smiles than the Biharies. Yeah, the fear in the Bihar people is really strong, and not only because of Corona. The gestures of the people outside of Bihar are also not so aggressive anymore.
I am happy to report, that I had many encounters with women on the street in West Bengal. In Bihar it’s so rare. Here women have more self esteem and confidence. Talking with Alok about this, he tells me, that pevious governments in West Bengal had several programs to strengthen women in there state. Congratulations. I also walk whereever for equal rights between men/women/others….

Even though I know that I continue east/eastsoutheast towards the border of Myanmar (1000-1200km) I have not decided which exactly route I take. There are several options. Also, I am not sure if I can walk the smaller roads again, after encountering such fearful reactions in Bihar. It is such intense to deal with the reaction of the people. Even though I managed all the situations good in the moment, I felt the tension later, when coming out of the situation (or some days later)

Oh people of Bihar – I wish you from the bottom of my heart to take your fate and challenge yourself for a more relaxed way of being. That you can forgive your ancestors and what you inherited from them, and that you rise up in the paradise surroundings of your beautiful nature to unite in abundance with the universe. I met so many nice people in Bihar. Thanks. I love Bihar.

Shanti, Shanti, Shanti


‚The Big Hug‘ is nearly completed

‚The Big Hug‘ nearly completed

For every one who forgot.
Since November 2019 I am walking ‚ The Big Hug‘
The big hug shall hug all the important places of Buddha’s and the whole areas around with all the people in it.
It’s from Lumbini (Birth place) to Kushinagar (where he left his body) to Sarnath/Varanasi (First teachings), to Bodhgaya (enlightenment), to Rajgir (Meditation caves and teachings) and it will end in Siriguli (just 70 km to go)

May all people be blessed in this area.
Love and peace



Again 31km to the next Hotel, this time in Islampur. Also again the procidere: first to the police. The officer was very busy outside, so, after 11 hours since 6am on the road,  2 hours at the police station, another 1 hour help from police walking through Islampur, to find a hotel, which is willing to host a foreigner (foreigners are blamed in India to bring the virus).
Finally, we find a place, also cheap, a musty room. After the guys from the Police where gone, I find the bathroom was unusable, so a 40 minute clean up for the (only) most needed ….. puh

A friend of mine in whatsapp…. I just tell her, in the moment everything is most exhausting – and I have to be very careful about my body and mental health.
As a reflection I can look at my phone. It suffered so much the last 5 weeks. I dropped It a few times, glas broke,  a black screen followed. The screen was replaced then by another, but fake one. Now the screen has a totally blue light. I can’t see, if photos are good or not. The screen is super sensitive. Because of this,  functions do not work properly.
The cables are both half broken.
The power bank stopped working at all…..
This is just an example…
I have to be very careful with myself.

Last days in Bihar

Last days in Bihar.

In Dagarua I speculated to get some help from the Police. The police was present, but the station is closed, because they have Corona cases inside. So no help from the Police here. I drive with a tuktuk some 8km back to the next hotel.

Also in Kishanganj, 2 days later, complete lockdown. Hotels are closed. So, again to the police. They help me with a phone call and extra permission.
Ways are long these days. And it’s not comfortable to walk always more, than is comfortable with me. But because of the Corona circumstances I can only walk from Hotel to Hotel.

Bihar ends for me in Kishanganj.
Even Bihar is called the unlawful state in India, and I had some experiences like this, I found a lot of good people. And this good people need the support, to make Bihar what it deserves to be. So there is some sadness, to leave Bihar….. it just touched somehow my heart, and the nature is so beautiful.

Some articles earlier I wrote about punishment, and if it is possible that Bihar as a collective could be punished. I don’t mean any God who is punishing, but the fact, not living according to universal laws makes the punishment itself.
And here is another thought.
Gautama Buddha, after his enlightenment taught the pure universal laws in Bihar. (Bihar comes from Vihar and that means monestary) All the universal wisdom was taught here. 250 years after, Ashoka, a first very cruel emporer, became Dhamma Ashoka and spread the knowledge through India and further.
Another 250 later – the Dhamma got destroyed by a lover of Hindu culture. Lots of monks and Dhamma teachers where murdered. I don’t know, if the destruction started maybe in Bihar, but of course there were a lot of teachers and monasteries here….  If unlawful (universal law) act like this and destroyed the teachings of one of the best teachers in the world, how can it not effect the society? If unlawful practice is still a part of life now, how can we be surprised, that paradise is not enfolding in Bihar recently.
The knowledge of Dhamma is back, also in Bihar.
May people come and practise universal laws and create a place of universal peace and love – here in Bihar.


Fotos you can find on instagram  schmockelthomasheinrich


Emotionally Rollercoaster

Every time I have to ask for another Visa, as these days, it’s for me a emotionally rollercoaster. It’s just so awfull. My upper stomach, my chest and my physical heart are in such a stress. A (somehow) trauma. I act not rational anymore. And because of all my inner alarm, so many difficulties arise outside. So many complications arise.

My only chance is to just observe and being patient. Actually I solved this time the outside problems by myself and I could online submit the application and all the documents. That’s really good. But the rest of this rollercaster feelings are still there. Somehow wonderful, so I can continue to observe.

It feels, I had badly lied to someone and now I have to tell the truth, with such a bad conscience – but I did not lie…..  It feels like a heavy burden, I have to carry….  It feels totally overwheming, and I don’t know why…. It feels like such a pressure in my chest, upper belly and heart….

…. and the only way to desolve this thing, is by just observing with a balanced mind, equanimous mind. Putting my wishes aside, that it should desolve, because while wishing it does not, I even generate more… so I meditate, scanning and observing the field, knowing that all is arising and passing. Nothing stays forever….

There is also a part of me, that is happy to feel all this. Happy that it is on the surface. So I can feel it, observe it, accompany this structure on there way to rise even more up and resolve then…. or to take any other way.

It is (almost?) a prove, that this is not from this life.


Tomorrow I continue walking. In this area and the upcoming West Bengal area there are anywhere lockdowns. But I am allowed to walk. Public transport, busses are not driving anymore, very most shops are closed. Tomorrow there will be no hotel available… there is only one police station on the way after 17km (still in Bihar). My plan is, to drop in there for help, maybe I can sleep there. The day after I will reach West Bengal. But not all the usual hotels have open these days…. so I will be surprised which help I get after 27km walk. And day no 3, also 27km, I will reach Kichanganj, last time again back in the state of Bihar, there I do not expect any difficulties. But all together a bit challenging again.

New cases of Crovid-19 are up to 40.000! today in India. Now its becoming a really lot. And not all people wearing a mask…….

Step by step

With Love



Wisdom (Vipassana 3)

Wisdom (Vipassana 3)

(These articles belong to each other: ‚Bihar‘ ‚Concentration‘ (Scroll down) and this ‚Wisdom‘)

Everything becomes Wisdom when it is experienced.

With the step of Concentration (no thoughts about past and future, no craving and no aversion) you reach equanimity. A balanced mind.
With this balanced mind you are ready to step down into the so called unconscious mind, which is actually a storage consciousness. Here is everything stored what you have accumulated. Positive and negative things. Cravings and aversions. And this subconscious mind is full of it.
Any time you react on a negative or positive sensation, you crave or don’t want to have it, every time you accumulate more of it.

‚I want more of that loving feeling, I crave for it‘ you accumulate more of that ‚craving‘ feeling. Your storage of craving get enlarged. Does not mean, that you get more of that loving feeling. It means, you get more of that craving. Suffering starts or continues.
‚I don’t want this feeling of fear, I reject it‘ You accumulate more of that aversion feeling. Your storage of aversion get enlarged. Does not mean, that the feeling of fear gets deminishes. It means, you enlarge the storage of aversion. Suffering starts or gets bigger.

Now is the time to come to clean up all the storage of our ‚house‘. And this can be done with the balanced mind, with the equanimous mind.
You have only to observe.
With the balanced mind you don’t accumulate more storage.
And with pure observation you can now experience the storage area.
With pure observation the storage gets cleaned up.

You go to the sensations of your body. There are positive a negative feelings/sensations. The positive feelings belong to your cravings, the negative feelings belong to your aversions.
Often when you get to your sensations, you can not label which positive or negative feeling is ment. And it’s not important.
You work what comes up first.
And you just observe without reacting.
You just do nothing but just observe the sensations.
Slowly, slowly, aversion and craving gets deminished – but that’s a long process. So you also have to be patient.
With a balanced mind you observe, with a balanced mind you are in meditation.

That you get not stuck in one area of your body with maybe intense sensation, you start scanning the whole body from top to bottom. Whereever there is a intense sensation, you realize the area, but you continue with your scanning observation throughout the body. Try to feel not only the intense sensations but also the suttle once.

The whole technique works only or best by continuesly practicing. Layer by layer is worked through. Defilement by defilement gets eradicated.

Wisdom will arise by direct experience.

And here is one more important information. And you can also meditate on that.

Wisdom also means, to know, that everything arises and passes away (soon or later). Nothing is permanent. All is impermanent.
This you can experience by observing with an equanimous mind.

With Love

Vipassana meditation can be learned in any Vipassana center around the world with free of costs, not for tuition, lodging or food. (you can donate, if you want afterwards, but nobody is asking you for doing so). The basic course is a 10 day course in silence where you get all the informations. Meditation is practised all day long.

I wish ‚I am free‘

I wish ‚I am free‘
I wish I am free from reacting to any abuse. So it would show me, that I have worked through of all the pain of aversion inside of me.
I wish I would be free on reacting
– to loud shouting and commanding tone
– to agressive behaviour
– to abusive language
– to cheating on the market
– to …..
– to …..

I wish I could react only with love and compassion
Because I would realize, any abuse of someone towards me has nothing to do with me, it’s the action of someone else.

But as long I react with language, or reaction in any other way (except with love and compassion), also if it is ‚only‘ by generating another sensation such as a tension or uncomfort or so, I am not free. It shows me, that I have still seeds of aversion in me.
I wish I could be free from all this deep routed defilements
I wish I could be free
I wish ‚I am free‘

And I will continue working on that freedom, that liberation, by observing and not reacting to all these sensations in myself.

I am liberated
I am free


I wish ‚I am free‘
I wish I would be free

Free of any craving for
– for a protected place to rest and relax
– for caring and loving people around me
– for safety
– money in my pocket
– for place in the nature without any disturbance
– for love on any level
– for good feelings
– for …..
– for …..

Free of craving for any comfortable sensations in myself…..

It would show me to fully relax and having arrived in totally acceptance in everything what is.

Love and compassion could grow….

It would show me, that I have worked through all these deep rooted craving defilements. The seeds of craving would be eradicated…..

And I will continue working on that freedom, that liberation of craving defilements, by observing and not reacting to all the sensations in myself.

I am liberated
I am free

Murliganj to Purnia

Big monsoon rain at the morning of departure from Murliganj. Police came 3 hours late, 8am. I had planed a northeast route through country side and it could have be done in one day, but departure time would be, because of 39 km, 5am. So I change the route along the highway, all together a bit longer on my journey, but managable, now east, 27km to Banmanki.
I get safety escorted again by different teams of the police. People at the road do not speak so often to me or get interrupted by the police. Once I wanted to buy something for breakfast, the owner did not want to serve me, because of corona, police managed, I could buy something there. About 8 km before Banmanki suddenly the safety guards disappered with a sign, that the next team will come, which did not.
Instead, a stationary police post controlled in a rude way, all my bag. Also he did not want to come to close, so I had to show him all singlely by myself. I felt a bit like a model showing different products and clothes out of my ‚wonder-bag‘. People are irritated by the glaring neon green rain cover of my bag.
Arriving in Banmankhi again some police men. Luckily I could convince them, after controlling my passport, that another visit at the police station is not needed. One of them helped me to find a hotel.

Next morning I am just done. Muscles and body say ’no!‘.
Closer to the afternoon I realize, I don’t want to see anyone. Usually I would have gone for a meal. I can’t have another conversation today ‚ Where are you from’…. and I can’t!!!! manage today someone who steps back from me in fear for Corona. There is a kind of fear in me today for rejection? or harmful comments?. I am real not balanced today. So I stay all day long in my boring hotel room without window and a loud fan. Some fruits and peanuts are left.

I am a bit tense. After a bad sleep I do my next lap of today’s 35 km to Purnia (no hotel before). After half way I feel I enter somehow another area with less tension?! Anyway, my body releases. It’s a great sunny day. Overflooded rivers and fields show the beauty of Bihar in monsoon. Purnia seems a bit more developed and I find a relatively cheap hotel. Yes, a have to clean something here and there with my sponge, but lying on the bed, I can also see the beauty of that room. Luckily I can always find something what is nice and beautiful.

The hotel becomes a little oasis to me the next day. Around the hotel there is only chaos incl. bus stand over the street and cheating fruit and snack stands, overflooded area in front, you have to step through the mud to enter, rubbish lays everywhere, backside also everywhere overflooded with lots of rubbish and a car junk yard. But I have a little nest in my room (2nd floor, bathroom without window – best for fresh air) and at the first floor, on the roof of all the shops below (most of them are closed, because of a partly lockdown), its almost like a garden with some walking possibilities on fresh air between drying clothes. My body is again tense and I will not be able to walk the day after too.
Also I have something to do. The blog is waiting and…. again…. I have to apply for the next Visa (I really need a secretary)



How to deal with fear?
This time is such a great chance to deal with fear, our personal fear and the collective fear.
But everything starts with personal fear. Collective fear disappears after we have worked on our personal fear.

Sit down and come back to yourself.
After a while sense, feel the area, feel the sensation in your body, which is localized as fear. Concentrate on that area without wanting anything to that area.
Just observe the area.
Observe and do nothing.
Don’t react to that feelings.
Just observe.
Just observe.
Don’t except that the fear or that feelings will disappear.
Don’t label it anymore as fear.
It’s just sensation.
And you just observe.

With not reacting the fear will not multiply.
With just observing the sensation has the chance to change.
But just observe.
Do nothing else then observe.
Inner adventure.
Observe what’s happens with your sensation.
Just observe and do nothing.