Dies ist der FriedensPilger-Blog
This is the peace pilgrimage blog

I arrived in India again

Two smooth flights brought me back to India. (In flight and changing flights in Istanbul reminded me of knowing some turkish ☺)

Coming into India, taking the airport train, still very clean – then changing in normal metro and busses to get to my friends in Mandi at the lower Himalayas – a whole day in  three different busses – the need of dignity is there – on all streets, in the busses and walking or travel otherwise on the streets – or living close to the streets – dignity is missing.

Walking barefoot will be a challenge…. I’ll, besides of walking for peace I’ll also walk for dignity.



Still help needed / Schedule updated

Steppps peacewalk still need your help.
Because its not easy to walk in the flat areas in India and Nepal your help is needed to walk together as a group.
Please join in the peace walk from this October on ….
Scedule is updated at ‚Termine und Schedule…. “ on the left side

If you cant come personally, you can help with



supporting in any way anyone on the planet, who works for a ‚better world‘


Connect your heart with anyone on the planet, who works in whatever way for a ‚better world‘.
We are one big huge group.
Dont feel ever alone.

Germany VI

Dear friends,

following my inner voice (‚go for the summer to Germany‘) I booked yesterday a flight back to India. – Summer started at 21th of June and ends at 21th of September -. I will leave Germany/Bremen at the 25th and arrive at the 26th of September in India in the very early morning. Announcing this, I suddenly had a invitation to Mandi (between Daramshala and Shimla), which I happily exepted today. I will get a bus from Kashmir gate in Delhi at still early morning and arrive in the evening there. Its good for arriving, acclimatisation and jet lag couring, and meeting again Sangeet’s and Tanu’s friendly family. From there I will take after some days another bus to Nogli (little village close to Rampur). From Nogli I have to walk to Haridwar, a gab I had left earlier, because of Visa issues. This is about 400 km and I plan the whole October for it.

My knee
Again my inner voice announced earlier ‚after (the summer in Germany) you can walk all the rest (of the peace walk) in one segment. I did let go of my doubts, that I am not able to do so, because of my knee(’s), and continued doing exercises and ….  The most effective was and is continuing walking barefoot. Since I dropped my old sandals I rarely use the flipflops. It is just fine now and I hope very much, that I can continue walking barefoot in India, even though the atmosphere is much dryer. Then I got some more unexpected help with the knee issue. While visiting Elisabeth in northern Germany, she offered me, to make reel to both of my knees, with a tincture of  ’savior sharp‘ (in German its ‚Retterspitz‘). I could immediately feel a reaction on some lines in my upper leg. Third I started using knee pillows in meditation. All together right now, and already some weeks earlier, knee trouble was gone. Only about a week ago, there was a little mini ‚remembrance‘ to feel ….
Future will show more wisdom

Holiday with my mother
My main reason coming to Germany was to see my mother ‚Inge‘, 81, and make her happy. With my father ‚Bernhard‘, 83, beeing with demencia in a nursery home, her mind circles a lot around this situation. On top she is often very nervous and there are some issues with this, too. So I invited her to a holiday on the island of Amrum, where I had been weeks before, to recover. We took our bicycles in the train, so we had peaceful transportation on the island. This year, in the beginning of September, weather rapidly changed to autumn. On the ferry towards our destination a fascinating rain-storm-sun-cloud-changing-colour-scenery made every passenger be amazed and totally silent…. Absolutely beautiful. Arriving the clouds again opened monsun like up and we had a very wet welcome, but luckily found a small shelter spot.
Every day we cycled, walked or did other little trips. Beachside, watt side with low or high tight, a concert, a meal in a restaurant or an ice cream/cake, forest or just smelling the typical Amrum island smell, went to the dunes and overview points on the island….. And …. we talked a lot, started a family tree of her family side, played some board games, reading, writing, cooking. Sometimes I surprised her with little things, like breakfast under trees or a picnic in the dunes close to a dune lake…. and she was always so grateful.
My mother realized, that she has not so much power anymore. ‚Now, I am really realizing, that I get old‘ she said. One day, we went for a 9 km ride with the bike. 4,5 km one way. Coming back, having a big break on a bench at the beach side and a cake in a cafe, she said totally exhausted ‚I guess, this have been at least 25 km‘.
The weather was much better, than we saw in the weather forecast. They were a lot of days with sunshine and only 1 1/2 rain days.
After one week – we went for 10 days – I realized, that she relaxed much more in herself.
And she could really enjoy her time on the island. A few times she said ‚I guess, this is my last holiday‘

The idea to bring my father a last time to the ocean failed, because of differnt circumstances…. a bit sad, but I could accept.








Help needed

For the time after Germany I need your help walking through the flat areas in India.
I wish that some of you maid walk with me or at least help energeticly, to make it possible.

You can reach me easiest
on whatsapp +30 698 0654542


Germany V

I have the feeling, I am a bit incognito in Germany during this visit. Nor visible for to many people. Even though, sometimes I plan to see some one, but then something happens, and it is not possible. But I am totally in peace with this.
Its a bit like I want to meet people, but to the same time, I do not want to meet anyone. Its not about the friends, its about me in this situation.
I feel a bit vulnerable with my issues to center and empower myself again. And for that, its so good, to be by myself.
Sometimes, when I am with people, I just cant stand the way of communication. When there is a group of more than 3 people, they have the tendency to talk simultaneously. I just cant stand it. My head just shot up in that case, often I dont follow the communication anymore at all. And in most cases, what is talked in this happenings, is not important at all. My ears are so sensitive andtotally overwhelmed with the sound, which is in that situation. My ears hear everything to the same time including other sounds outside of the conversation.
There was one example some weeks ago, when Wendelin hosted me in Flensburg. We were talking, while he used the clips to hang up his laundry. Any time, he took a clip from the box, there was a little sound arising, by taking the clip out of the box, touching other clips. For me, this sound was so loud, that I could not hear, what he was taking about.

Eating habbits
I am still not through with this topic. Since arriving in Germany, and before in Nepal after the last walk, I just eat to much. Sometimes I cant control it. I really want this good and tasty food and so often I cant stop in the right moment, when I am actually fed up, when my body even sometimes gives a silent signal, now its enough… but for something in me, its not enough. I want more taste, I want to eat more and satisfy my taste sences, to fill up my stomach until its real full. I am aware and observe….. Difficult one

After visiting Elisabeth, an ex of me, but still a good friend, she visited me last year in Ladakh, for some days in Worpswede (artist village in northern Germany), I will serve a 20 day Vipassana retreat in the south of Germany. I am exited to do so and get to know the only German Vipassana center. Until now I saw only Vipassana center in India and Nepal.
I know, I owe you all a summary from all my Vipassana experiences. Out of some reason, the time has not come yet. Sorry.

Best heart greeting
Thanks for reading

Germany IV

Visiting my father
I did go only after 3 or 4 days the first time. There was always an issue before, not being able to see him in the nursery home.
Finally I saw him 4 days after my arrival. As I said, he has dementia, is not able to speak anymore, even though not able to walk. So he sits during the day in a wheel chair. Because my grandfather, his father, had the same disease, and I helped a lot to nurse him when I was a teenager, I knew, what to expect. Also my sister Conny very much updated me on my journey, how he is now. Also I have seen pictures before.
Lots of time during the day, he has his eyes close, so it could be irritating for some people, to visit someone, who is not speaking and having the eyes close. But this is even not an issue to me. I can accept the situation very much, as it is.
In fact, I felt a really nice connection to him, when I hold his hand, and he activly grapped also my hand – and did not want to let go. I felt a beautiful nice fine engery coming form him.
It feels like, he has diffent stages in his daily life – sleeping, – being awake, but not having the eyes open, getting in interaction with his hands or other sences, – being awake, not having the eyes open and being in somehow a meditative state, working through his stuff, – and being awake and having the eyes open, what is not so often.

Yes, it is sad, that he has to go through this all, but I cant change it.
But being with him, I know, he recognizes situations and events – but everything much slower – and he is also sometimes very moved and touched by things happening to him.
I would so much like to bring him for some days to the ocean. I know, he would love it so much, to smell the ocean again. I am working on it, have to convince my relatives, and organize help for nursering, a handicapped accomodation and a handicapped transportation….. I need a lot of luck, money and coincidences to get this together. Even though its difficult, I hope for it…………!!!!!!

Germany III

7 years I have been away from Germany. Lots of things have changed in that period.

  • private distance busses are now more avaiable besides the train company.
  • more than 1 million refugees came to Germany, mainly in 2015/16. Refugees also came before, but this is a big amount. So many people where welcoming all the refegees in the beginning. Then some ugly right wing people and politicans changed the mood of the country, to be able to give help. Since then a right wing party come with 12 % into the parliament. (I have the feeling, slowly, slowly, the people, who welcomed the refugees are realizing, they are more….)
  • Electro bikes and Electro scooter are now to see on the streets to see. E-bikes gives a lot of people a change, to ride a bike again, even though if people have health issues, older people maid also use easier a bike again – and for sure, hills and mountains are easier to get up.
  • Prices of rent and houses went up
  • ……

Coming from a ‚economicly poor‘ region, prices in Germany and Europe seems to be high – and partly prices went up.
Also I see, the richness of so many people, I wrote yesterday about it, ‚to have more could be reached by having less‘. ‚Less is more‘
But sometimes it only seems, that people have a lot, but there are also struggeling in every days life, because things and services are so expensiv to get.

If rich countries rise up there prices more and more, how can poor countries be able, to catch up???
There is a big unfairness with the money issue in the world. How could it be possible to eleminate the unfairness???
We have to find a somehow ‚trick‘, to hopefully soon eleminate the unfairness between countries currency’s, so everyone is able to travel, for example.

My money experience, coming back to Germany, is a bit, like someone coming from a poorer country. But here I must say, I am even more ‚privileged. I got some help here and there and by using some secure money….
For the first weeks I stayed with my relatives. They sponsered me with place to sleep and food. But going out of this safety net, money issue comes big so soon. I told you, to have access to cheaper train tickets, I had to get a ‚bahn-card‘. The card costs 255 €. Its good for one year and than you can by any train ticket for half price. Otherwise it is just not possible to pay the original price. But even half price is digging big holes in my small budget.
Since seven years I live just from donations, here its a big challange to continue so.
Because I wanted to go to my favorite Island in the north of Germany, Amrum, I did not wait for an invitation to go there. I just needed to continue having rest time, so I decided to go there…. I got a bike from my mother, transported this in the train, to have mobility on the island. But even the cheapest version by having a litte tent for less than 5 quare meter put up at the camping ground, cost me 18,60 € a day!!!! I remember, that was less than 14 € 8 years before. Even then I found it a bit expensiv. Now nearly 20 € for a tiny little tent on a camping ground in the dunes. Sure the bathroom facilities are great, clean and modernised…. And food I also had to buy. This is also more expensiv on the island, than on the mainland, ferry costs are not so high to justify prices around 30 % higer than on the mainland…. So I needed around 10 € a day for buying food and other things. But I went only once for a pizza in a restaurant and twice to a movie theater (lost of years ago, that I have seen a movie in a cinema).
There was a time, when I thought to stay longer on Amrum, but its just out of my possibilities, to pay this amount of money for the most simplest ‚accomodation‘. Anyway, I stayed 13 days, what brought me close to go bankrupt. I dont know, if I can effort another stay there, if not sponsored by someone.

Further, there is a law, to be illness insured as a German in Germany. In my case, staying for 3 month or so, not being health insured since 7 years, it really makes no sence to pay 200 € a month for the health insurance. And I also dont have the budget, to do so. Yes, I can get into the social system, and ask for help. But than I have to have a permanent residence, which I do not have. This could be solved, by offically register at a relative or friends residence and officially annouce, that I live there. But this social office is only accepting me, if I am ready to accept a work, they maybe offer to me. For this it is needed, that I stay reachable at that residence permanently. But I am here to continue my self organized health rehabilitation (and for that I have to travel to different places, I have to be free for this.) If I would stay at a permanent residence, being not able to work (because I still need to recover), I could even though get help from the social system, if I would go to a doctor to get a sick leave. But the price I had to pay, is staying at one spot. A circle!!!
Luckily I know how to get cured. At least this worked for the last 7 years and before. (Its true, if something seriously happens to me, and they have to bring me to a hospital, it would cost hundreds or even thousands of Euros.)
So I take the risk and stay independent. Health is continuing to get better.

Yes, money is an issue, but I have managed that issue since more then 7 years, and I trust, that all will be fine….


In Germany II

Arriving in Germany
In the afternoon at the 19.7. at around 4pm I was standing in front of the door of my parents and sisters family home.
The house has 3 floors and a cellar. The two upper floors are inhabited with the family of my sister Conny and husband Jens.
My mother lives on the ground floor. So, not announced, I rang at the door bell on the ground floor. No one opened. Second time ringing, no one opening.
I use the upper ring bell at Conny’s. Finally my 14 year old niece comes down the stairs. The front door is from glas, so I could look through. My niece Nora petrified. She could not move for a long while… See looked at me with an open mouth, in shock, literately in shock, freezed…. there where 3 or 4 more steppps to do to go down the rest of the stairs and maybe another 3 steppps to the door, but she remained there. Conny soon realized, something is wrong, so she also came down the stairs, stopped behind her daughter, a few steppps further up, could not believe, what she saw. Later she said: I expected the postman maybe, but you, Thomas, you could not be here, why are you here… it got around in her mind… because, you can’t be here, you are somewhere else, hääää???? Also I looked a bit different, I had just new classes and the cappy on top…. Why is he here??? A while later, I guess Nora opened the door, still speachless, Conny spoke a few sentences with me and my mother entered also the stairways, but could not see me… but the sound of my voice…. ‚Is that Thomas‘ she said guessing but not believing…. Soon the situation relaxed and we huged each other, Nora still in shock. Later Conny said ‚I guess, I have never been so surprised.‘
All together the surprise had worked!!!!!!!!!!!!

For this time I am mainly in Germany to bring my mother, Inge, some happiness and to spent time with her. (But I have also to take care of my health and take time for myself). My mother has it with the nerves, is very quickly nervous…out of lots of reasons. My father, Bernhard, is in a nursery home, he has demencia since some years, now he cant speak and walk anymore and is sitting in a wheel chair. So I stayed for about 3 weeks at my parents house, with a litte detour to my friends Helga and Hartmut in Heiligenhaus, close to Essen and Düsseldorf, friends, who support me so much, already before the peace walk, but also during, so beautiful… so grateful.

More is only, to have less.
One day, talking to my mother, we came to the topic, how it is for me, to come from a poor country to a rich country. I must say, I managed pritty good, its easy to get a culture shock also. I knew what I had to expect from earlier travels, coming home to Germany from Turkey, 28 years ago, from Egypt, Marocco or Vietnam, I have some experience to manage this difference in live style and culture…..
Even though the house of my mother is for her style tastefully set up. It is clean and my parents have beautiful furniture and decorations. For me, its just to full. Most people even would not agree with this comment, but I like at least a room, which has to be empty, with space for meditation. Also, even though my parents are not rich people, everything is there, what is needed (and maybe even a bit to much) to have good comfort. So where could it go? Is more to have better?
I said to her ‚More is only to have less‘
What I mean ‚Less is more‘. There is no way to feel more comfortable, by having more. Only by reducing your outer ‚having‘ you will reach a state, where you feel, you have more.

In Germany I

Dear lovely supporting friends,

its my honor to write to you today. I am sitting in a house of my friend Hans, who did recently marry Susanne. I can use the house and the frigde!! The house is in the very south of Denmark (kollund) very close to Flensburg/Germany, the city I lived, before I started the peace walk. Hans and Susanne recently married each other and have this weekend a little honeymoon time in Arhus, a present from there friends. Next weekend, they have another wedding ceremony at the beach here in southern Denmark. A party without alcohol, which I would love to join, but I already did other plans …..

My knee
Its my issue, to take care of my knee at the recovering time in Germany. Already I went to a healing practitioner in the first week in Germany. Its an acupuncture and acupessure practitioner. She helped me earlier, also with this knee about 10 year ago. Since then everything was gone. Even though the issue is now different, I went again for help. But about a week later, I understood from inside, that I have to take care by myself, to do it by myself, this time. But I did not really know how…. Being on my lovely Island Amrum, so beautiful with dunes and big long and wide beaches, I met one evening a couple. After I while we came across the topic ‚knee‘ and they started talking about there knee issues. Both of them had trouble in the past with there knees. I listened carefully to there stories, found out that there knee troubles where different from mine…. but in the end of the conversation, they both told me, that the doctors always say, building up muscles is the most important for a healty knee. That somehow spoke to me and I started immedately to look at my issue from that perspective.
One of my first impulses have been to ban my old sandals. They are already 3 years old and I walked with them around 7.000 km. They have been from tremendous good quality, a present form Tarald, a Norwegian, I met on the way. During the years, they needed some repairs, so they got a heavy extra sole, very stable, but heavy. I walked with these sandals in 7 countries, two times into the high Himalaya, to Kashmir and Ladakh and Spiti Valley. (I did sent the sandals to a friend in Heiligenhaus, Hartmut, who wants to try a auction….) Because of the front area of my feet, which need to extend widely to the side, to feel free and comfortable, I loosened the front tape around the sandal – I hardly get never a shoe or sandal who fits because of that. Until now that was all ok. No knee trouble ever. Maybe because of having that front tape of the sandal so loose, I started to walk a little bit suboptimal – and because of the heavy weight of the sandal I so caused some problem with the knee, or at least supported the trouble with the knee to develope.
I feel/felt in the last month, that my knee was a bit loose. I reported here before about it. I said, my body wants to find a new structure, so thats maybe the reason of this instability and looseness, and it felt really like it. Also I thought about my meditation praxis, that maybe the looseness came form sitting in lotus position to much??? I tried to understand all the possibilities. But sitting in meditation always gives me joy, sometimes in the beginning of a meditation, my knee hurts a bit, after a while it always disappered.
My worries also appeared, not being able to walk anymore. And here I came back to the inner voice, which told me month ago ‚you can also go in summer 2019 to Germany… after you can walk all the rest of the peace walk towards Myanmar in one blog!‘ And I have decided to relay on that voice, have to trust, will trust. So after the summer I will fly back to India and continue walking. My knee will be fine until then.
Finally I started immediately after the ‚knee-talk‘ with that couple to walk only barefeet, to relearn the most healthy way of walking. Walking barefeet you start walking after a while more and more to use the front part of the feet by touching the earth. This has a perfect effect of the muscles in the feet, legs, knees, hips, bud, iliosacral joint, lower spine, and rest of the body. So every day I train now, to walk barefeet and establish more horn skin under my feet. The only ’shoe‘ which I have now, are flip flops in case of very ruff ground or oversensitivity after a lot of walking during the day. And the knee already got better. It feels more stable.

I have arrived….

I arrived in Germany today and surprised my mother and family.

It was a real surprise for everyone.😊😊😊