Dies ist der FriedensPilger-Blog
This is the peace pilgrimage blog

hugging a tree

At the 31.3. Is my 55th birthday.

This year I have a special wish.

Please go and hug a tree, for you, for me, for the tree. In honour and respect for mother nature and this beautiful world.

If you like please let me know where in the world you huged a tree. And also if you like. Please sent a picture.


After 7 days / my biggest challenge

I have had no break day yet. Latest after tomorrow it will come.

I have to walk more km than usually when I walk. It’s again because of Visas. In Iran I get max 3 month Visa. Until the finish of the first 2 month I have to be in Mashad – also for the Afghanistan Visa. From Mashad to the border it’s again around 300km to walk.

But from Tehran to Mashad it’s, I saw a sign, 960km by car.In 54 days. So that’s really hard. And walking is mostly some km more. So for now I walked in 7 days without a break 164 km. If I make a calculation of 7 weeks (some days I leave for whatever in case) I have to do 137 km a week.

The big challenge is to be in mindfulness and presence all the time. This week I got some blisters, what is in normal cases not exceptable. My bones and mussels are hurting so when I get up it looks like a old men is getting up. When i start walking it hurts, after a while its fine, more or less.



I hope to manage with more ease and gliding in presence.

If walking is possible in Afghanistan, it’s the same challenge there. 1500km or more through the country in 3 month.


After 7 days / review

Hi friends,

I do walk now since 7 days towards east. Towards Mashad and the Afghanistan border.

Iranian people are just great. Generous , inviting, hospitality, curious , helpful, ….. Beside the invitation in there houses for sleeping its the little things what makes our world so wonderful. So people stop with there cars just to say hello. But often it’s combined with handing over some nuts, sweets, cake, tea….. it’s so beautiful. I also started more to give away the peace birds on he street, for example when a car stops but also when a situation appears, a eye contact, a smile, whatever else connection. And I did in other unexpected situations. Like kids firering some new years cracks, and I was a bit ‚brrr‘ in the first seconds. Then I turn around, open my bag and give some peace birds to the kids. Sooo nice. I always liked the little gifts to show repect, friendship, hearts… to each other. So here we are.

The nature,especially the montains are so great, now still covert by snow. I enjoy.

Nowruz / New Year is coming at the 21.3. Western or Christian calender. At the start of spring Iran is celebration 1.1.1396. That’s the years since Mohammad.  (Other Muslim direction count 12 moons as a year, so than it’s the year 1436. Everyone is so busy here as some where bitten by bees. When New Years starts there is a 14 days celebration. Most people are not working, some travel. Traditionally the younger people visit the elder once. And then the elder once have to visit the younger. Families are big in Iran so that takes time.

All the nights it was easy to find hosts. In nearly all cases I had just to ask one person and there was already a solution. Sometimes the place is luxury, sometimes simple, sometimes offered by rich or poor people. Today I stay in the prayer room of the Red Crescent.

But last night it was different. I arrived in a village of 50 houses with no-one at home. The reason. It is a mountain village. Some snow was still on the ground. Owners are farmers who only come for the summer season. There where some steps from some days ago in the mud. Some tyre prints. One looked pretty fresh. But was leading nowhere. All houses had high walls and everything was looked. There where only some old stalls half broken and wet inside. I could not go anywhere else, because the next villages where to far away. I imidiadly looked for a solution. I found one house with a concreate terasse which had no wall around. This could give me wind cover. Then I wanted to make a fire. I was not sure, but I had a lighter and even matches with me. I found a old metal 10 liter box for oil. Fixed it so I could use it as the fire box, because i wanted the fire most closely. There was also wood. The electric nod was installed outside so I had even light and a box where I could charge my phone…. everything is everywhere. Also a flexible seat for a donkey was laying around so I did not have to sit on the cold floor. It was a bit diffecult to lit the fire and keep it running, because the wood was a bit wet. And even internet was working, so I connected with Bernd in Califonia. That was also helpful to chat with him. After a long while I found out, only the little tiny sticks where doing a good job. Luckily there where a lot of it. From retreats I know, how long a night can be, and there was no way to think of sleep, because the fire needed a lot of attention. By my surprise, the hours after two went more easy. I found a good rhythm with the fire attention. The half moon came out. And I even managed to rest my whole body on the donkey seat and my backpack, so I had 2 or 3 times a 3min nap. Looking back I think it was a bit miraculously how I managed the whole night. There was no panic from the beginning. Everything calm. I have for urgent occasions also always my mohair underwear T-Shirt, that helped and all together 7 layers. It was around -5 degrees…. In the morning at 6am I felt even fresh and started walking. Later at around 9am I had a wonderful 2 1/2h nap in the sun. I left my ‚host‘ a little letter and some peacebirds in a Nivea box…… 😊😊😊



the Koan developes

Step by step

Breath by breath

Gliding in Presence


My host from the first two nights didn’t miss a chance to show there generosity. I got a new bag for my singing bell, orientalic fabric to sew my trouser, dates, nuts, raisins, two covers, and even some money.

See more at instagram schmockelthomasheinrich

towards east


Yesterday, on the last evening in Tehran. It was quite magic. Just before sunset suddenly the air went so clear. The view was free to all the 4000th mountains at the north of Tehran.  Covered with snow. So beautiful.

Directly after sunset the full moon appeared in the east. The air was so clean and fresh. The 400m tv tower stood out with some sparkling light.

A calmness was in the air even so all this traffic was beside of me.

Today I started walking east. This a big challenge not only because of the length of distance until Mashad, I saw a sign today saying 960!!!!km. But also because most of the way will be along highways or other crowded streets. And I have to be in Mashad until 6th of May, because of Visa prolonging again.

I said to Bernd yesterday on the phone, this time I don’t want only to walk, I want to ‚glide‘. Continue reading towards east


Dear friends.

Yesterday I had a beautiful day with my lovely friend Reza here in Tehran. We went to Kings Palace, and a beautiful modern „nature“ bridge. Finally we went for a nice dinner to a cosy little restaurant. I know Reza from volunteering on Lesbos in Greece, where we shared a room together. It’s always special to meet a beautiful somehow related soul.

Sadly we won’t have a lot of time together here because I have to start walking – very probably on Monday morning . It’s a long way to Mashad – 887km by car says my route planer for a car. So this needs to be done in 54 days. That’s the time, when my Visa for Iran needs to be prolonged for another month. Also in Mashad.

Today I was able to get the 2month Visa approval for Iran already. Visa for Afghanistan can be done also in Mashad.

This is again a challenge. With all the km and time frame. Not to be or feel in a hurry. Continually enjoying all the happy moments, flowing and gliding in peace and harmony from place to place in the here and now.

Let peace continually grow on our planet, starting again and again in our hearts.

Love peace happiness




First days in Iran

Hi friends,

Very exhausted I arrived in Iran. After some days of lots of sleeping I feel much better now.

I stayed with Mohammadreza from Qazvin and I met already so many amazing people in the beautiful and old city of Qazvin. It’s a blessing to be with Iranians.

Today I reach Tehran. Meeting my friend Reza there. After seeing the Iranian Tourist Police for my Iranian Visa, checking out the embassy of Afghanistan and the embassy of the following country I plan to start walking on the next week.

Internet works here, but slower. Facebook and facebook messenger is not working regularly. Communication works good on my phone +98 937 6105335 sms and so on.

Whatsapp is also working fine. You reach my whatsapp account at +30 698 0654542.

Also I can’t follow Moojis teachings here anymore. Www.Mooji.org

Big hugs to you all. Blessings.


midnight at the airport and a healing for the Valley of Peace

It’s time to say good bye to Jordan.

The final weekend was crowned with a workshop I was giving. Harmonic singing and Sound healing.

Surprisingly also a healing for the farm took place, ever though we were not there and it was not our or my intention to do so. It just happened. And that feels soo good. I am grateful for that. All the time at the farm, there was a big questionmark around: What needs to be done on the farm….. on a spiritual level and how….. and there was no solution. I am grateful now. Thanks to the supreme for this grace.

I am sure now, after this healing session, more activities will happen there, which have more to do, what should happen there, what the place is chosen for.

All the healing has to do with a creation of space on a deep level. Little bit hard to discripe in words.




The last week in Jordan

Hallo dear friends.

Finally I got my Visa. Soon after I booked my flight. But, like you maybe know from the blog (22.2.) it was again a try first. So again on the online platform, where I tried to book it, with every try it said: Sorry, this flight is already full, so I tried the next option, the same…..
Finally I went to a travel agency, finishing this game. Being there I realised, I did not have my credit card with me, so I had to pick up the money from a bank. And again a new game started. The first 4 banks did not accept my bank card…..????? Finally at the fifth bank it was no problem.

I watched Mooji`s (www.mooji.org or on facebook `mooji`) teachings every morning by live broadcast and its a  blessing to do so. The joy and happiness hearing and singing the mantras and listening the question and answer teachings. While unterstanding the teachings reaching the zero state, where you not attached to anything. Not being attached to anything does bring the question up: Am I still right with the decision to continue walk, to continue to do the peace walk…?
And thats what help me going through the booking the flight experiences. I was at ease with the happenings that all the flights who were offerd, were „full“. I was able to prove and to come back to that ease love bliss silent zero state, to again and again find out, yeah, its the right decision, conclusion, to book the flight. Knowing that any decision I take, being in this stage of being, is somehow the right decision – and also finding out, its good to fly to Tehran and continue the peace walk.
Being at the travel agency realising, oh I do not have my credit card with me, … ok I get the money with my bank card…. being rejected 4 times by different banks at the ATM bankmashines, gave me the chance again and again, to feel, to come back to the zero, blissful, calmness, silent state. If maybe doubting a bit from the mind, is it really the right decision?, also coming back to the silent state, feeling, there is no anger rising up, yes it is the right decision. Nearly being with a kind of homorous feeling, going from bank to bank mashine…..

So the flight is booked. Because of saving precious given money I had to choose a flight going from Amman/Jordan through Athens/Greece to come to Tehran/Iran. Smile. Its about 270 Euros. I have to fly 2 times at night, and have a overday stay in Athens. Smile. Arriving at 3.30h in the morning at the 6th of march at my destination.
Gives me to take the unwilling option to visit Athens and being again back to Europe for a little bit of time.

Hideyuki, my japanese friend in Amman, working at Unicef, is my host here. Thanks to him and his generosity, I am all the time invited to stay at his home when I am in the city. I even have a key to his appartment. When I am in the Valley of Peace or now called „Children of the Valley“ Mohammad is always the inviting host. At his beautiful location you can see Jericho and East Jerusalem.
In the end of my journey the tendency is a bit more, to be in Amman, I find more and more people here, with whom I feel connected. It was a bit of diffecult for me in Amman, to find also more the „inner Amman“.
So I went last Thursday to a „Chanting“ event. Friday evening to a „OM“ chanting. Directly after the event, Majid, the host of the chanting, invited me, to give a course for Hormonic Singing and Sound healing at the ChiCenter (Yoga studio) on my last weekend, so thats Friday and Saturday. Surprise. Quickly we organized within 24h all the outer things, text, times, facebook, so we will see what happens in 3 days.
Suddenly this mornig there is also a request from the „Children of the Valley“ to have another Toning session there. Dont know how to respond to that…. Maybe after the course, getting to the farm, Toning session, getting to the airport directly after????……

Anyway. I met 2 days ago in a cafe Ima from Dresden/Germany, who knew a men from France, who walked with me/us in 2012 and 2013 in Austria, Hungary, Romania, Turkey.
Someone else, Nadir, offered me to come to his Yoga class today….
Through that the city becomes nicer and nicer, and I would definitely get a bicycle, if I would life here, even it is here and there quite hilly. But walking all the kilometers through the city also trained me somehow to get ready to the peace walk.
The last days the sun gets warmer, not only on the farm in the valley -350m sea level, also in Amman on 800m sea level, so you could already sit in the shade outside during the day.

Blessings to all of you