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This is the peace pilgrimage blog

A Formula for a healthy life and world.

Its something to comtemplate and meditate on!

Keep the elements clean!!!

Inside and outside!!!

It Is inside

Actually I wanted only to greet and sent a blessing to all the Moslems, who start the Ramadan these days….. But a whole article arose:

The big misunderstanding between the religions

All the religions teach in there essence the same.

Love and Peace – Nothing else

And in our deep essence we all search for That

It is our nature.

If we are not connected with the essence in it’s most natural form, we try to get there from a stage, in which we not know the truth.

Because of that, we need a label for that essence, we call It Allah, God, Jahwe….

Between the monoistic religions and the ’non-monotoistic‘ religions, there is the next misunderstanding, because monoistic religions believe, that ’non-monoistic religions pray to a lot of Gods. 

Also lots of followers believe, that there (own) God is the only one.

In fact there is only one essence with different names, such as Allah, God, Jahwe …

In the non-monoteistic religions people like to pray and offer to different ‚gods‘, or it seems, that people pray to statures or images….

If we look deeple from another angle, we see, that we all do the same. Only our mind misinterpretes.

When we understand, that the essence is INSIDE, closest to each and everyone, in our hearts, and that the essence and truth is grounded there, we maid understand with some deep looking, that the goal to reach, is in us.

The essence, unfolded in us, understands, that all people do the same. 


Moslems have to understand, Allah is inside, and it’s the higher Me! – the ‚Allah-Self‘

Christians have to understand, God is inside, and it’s higher Me! – the ‚God-Self‘

Juish have to understand, Jahwe is inside, and it’s higher Me! – the ‚Jahwe-Self‘

The person has to vanish and the ‚essence-self‘, the higher Me has to overtake.

In Buddhism people honor Buddha, often to bring offerings, but Buddha is not Allah or God, Buddha reached the ‚essence‘ and embodied it. That’s the reason people honor Buddha.

In Hinduism people honor for example Krishna, Shiva, Vishnu…. but Krishna, Shiva, Vishnu… are not Allah or God. Krishna, Shiva, Vishnu reached the ‚essence‘ and embodied it.


When we understand, that the essence is in us, in each and everyone, we are connected with each and everyone….. no matter what relegion or believe. ….

So, when you are a Moslem, every time you bow down, you have to put your person down. Praying towards Mekka is your reminder, that Mohammad reached the goal and was one with the essence. Every time you get up, you have to get up and let the ‚Allah-Self‘ or ‚essence-self‘ arise in you.

When you are a Christian, every time you pray – or better bow down – you have to put your person down. Praying with Jesus is your reminder, that Jesus reached the goal and was one with the essence. Every time you get up, you have to get up and let the ‚God-Self‘, ‚Christ-consciousness‘ or ‚essence-self‘ arise in you.

When you are a Jew, every time you pray – or better bow down – you have to put your person down. Praying you know, that Abraham and Moses reached the goal and were one with the essence. Every time you get up, you have to get up and let the ‚Jahwe-self‘ or ‚essence-self‘ arise in you.

When you are a Buddhist, every time you bow down, you have to put your person down. Praying you know, that Buddha reached the goal and was one with the essence. Every time you get up, you have to get up and let the ‚Buddha-nature‘ or ‚essence-self‘ arise in you.

If you are Hindu, every time you bow down, you have to put your person down. Praying you know, that Krishna, Shiva, Visnu…. have reached the goal and were one with the essence. Every time you get up, you have to get up and let the ‚essence-self‘ arise in you.

The Essence is in accordance to all universal laws (or nature laws) which are written down in all the holy scriptures. Acting towards universal laws, you can also active the essence.

Being one as the’essence-self‘ you will understand and experience the universal laws and most happy to follow them. Because that is also out universal nature.

With best blessings




7 years Germany to Nepal

Dear friends,

It’s steppps birthday time.

Two days ago, on the 28th of April, steppps had anniversary!!!!

7 years of walking from Germany to Nepal!!!!!

20.000 km are walked!!!!!

16 country’s are crossed!!!!!

Another 2-4000 km are coming. 1-3 more countries.  Depends on the route.


Together with the project before, to walk in and around Germany and to all neighbour countries from 2007 – 2011

Steppps Peace Walk has walked with lots of good friends

More than 27.000 km

In 25 countries!!!!


Thanks to all the support; thanks to you, for walking together, thanks for opening your house, and feeding us, thanks for any further food support, thanks for guidance and financial support, thanks for all love support, and all the good wishes and blessings, thanks for all your interests and good thoughts….

It’s just impossible, to thank everyone, but my hugs are going to everyone …. and my bowings also to everyone….

With big gratitude I express also big thanks to all the help from Universe, God, the Supreme, the Absolute. … and to and through inner guidance….

And I know, there was and is still more to thank to all the unknown helpers, visible or invisible …..

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!!!!!!

Lots of Love




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Whatsapp +30 6980654542

Letting go

Here in Lumbini I am again close to the school of Varun. From the last money collecting I gave him the rest of the donations, 200€, about 2 weeks ago. It’s for a sound system.

When I thought about the school, still being in India in beginning of March, I witnessed a calm little voice from the center of my heart ‚Thomas, you don’t have to do that!’…. In the beginning it made me bit sad, because I had the idea to help the school a bit longer…., but I love to follow the voice of my heart and after some contemplation I realised, even loving to support, I also feel, it takes some energy of me …. and in this intense times I need a lot energy to diguest all the inner transformation processes and so on. Also a beautiful feeling of freedom arose, letting go of creating more responsibilities ….. In a conversation with Varun he was totally accepting and understanding.

Letting go also does not mean, I never again collect some money for the school or help to transport some new ideas or get involved in some other activities, but it means, not to be fixed to the next steppps. So, for now, there is no further step planed. If something will rise up later on, I will see, what to do then.

Here and then I announced, what I maid do or build after the peace walk. I mentioned a Stupa, Vipassana centeres in different places and even a Light (silent) Temple and so on. These all I also let go. There is no reason, that I have to carry on these responsibilities during the next two years. For now, I totally let go of the idea, that I have to do that after the walk. If it arises later on again…. ok, then I will see, but for now, all further plans for the time after the walk are dropped. Letting go helps me to be in the presence and awareness.

And with this one, I am not 100% sure yet, but it goes in this direction: letting go of the titel ‚peace walk‘. I tend in the direction, just to continue the journey by walking in awareness without having a title (for the walk) anymore.

These changes are already a product do the inner structure change, even not being 100% aware of the result, how my system feels, after the inner process is completed. But this far I can already see.

Freedom in and with Awareness

Love and happiness for all of you for Easter and anyway




Since 20 days in Lumbini/Nepal

Dear friends,

Since 20 days I am already in Lumbini/Nepal. I stay in the guest house of the Korean Temple, have even a single room here with fan and a mosquito net. The weather is mostly sunny with temperatures with 30+ degrees.

Since 20 days I think of writing to you, friends, who follow the blog, but most to you friends, who support me in what ever ways, by thoughts, prayers, walking somewhere where you are, or even donating money, or on other ways…. And I just can’t start writing. I don’t find a way to start, and so many things, which happend to me…. I even don’t know how to discripe them, because,  if I discripe, I also want, that you can understand…..

So I start with writing what is happening in the more ‚outside world‘.

From Rishikesh I walked 301 km to the Nepali border close to Mahendranagar. It was difficult due to do it in 16 days, because the Visa of India came to an end. Exept of 3 nights I had no mosquito net, so every time I finished up my walk in the evening, that’s exactly the time, when mosquitoes got hungry…. So there was not really a break for relaxation…

On my birthday, I ‚enjoyed‘ a 15h ride by bus on lots of broken roads. So it was a shaking experience. … and arrived totally exhaused at night here in Lumbini (in November/ December I walked between Mahendranagar and Lumbini). A perfect place to relax… a 4 by 1.5km big area without traffic at the world heritage of Buddha’s birth place. Lots of Temples out of different Buddhist traditions, sponsored by various counties, are situated here.

In my ‚luggage‘ to diguest I brought experiences from 3 Vipassana retreats within two month (mid December ’18 to mid February ’19 – all together 40 days of silent sitting) and a month of sitting in Satsang with Mooji in Rishikesh (www.mooji.org) directly after all the Vipassana retreats, and the 300 km walk with lots of difficulties.

And as often, as also to this time, I did not know, that I carried that much ‚diguesting luggage‘ with me. Already I wanted to be again on the road… but not this time yet.

In my body, mind and spiritual body, there is a lot going on, maybe easiest to discripe as a ’structure‘ change inside, which I don’t know, how to discripe. This is partly connected with some pain, just as much, that I don’t have to cry out loudly…. I am grateful, to say, that Univers, God, the Supreme, the It, Awareness…. (means all the same) is taking care of a beautiful transformation,  that is and will be, but in the moment I still in this kind of partly painful transmission stage… I don’t have a clue, how long this will continue. The only chance is to go through it in blissful awareness…. This change is so strong, that it affects naturally me the inner ’structure‘ of my body and mind, with sometimes doubts of „do I get ill? I have some kind of disease? What is going on?“ And so on. But also strongly knowing, I am in goods hands, I am in hands of the Absolute, everything is in a good way! This I know surely. And writing this, I know, this is so true and right, I am even moved by this knowing!!!….

It’s a process and I have to have patients in the awareness…..

My friends, you are strongly loved and embraced!!!



Good news

If you read my blog regularly, you maid remember, that I have some serious allergy issues since a while.

But recently some of the allergies dissapeared. For example I can eat here and then again wheat. Means bread, pizza, etc.

I am still careful, because my stomach is still very sensitive, but I think, it’s a good sign.

.. ..

14.3.2019 short update

Dear friends,

This year is rushing…. puh. …

Nevertheless, I can say, that I had beautiful opportunites…. to grow….

I joined a 20 day Vipassana retreat in Jaipur/Rajasthan and now I finished visiting 4 weeks Satsang with Mooji www.mooji.org in Rishikesh at the Ganga.

Reports about this events follow later. It’s not, that I have been lazy, it’s because, some of it, needs still to be diguested….

Until now I can say. The „motto, poem“ of the peace walk has changed again, by better understanding.


step by step – breath by breath – in the moment – always present

It dewelopes into

Step by step – breath by breath – in the moment – presence – awareness


From tomorrow – 15.3. – I continue walking. There is a gap of 700 km to walk between Shimla in the Himalayas and the Nepali border – Mahendranagar. Because of Visa issues I only have 16 days left in India. So I try to reach the border from half way (of the gap) starting in Rishikesh. But not sure, if I can do the 320 km in just 16 days. Will see.

Hugs to you all


Letter to Varun (and his school)

Dear Principal Varun, teachers and parents!!!

Suddenly and surprisingly, you and the  school appeared into my live a month ago….

Still not knowing how many steppps I will take with you and your school, I will take at least some more of the steppps, to give some ideas and to collect some more money ….. 

In some of my meditations the school was present…. and here is the results…. to think of, to discuss about…..

What to do    A) now or as quick as possible    B) within the next 5 month     C) Future, to realize within 5 years or so

A) now or as quick as possible

Making more space and bring dignity, for the whole school but especially for every kid. You have four classes each 50 kids on a small area. It’s nearly a impossible task to give quality teaching in such a narrow place. So for now it could be a solution, to leave two of the classes in your building. And teach two classes on other places, such in front of the school or on top of the school. Beside the school your grandmother and other relatives are living. Is it not possible to move them to another area, so the school can benefit from that space?

Some simple shade preparations can be done for the next month in top and in front of the building.

I advise you to take the student fees in advance, at the beginning of the month, instead of taking them in the end of the month. The parents need to know, that they have to pay the fees in time, so teaching them and being awareness is a key step.

It would be good to have a sound system, for the morning ceremony, parent gatherings, guided meditation….

B) within the next five month

Making a plan for more space…. for example buying land and building mud houses. Mud houses are cheap, easy to build, maybe with some voluntary help of parents. Mud houses are also cosy. The mud takes some of the sound away. Every class could have a mud house and therefore a nice time to study. Between every mud house should be enough space, so sound does not interact with another class. Every mud house can be painted or decorated by every class… and maybe the mud houses are anyway a good solution for later on.

So the’now-school-building‘ becomes more the entrance area, maybe with some offices for principal and teachers, as well as store rooms and later computer classes…..

The number of students in every class has to be reduced from 50 to 25 or so.

C) Future, to realize within 5 years or so

Building a new school. Maybe the mud houses are anyway a good solution and a more solid building can complete the whole infrastructure.

Further suggestions (1)

1.) If you want a school, where all the kids learn and speak a good English, all teachers need to be able, to speak English. Every teacher new employed should be speak English fluently (or another language beside Hindi and Nepali, for example Chinese  (it’s your neighbor country)). All the teachers present now, have to study english.

2) Parents maid start volunteering at school, for example by help building the mud houses, bringing ideas and realising them, organize festivities and excursions….

3) Inventing meditation. You first and all the teachers should/must see a Vipassana retreat. Maybe even once a year. This will help each of them, to understand themself better, but increase compassion, atmosphere and non-violence at the school.    After you have done the first course, the kids should join a free-cost meditation day at one of the Vipassana centers, for example Lumbini. (This is just one point of my suggestions but so very very important to me and will have a lot of benefits for the whole school and everyone in it….!!!!!!) Here you slowly slowly can even convince the parents to join a Vipassana retreat.

4) there are also other non-violence trainings avaible, to find out, if needed or teachers are not open to join a Vipassana retreat. But the clapping kids at school needs to come to an end!!!!


Further suggestions  (2)

As I am a peace walker, I believe, that a good education can not be done, only by teaching normal subjects, to make the kids fit for working in the society. But it must include to open concioussness and awareness in every kid to Love, Peace and Happiness. It must include the understanding of every kid, that we life not on in countries, but on one planet we share together, the humans, animals, plants and minerals. And we have to take care of this beautiful planet in all aspects.

a) meditation as discribed earlier

b) environment teachings…..

this can include tree planting. Every kid should plant a tree every year. It should grow and plant the tree, and take care of it… at least as it is in the school!!……

a awareness should be tought about rubbish reducing, recycling and how to make the region better for that. How to reduce pollution and smog and how can they be a part of it.

c) making aware, in a practical way, that we live on one planet

For example exchanging crane peace birds with other schools/classes around the world every year at World Peace Day, 21.9.

For example inviting from time to time people from diffent parts of the world, to teach wider awareness, such as www.wiu.org This is to the same time an art project.

d) every year there should be one day of teaching human rights, as given by UN

e) art should be tought, such as music, paintings, theater, any other art or supporting creativity

f) religion teaching, what is the best in every religion the world has to offer?

g) the school should have a Facebook and or a web side, where students can report about these activities, to bring knowledge to the outside, state, country and worldwide

h) a video or photo group can help to create reports or little 2 minute films. ..

i) a playground should avaible or be build

j) evening courses for adults can be invented


All this ideas can become a example for every school around. Maybe even your students can go around to other schools to teach them, what they learned and made happen. Education should set a goal that your students can invent new and better solutions for the future…. always in the awareness, that there can be international exchange on whatever level


My next steppps. I like to collect money for a good quality sound system, so we can buy it latest in the end of March quality loudspeakers, microphones, and a system, possibility to use for morning meditations. What do you think it would cost?

With Love and blessings



New year has started

Dear friends,

Lots to report. But I do not have the time and space to do so. So many things are happening. So I keep that for later.

I am good. But had also a accident with a bus. I was walking on the left side, when I was hit by a big bus, he had to turn away from a car on the other line. The bus driver choosed to hit me instead. I was pushed forward, my whole back and head where hit by the bus (back was kind of polstered by my empty backpack). All happend on the 29th of December in Lumbini. First I thought the bus driver will continue driving, because after the hit he two times continued to move the bus. But it was only to park the bus safe. Depak, the bus drivers, came to me. After a while I decided, not to see the hospital. Body was good from outside. But I was not sure, if I got a concussion – anyway I cured it with a meditation. I felt a deep release during that 1 hour meditation especially in my neck area. But surprisingly my right shoulder in the front area was effected, a pulling. The way to the hospital was to long, about 22km and over a bumpy road. That would not been good in that stage. Depak was worried and we communicated on whatsapp later that evening to calm him down and to respond to his guilty feelings and care taking energy. I told him ‚ Seems that we had to meet, and there was proparbly no other way….‘ It’s ok, I will manage, but never hit a human anymore, please…‘ and now I have a new friend in Kathmandu and a invitation there….  The shoulder hurts still a bit, but I can make most movements now. A pulling always takes time, so I guess in 2 or 3 weeks everything will be supergood.

The next day I went to Varun’s school, to bring him the collected money 440€ and 50 US $ to help with the most needed. He asked me, for what I wish to use it: ‚I want more dignity for the school kids, they have even not enough space on the poor benches and tables in a much to small room, how can you learn like this? – And how to manage the sound of nearly 200 kids in a kind of garage or little storehouse with having only half walls in between the classes of 50 each?….‘ ‚And I want you, Varun, to attend a Vipassana retreat and after to bring the children there, to learn a 10 min Meditation routine for every day…‘

Since I left the Vipassana retreat at the 26th of December I found no space to relax. I also collected money from you and on Facebook to sponsor 85 new quilt covers for that center. They just did not have. From some of the old (20) covers with big holes in it, we designed some sponges to clean the bathrooms – a tailor was willing to take this project for 200 sponges for just 12€. Anyway, all the money came together. Not a single Euro to much or to little. Thanks for the doners.  

With this two donation projects, the bus accident, and the non-time reflection or afterglow the retreat…. and the understanding, that the school needs much more attention, I senced, ‚oh I don’t get a rest here…‘ I have to get some more Distance ….also to see, if I want and can get more involved with the school…. There is so much to do, to lift up the quality…. and I guess, Varun and his young teacher team, who want to establish better education in the poor environment will attrack even more kids…..  Am I able to give guidance and support?…. is that project to big ?….

So, short decided I went away from Lumbini, into India, to attend another 10 day retreat in Kushinagar (Buddha left his body there)… actually, when I arrived, I learned I have to serve the course….

About the experiences in the Vipassana retreats I will report later.

Now, I am in Jaipur. Here I will attend again a Vipassana retreat, but this time for 20 days (20.1.-10.2.).

To get here by train took me unexpected through Lucknow, where I was invited by Tabish, to stay with his student colleges at the very well known Drama school. After a silent time its somehow overwhelming to meet so many new people, but these artists already cultivated some space inside, so when I really needed time for myself, it was totally accepted.

Hugs to you all

with love 




(Sorry. I could uploud it only today, 27.12.18)

I have arrived in Lumbini. Lumbuni is the birth place of Buddha. After 1985 this area was developed into a sight, where lots of monasteries settled around here. An UN General Secretary had the idea to this plan. Lots of countries sponored monasteries from different Buddhist traditions to build here temples in this area. Also a world peace conference center and a peace stupa is established.
I stay since 3 days in the Korean monestary, who has a large guest house. The little fee of 4.50$ includes 3 very good vegetarian meals, and guests are welcomed to use the temple for meditation and attend the morning and evening ceremonies. The guesthouse is simple but very clear mindful organized. To me it seems, that everyone who comes here, is after a while embraced by mindfulness and calms down. Just beautiful.

The walk until here, the last 160 km, where again a little taff at some areas. My right knee caught my attention here and then. There was suddenly pain again. Then it was gone and later it arised again. I clearly felt, that the pain is a momentary thing, but in between doubts arose ‚maybe there is a damage?…‘ In fact I still feel it’s a blocked meridian and I could, for example, find out and locate the end of this energy line at my right toe beside the little one. There I could clearly see-feel the blocked energy.

Enjoyable was a lot the intact jungle forest. It’s just so beautiful and relaxing to walk along, beside or through an area which radiates freshness and offes the healing atmosphere of ’nature in order‘. The forest strech was around 100 km long with some villages in between. Here and there you could find signs that partly are elephants,  rhinos, monkeys or even tigers are present.

Coming to Kalapivastu I learned, that the palace of Buddha’s parents are just close by. Buddha lived here 29 years/ before his enlightenment. Bric stone fundaments are still to see. It is said, that on the foundation they builded the palace as mud houses. I nice guy brought me there on his motor cycle to kindly guide me around.

Earlier, close to Imiliya, I met Santoosh. He is around 25, visited some Vipassana retreats and is now establishing a farm in the area, where he wants to employ people. He wants to bring healthy life to them and there family. Every person he employs has to do soon or later a Vipassana retreat. Santoosh has a clear vision what to bring to his area. Nice.

Just a day before I arrived to Lumbini I came to a crossroad. My maps.me app did not show me any village there, but I guessed to find a bigger village, because five ways where gathering. But, actually I found only a few houses, but super simple. On one side it looked a bit like a bigger garage, very super simple. I got some more clothes on, figuring out where to go for the night. Meanwhile I was surrounded by lots of kids, being curious what a white man does here. While still investigating where to find a place to stay I saw a village close by. Ok. That maid be a possibility. While closing my backpack Varun, 26, arrived. The typical questions came up ‚I am looking for a place to stay for the night‘ and surprisingly he mentioned, that I can stay in his school. Aha, one of these ‚garages‘ is a school. Varun founded this school three years ago with the intention to bring better education to the poor area and to improve the English skills. He himself is one of 10 siblings, who all got a good education. His father is also a teacher and somehow managed to finance the studies of the 6 girls and 4 boys. I also get to know his grandmother, who lives in a part of this ‚garages‘ area. The family invites me for a meal in the near by houses, but Varun, me and his brother will sleep in the school. On a plastic, to protect from the dust (the school does not have a floor yet), a isolaton mat as we use in a tent, and a blanket. He sleeps always there.
I already feel that I want to help Varun and he shows me around everywhere. Nothing is ready here, between the classrooms is just a half wall, so the sound gets from all the five classes with 150 kids to everywhere.

On top of the building he started a room for himself, and wants to build more classrooms in the first floor.
Some 46 more students study English in afternoon classes.
Every student pays only a very little fee, where he has to pay the teachers and construction and so on from. If someone can’t pay they ‚just have to tell him‘
I like him and his energy, his intention, visions and overview.
He is also responsible to give mini-credits from the world bank to people, who start there small businesses. And he is involved in some other projects.

After arriving to Lumbini I diguest and contemplate, finally decide to support the school. I have done good fotos in the morning and put everything on Facebook, instagram and this page to hopefully attract some people to help him, the kids and the area. I am not 100% sure, but it is possible, that I stick with this project. Let’s see how it developes. And also I will come to the area several times in the next 2 years because of renewing my Visa etc. So that’s perfect too.
See the article before.

I will join a Vipassana retreat from today on until the 26th of December. I hope to find some more donations for ‚Varuns school‘ (2 donation already arrived, juppie) so that I can bring him some money before New Year. This is my Christmas wish for this year.

Have a wonderful Christmas time who celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth.
Blessing, Love and Light

(Who wants to donate to the school can still do so, I will be always come to this area again and again…. kind of crossroad)