Dies ist der FriedensPilger-Blog
This is the peace pilgrimage blog


Dear friends,

I have tremendously much to report. And I don’t find the space for it.

There is this big need for space, where you meet in respect and dignity. There is this need of space while meeting people and hosts. 

There is the contrast from nature with so much space and greatness. And narrow roads and places. Poorness and indignity.

I am already in Kargil at the crossroad to Zansgar and Leh. In the morning I had to leave a room (I had a invitation for another night), owned by 2 brother students. I really like them, but I could not stay. All the room is full of fungus, from cooking in it and not airing the space. Here and there a cigarette, let my fly out of there in the early morning.

Looking for some space to arrive in the morning, I went down to the river. Beautiful stones and big trees looked inviting at the river bank. But a stream on grey water was flowing in there too. I went a bit further down, and I found out, this is the city toilett. At the other side of the river also a nice shadowy area. But no way to get into…..

A city who lives from the beauty of the nature is not able to enjoy….. it





Dear friends,

I finally arrived in Srinagar in Kashmir in north India.

From here I will start walking to Leh in Ladakh and then south to Manali. There are very high passes to cross. The highest is 5.300m.

On the way I can only use internet, when there is WIFI provided in some places. So maybe very little blog or other communication possible.

A new situation. All my money is gone. First time in 5 years and 3 1/2 month I had to ask my sister to lent me some money. Anyway. Its amasing how much money you where sending me to solve all the issues in Afghanistan. I am soooo greatful for that.

I only slowly understand that I arrived in India and Kashmir. I was so so so exhausted after Afghanistan and the travel journeys. Slowly coming back to myself.

Hugs to you all.



Next destination India!!!!

My Afghanistan Visa could not been extended.

I could not get a Pakistan Visa.

So, on Saturday, 5th of August I arrive to India.


Nazeer Karimzai

One day, Mr Karimzai ask me, what I think of his son Nazeer. I say: I think he is an Angel….

Nazeer is the youngest of the house.  His father, 72 and mother 69. The youngest son of a house has a lot of responsibilities. For example serving the guests. And here are always guests, so every day a lot of extra work. I also understand that the youngest son is responsible for needs and help for his old parents.

He is one of the guys who want to study and live and work outside of Afghanistan. 

First towards his family situation. He has two brothers and 5 sisters. Two of his sisters are married in Australia and Canada. Another sister plans to marry an Afghanian man in Germany. Nazeer is 32 times uncle and has 21 cousins.

His oldest brother is computer specialist and won 3 or 4 times the Asian computer Olympics and is the computer expert in Afghanistan. Workes for the Afghanian Government.

Nazeer is since 1 1/2 years English and computer teacher at a privat afternoon and evening school, run by lots of young people. He is offering his service until now for free. He totally loves it. He wants to study computer science and would love to do that in Germany

He is one of 100 young or other people who ask me to help him to go to Germany. I don’t have any financial background to do so, and I am anyway not in the next future in Germany. And I don’t know how that could be done anyway.

If someone has an idea, how to help him or give him advise where to look for advise, please contact him at:

Email: karimzai99@gmail.com

Whatapp: +93 78 681 5712

Maybe one of you can help him to study in Germany.


I think we need a real legal immigration programm integrating study possibilities and stipendia. To influence equal rights, students should be only allowed, when boys and girls come in same numbers.

in Mr Karimzai’s guest house II

What else happend during my stay:

Nisar, 37, is one of the sons of Mr Karimzai, works at the ministry of high education. He is father of 8 kids. When his first kid was born, he had a little hole in his heart. With four month he died. Then 3 girls followed. Another 3 boys. So the last girl is born just 3 month ago and again diagnosed, during my stay here, with a hole in the heart. Nisar has also a heart disease. The daughter has now to be operated as soon as possible. The operation can be done only in India or Pakistan and cost around 6.000 $.  Together with flight costs and so on and a 3 weeks stay for mother and daughter he calculates with 8.000 $.  He was able to get 5.000 $ from a friend, trying to organize the rest somehow.  Not so easy in a poor country with a income of 200 or 250$ monthly if there are lucky. Lucky coincidence. Nisar is now for 6 weeks anyway in Delhi, buisiness trip.

Nisar is also a founder of a little peace organisation. The name is ORPS and located in front of his home. The office is fully equipped but still need a real activity. Nisar is looking for the right start energy. One of his ideas is to support women, what is so needed in this country, but so super difficult to establish. I spoke earlier with Dill, the girl who helped me to organize a place to stay. She was working at a womens right NGO, but had to leave because she was threatend.  Nisar asked me if I would know some women, who maid help in this, and I knew some, all the once who walked with me and especially Verena from Leipzig/Heidelberg (I know her from Armenia). But who can do this job allone here? This is only possible in a team and needs so much patients……. Anyway. Who is interested can contact at www.orps.org.af   (Nisar Karimzai)

One day one of the guest here told me a story. He himself is here, because of some family issues, which could not been solved since 3 years. His name is Pobad. One day I came with a box of dates he and offered them around. So he told the story. He was one day in the mountains around with his car, when there was a (Taliban-attack) He was running into the mountains. The only thing he carried was a box of dates. These dates are so nourishing, he said. He devided the box in 5 portions and stayed for 5 days away from any road there. Hiding. Every day he had his portion, but not water at all. After 5 days he came down again and drank some water from his cooler. There was no other water….. But he survived. He by himself was also once injured, but not that time.

Lots of people have stories here about being  hit by a bullet or so. The cook in the hostel, where I stayed before is one of them.. …..

Some days ago I went for a visit back to the Royal Hostel. I had a nice chat with Attel. Later we went also to a wedding party. Men and women celebrate separate and most people are so bored. We could witness a nice trible dance, would have loved to join in, but it looked a bit difficult. So we waited with 600 other men for the dinner. The women celebrated in the other hall. Even to see the bride we could not, only the groom. That’s not allowed…….

Another time I saw Davood at the hostel. He gave me really a relaxing time, I wasn’t in a good mood. After a little chat he wanted to see my Facebook posts. After nothing new, we went to watch his post on his phone. Here and there he had some girl fotos popping up. Some of them were half naked, the others covered and with hijab. All the covered once he liked, for all the other once he had a comment: ‚dangerous‘. Sometimes he pointed to the but ‚dangeroues‘, to the breast ‚dangerous‘ or to the open hair ‚dangerous‘. It amused me to much. We both laught a lot. I was really recovered after seeing him. So good. Thanks Davood.

One evening I saw by chance a video from Osho. I never see videos from Osho, I follow more, as you maybe now, www.mooji.org But somehow I pushed ‚play‘. Obviously some questioner has ask a question, but you could not see the person and Osho was replying. He said, it’s good when you come to a stage, where there are no questions anymore. And that somehow resonated so deep in myself: yes I have this place in me, and there are no questions arising anymore, no need for any further question……. I started crying. ….. emptiness of questions, emptiness…….

In Mr. Karimzai’s guest house

Dear friends,

here is my next chapter in Kabul/Afghanistan.

Ahmad did not show up. I went down to the reception to look for him. But his college has the only answer to me, that he comes in the evening. My mouth is open, I can’t believe, he promised to bring me to his uncle’s place in the morning. At around 6pm I went down again, Ahmad was there, he arrived at 4pm and did not call, as promised, when he arrived…… and tells me now, that we move the other day….. hä….???

Next morning again nothing happend, I am „walking“ up and down in my little hot room….. I feel I have to do something…… I sit down in meditation seat for a while, Nasim calls…. on my display I see „Nasim room“ that’s the way I remember people better, name and something how we met or other ‚marks‘. I can come he says, and mentioned, that his brother moved out, so he has the full space for himself….. I pack my things and again down, still hoping that Mr Karimzai arrived. Anyway…. 2 hours passed by, he did not show up and I leave the hotel. Waking to Nasim. After some help of people on street I find him. We are walking to his room. He also stays in a very full student hostel and had a little area for hisself, protected with a self installed door in front. The room is 2,5×2,5m big or a little bit smaller. ….????…. in the hall every room group has a gas heater to prepare meals and a improvised half a quare meter ‚kitchen“. Anyway we have a nice day together incl a time in a nearby park….. his cousin comes in the evening to stay for the night…..and at the end of the day I walk back to the hotel. 

Next morning Ahmad is there. Yes he has to ask Mr Karimzai if I can come to his guest house, today. I walk with Ahmad through the old city of clay houses to find him…. in the middle of a dusty construction side…. he bought this property…. also to have more space and build his son Naseer (17) and others a teaching space. Yes, I can come. Ahmad shows me the poor conditions of my future space…. puh…… packing, thanking my hotel room, as I always do, when I leave the place…. towards my future. The guest house is build in front the family house. Everything is build from clay and looks a bit old. The entrance area is a big long long path towards the family house with a outflow drain. All the buildings have 2 floors, the path is overbuild. Getting up to the next level my eyes have to adjust to the darkness, the stairs appear shadowy. First door right is my room. Some mats are laying on the ground, at the middle of the room a metal bed in ‚russia style‘ (I know this kind of bed from Georgia, hanging metal constuction, so you feel like a new moon, resting in there).  Behind a dusty window a overbuild small messi dusty courtyard. Between the roof and the next wall a 50cm gap so some some little light comes in, a little connection to nature….. everywhere dust. ….. for the night I get 2 sheets, I am so happy for that – one for the matress, one to cover my body and, yeah, I have my mosqito net. Nizar,37, another son, hits with a stone a nail into the ceiling, mosquito safeness….. 😊. I am still a bit exhausted from the last adventure and I see myself facing the next cleaning and space building project. ….. the bathroom is also in a very messi situation. The main living room has a big window towards a side street and here are some guest at home. A elderly poet with a Afghanian teid turban, another elderly men, Pobad, and some others. During my stay, the most guest came from my guest families home province Kunar. For example 2 elderly teachers, doing some paperwork in Kabul. Or a father and son, selling bananas and apples on a rolling stand on the streets…..

Next morning Nizar comes along. He works for the High Education Ministry (nearly everyone in this family has a job in or for the different ministries). All day long we visit one University after the other, privat and government universities, and really some good connection seems to arise. Very helpful. We need really nice people, as well engaged students and some nice professors and other ‚important‘ persons. In the evening we are back I feel still a bit helpless with this massiv cleaning need. Here and there I look a bit around and I see in every corner just a mess. 2nd night in the new moon bed and second night I can’t sleep.

Mr. Karimzai and Nizar explain a few times that I am invited also for the food,  But my repetitive explanation, that I am vegetarian and that I have a onion allergy get highly ignored. Mr Karimzai says that I can eat there food as they do it, afghanian style. It will take about 10 days until they accept my eating needs. They have a super delicious full corn bread. Uuuhhh….. In the beginning I drink also green tea, they serve, but after some days I have to understand, that my body can’t coop with it. Even if I drink only in the morning, my system is so overactive, that I can’t rest in the night. So I have to also stop drinking the yummy green tea.

First night I prayed with the group of guests and we spoke afterwards, how my prayer is different from there’s. Actually I do the same prayer movements than everyone else. This family is Sunni, so one movement is a bit different from the Shiia prayers, but I adjust. As in any tradition my prayer is in silence, so I do not repeat any arabic words even so I know some of them. But I do every movement a bit slower until I feel something. In my time in Muslim countries I learned to love the movements, they have power, but I need to make it a bit slower. A prayer without my heart is just not possible to me. Even though I hear in the next days, that someone of the group appeciated, that I prayed once with them, I feel a lot of scepticism and not the needed trust in me, that I maid do right, ‚you are just not a real muslim‘ and it has to be ‚ that way’….. I feel not excluded at all for the next prayers, but I also feel not really accepted, not trusted, that I found a good way for me, and it maid adjust by itself after a while….. So I decide, if I do pray, I do it in my room. I don’t like to discuss every time after a prayer. I don’t feel the suggestions I get are coming from a wholesome place, it just has to be as Mohammad said, point…… It does not mean, that I do not appeciate there doing and discipline and group being, sharing together a spiritual path, not at all. I love people who practise together, a beautiful and basic part of the day.

The next day the energetic heavy works starts. From the beginning I have Nazeer (17), the youngest son of the family by my side. We are witnessing the dirty blankets and mats lying around in one corner, smelling badly. Everything comes up in the sun, so she maid help cleaning some smell!!??…. other blankets and even the carpet is smelling so badly, Nazeer looks for a vakuum cleaner, to vacuum the carpet. But this is just to much. After a while he has the solution. The carpet has to be washed. So we roll him together and he brings the heavy one down to the girls, who have now a big task to do. Underneath the carpet is a layer of plastic. Sooooo dirty. It also has to be moved and cleaned. The job becomes with every step bigger. I already bought some cleaning utilities, but he organises some more old fabric. So we start washing the walls. It must have been years someone did that last time. On one side of the room, there is fresh cement used to fix a hole. I learn, that the big explosion from 6 weeks earlier – it was 800-1000m away, made the old house shake, and caused this problem. I am a bit shocked, never thought that it would have had that badly effect, but true it was a very big blast. So, the hole was not fixed well, so Nazeer and a cousin make some more cement……. With every square meter of washing the walls and any other effort the room becomes more and more light. What a job. That’s the way of a pilgrim sometimes, when I come to a place like this, I have to create some space, just where I am first, to start working from there. If there is no space where I am, I have to create some space.

Even though the room is not ready yet, it will take all together 3 days, I start in the late afternoon to clean the bathroom. All the guest of the house do they washing ritual before praying in this super ugly messi, dirty bathroom. How can you clean yourself in such a dilapidated, bad smelling bathroom, seems not to be cleaned in month or years. No place in the bathroom can be touched….. Mohammad had some so many rules for Moslems, but I guess he forgot to tell, that they also have to clean the areas where people clean themself. The bathroom also will need 3 days to be ready and cleaned again. I know, that I took my first shower there, 5 days after arriving. (But the shower is broken, also no warm water -it’s summer, no problem – so you have to use little buckets to clean yourself.) With Nazeer we did some signs, I also bought a wiper and sponges, so hopefully people learn to clean after themself.

Another ugly thing appears. Some of the guest have some chewing tabak in there mouth, if there are done, they just spit it out in the stair hall. Or even spit some spittle out in the same hall or the bathroom floor. So disgusting. How can they do in a house, where they are guests. In the beginning I just could not believe and it still shakes me…. what a disrespect……  some also, when there are done with the tabak, take the ball out and place it underneath of the carpet……. Even though this is another culture, not possible to say nothing…….

So for all my time at Mr Karimzai’s guest house I slept on a less but still smelling mat, later I realised, there are also some very little fleas and lices living in there, they like to bite around the ancles, knees and ellboes….. The mats are just not refreshable. They are made from sheep wool, covered by some fabric. A second fabric is covered around the first one. (I love this kind of mats so much, I did some of them in Armenia) so the second layer of fabric is supposed to be cleaned at least once a year,  but not done for years. So the dirt went all the way into the mat. Only solution now is to make new once.

Nisar organized in the following days some events. So once I was invited at a meeting in a privat university to discuss what to do about peace for Kabul or Afghanistan.  The University seemed to have already something in mind, a cultural exchange with a University in Parkistan. My idea of making peace birds, starting to clean the Kabul river, or bring a homeless family away from the street…. they did not like it so much….. but it does not matter, whereever we begin with a good intention, it will help to create a better world. Every step is precious.

Another time he brought me to a festival. It was a bit outside if Kabul, surrounded by big mountains. The conference center was on a smaller mountain located, beautiful gardens around. The first time after one month in Kabul I enjoyed so much the fresh air…… uuuuhhhhh. It was a Pashto festival, outside under the sky, celebration this tripes culture, with lectures, poems and cultural music. A lot of ‚important‘ people where there. I was introduced to some of them. During the evening a had to give two interviews.

For 3 or 4 days the kids of Karimzai’s family came to my room. I started with doing some peace birds and offering colours and papers. Because they loved to become so much attention, they started to bring me so many painted and folded presents, that I started to decorate one corner of the room with around 50 gifts. Soooo much love. But after some days I felt, I am not a kindergarten, I am very happy to continue the work, but parents need to at least witness what I am doing, but better somehow participate in it – at least a little bit. In Moslem culture, kids don’t become so much attention. They are just there but often parents are not playing with them….. they are just around….. some kids really understand the peace bird thing, took them home to paint and write on them ‚Peace and Love‘ and even distributed them on the street.

One Friday morning Mr Karimzai and his son Nizar brought me to a wedding. All kinds of people where present, many of them work in the ministeries, also a member of the Afghanian parliament was present. In one moment I asked him, if he could help me to prolong my Visa for Afghanistan and he said ‚Yes‘ he can do that and he has the power to do so. I made the mistake not to take his phone no and trusted that my hosts, who knew him good, would help me the next days with it. I asked Mr. Karimzai in the evening, if he could take me next day, because I knew he had a meeting with him next day. But no answer.

Anyway I had to find a solution for my Visa situation. If I could not stay in Afghanistan, I anyway had to get a Visa for Pakistan….. Pakistan has a policy that you can only ask for there Visa in your home country, what I knew….. There were 2 more possibilities to get a Visa for Pakistan. Having a work Visa in Afghanistan  ( so you could have a 3 weeks visit Visa for Parkistan, after you come back to Afghanistan) or asking for a letter from my German embassy, certifying that I do a peace walk, or this could be also done by the Afghanian tourist ministry (But both have a bad relationship in the moment) Then there have to be done a request to the foreign ministry in Pakistan. This would take 2 weeks…. if there is no answer coming, it’s a ’no‘. And you could get also a 3 weeks visit Visa.  I did not have so much time in my actual Afghanistan Visa left, so I did not follow the option – I had to drop the idea of walking through Pakistan. Uhhhh, that was hard.

I applied for a Indian Visa and got now a 12 month multiple entry Visa, what allowes me to stay 90 days in a row in India. Because time until 5th of August was running short and I saw , that all the flights to India were very much booked, I went on advise of Nizar to a travel agency to reserve a flight until I have the India Visa in my passport. It took only one day more. But then suddenly the flight was not reserved anymore……. ?????

So……. Mr Karimzai offered to help me next day. And then a big thing for me took place……..!!!!!!!!@

All the time in Afghanistan people do tell me things, which they dont do. I don’t know how many times I waited for someone, patiently, sometimes unpaitintly and I was just not willing anymore to continue so. And I told some people earlier, that they provoke, that I have to get unfriendly or very loud, because they are otherwise not listening or believe me. I felt this energy rising up in me here and there before and it seemed just a matter of time, that I had to be loud. But for a long time, I did not agree with that action, because I don’t believe in this kind of talking. But now the time had come. It feels a bit like the rage Jesus had in the temple, to shake up people, that there action is not healthy.

What happend. Mr Karimzai did not show up in time. I called him and he said, he is there in 15 min. After 15 min no one there. I called him again, he said, I am there in 10min. I was standing on the street in front of his house and started to screem in the phone. It was a clear rage energy rising up from some place close to my spleen. I told him: no he has to come now imideately…… this game has to stop now, he has to do what he is promissing or inform me that he is not in time…… he will be there in 5min, he said and he did.  But the game was not over. Sitting in the car I continued talking to him in that way. I told him also, that this is not ‚me‘ talking anymore. This is a message from God, from Allah through me to him. He was aware, that Allah has sent me to him, to support my work…….I told him, that I am still thankful what he all did for me, and to the same time he could have done with such an ease so much more for me and the peace work, he has so much good connections and he did not use it for all the time. It would have been so easy to make the connection with the member of the parliament for a longer visa possible, he felt earlier that he has to help this peace walker, but he did not do, he let the peace walker pay and wait in the hotel, he did ‚offer‘ this peace walker the most messi room and bathroom he could offer. How can someone invite a peace walker into such a situation……  how could he disrespect his guest need for vegetarian food….. and so on. I had a lot of examples to present and for me it was clear, here is not ‚me‘ speaking……. this is from another level. And it had to be so loud, because here is noone listening to you, when you speak in a normal and loving way. (we solved the problem with the flight ticket in between all this talking, it was more or less a lecture). When Mr Karimzai came home, he told his youngest son Nazeer, what happend during the day and ‚Thomas‘ was right.

When I said goodbye to him that day at lunch time, I told him also that I am so grateful for everything what he has done for me and that I still very much love him.

The energy went on inside of me for a long while…… and its another break through to the being I really are. And I am still kind of grateful what happend. The next day in the city, I was there with another energy, I felt it ……  In the afternoon Nazeer and his teacher colleges had invited me at a private afternoon school. I spoke more confident and deeper to the students. I spoke out of a deeper connection, with clarity and sometimes witnessing, what comes to my mind, what to talk about.




This and That

Dear readers,

I collected some infos, which I had not worked into different articles before.

Kabul City is the capital of Afghanistan. It is surrounded by mountains and has also some mountains in the city area. General elevation is nearly 1.800m above sea level. Lots of houses are build at the steep mountainsides. The people who live there, have to carry up the water bucket by bucket. The rest of the city has water pumped into there houses.

In the streets police (dark green) and army (sand coulored) have a big presence in the city. They all drive Ford pick ups. Some of the cars have armed guys on the back of the car. It feels that every 10th car is a safety car, but I counted once. It’s more or less every 20th to 30th car, which is from police or army. Most of them are police pick ups. Still a big number.


People are poor. Most people, if they have a job, they earn around 2000$ a year. For example the hostel cook earns 13.000 AFG,  190$ a month. Therefore he has to cook for 50 people, 3 times a day 7 days a week. He is busy from 6am to 8pm. / Hasan the psychologist, payed by a NGO earns 250$ a month.


On the streets of Kabul are a lot of beggars. There is no social network to help them. Lots of people stay at day and I guess also at night under the river bridges. Men, women often with full burka cover sitting on the street. Partly with children. Some have injuries, half fresh or show there amputated legs…. Also a lot of kids are begging. From a very small age…. babies with the mothers,  but also 5,6 years old kids sitting allone on the street. With dirty clothes, sometimes trying to sell little things or offering shoe clean service…… Yesterday just on one street, 20 people streched out there hands at me and sometimes mutter in a suffering sound something to the me or other passing by people. Sometimes I get also angry, being bagged at all the time, even forcefully sting my body, taking my space….. Two weeks ago I saw a two boy gang (maybe 10 -12 years old) beating a 6 year old boy with a stick. Building up mafia structures….?? Lots of suffering……


In Afghanistan are living a lot of different folks and tribes. People with white to dark brown skin. Men are wearing western or traditional clothes. Some have beard, some shaved. The women wear to 30% in Kabul city burka. Others have a full but not face covered cape. Sometimes you can see the colourful dress underneath. And some women wear just a hijab, for example roma people.

There are everywhere stands with fruits and vegetables and other goods on wheels. In the night every seller rolls his stand home. Most stands have only one type of goods to offer. And a lot of men have wheelbarrows. They transport everything back and forth, especially in the narrow ways in the bazars, but also everywhere else. At lunchtime they use there wheelbarrow for sleeping.

In the summer month Kabul is hot. I guess during the day at around 35 degrees. I have heard that sometimes in the summer some monsun clouds come even until here, but until now, only dry and no rain.

Royal Hostel VI

Already the night after the fight, I suddenly got a real deep pain in my body. It was around the time when everyone came back from the police. It was more or less from the sacroliac two lines straight up the body to two point on my shoulders. First I thought it’s from writing all the articles in the blog without a rest in between. But it came just from one minute to the other and it did not go away….. I could not sleep very good.

But then the next night I got another also very strong pain. It felt, that a wooden peg is rammed into my third eye – all the way through to the back of my skull. It was not a pain for placing it there, it was a pain to have it fixed there. So again I could not sleep very good – and it was the first night, in Afghanistan,  where I felt, not being at the right spot. I woke up early at the next morning. Khalil, friend of Attel, has messaged me to leave the place, because the police would come for investigation next morning. And its not helpful for my host to have me there. So I packed my things, walked back into the city center to the government hotel.

The pain disappeared.

With the director I agreed to stay for 2 nights with a reduced price – as before – in the hotel. After I could move to his privat guest house, to stay there for free.

So I guess, this will happen today. Ahmad, the nephew will arrange everything later today. It feels like a new chapter.

There were also two others offers to get a place to stay…… one from the hostel cooks friend, one through Dills connection, but I was not ready for that.


During the last two days I heard that everyone was asking „where is Thomas?“. With Attel I will continue to have connection and after some days I will also visit the hostel guys……

Royal Hostel V

I spoke with Attel about last night. He was called to the street, because bis brother Faiz was attacked. He himself got two times his on his back head, and lost sight two times but not consciousness. After the first round everyone thought, it’s over. But the others came back with 15 people…….

I asked Attel why there was an attack at all? One of Hamids friends (dont know the name) did a really bad bad joke. They meet every day before sunset at the street. And there are always some younger boys playing. It is very uncommen in this culture that guys at the age of 20 or older hang out with young boys, nearly a no go. So this friend of Hamid, as I understand spread the news, that the boys can earn 1000 Afghani Rupies in the Hostel for some service…… That was the reason for the neighbours attack, but without clearing the situation before, by asking around, if that maid be the truth.

The police told them last night, to solve the problem by themself. So that everyone comes together with the elders of both parties to discuss about what happend. Faiz, Shahzad and Attel where inside prepared for a fight again. Faiz and Shaved had even metal fist rings with them. I really could not agree with that. Attel told me that the other party has to follow there rules to solve the problem. Paying the money for the hospital and other expenses….. giving 3 sheep’s….. and so on…… if there don’t do, that will fight again. But the other party is not from the same tribe….  that makes no sence. ….

Anyway others and me convinced them somehow to solve the problem by conversation. So this happend. First step is done. But is need for more conversation to be done. All is not solved yet.

Yesterday night, someone mashed 3 windows at the hostel. The idea was to blame the other party. Someone from the hostel guest told me, that everyone here would have lied to let this party look better. I can only shake my head. …….


Royal Hostel IV


I woke up and this was the day for starting cleaning one bathroom. The Hostel has 3 bathrooms and they are all big. So I hesitated to clean one. Anyway they get cleaned twice a day …. But it feels never clean in there. No real care taking. The guy who cleans has a hose and make more or less everything wet. And cleans the most urgent. Then everything dries by itself. It feels that the trash bucket beside the sink – emptied every day – has not be cleaned since one year. The water bucket beside the toilett, what everyone uses for washing after the big business looks even more messy. The western toilett, on which you should sit, has no seat and looks always dirty. All the bathroom has calcium deposits and looks partly brown. The doors have not been washed for….. a long time. The sink is also only hosed every day. The fittings have some millimeters calcium…. This part of the hostel is not inviting at all. It nearly becomes a ritual that I have or want to clean the bathroom where I stay. And while doing it is clearly a space creating ritual on more levels. Today I was allone in the beginning until 14h, then Attel, Hamid, Shahzad and another guy came helping. During the cleaning tools and cleaners for improved, so we could at 6pm nearly finish the first bathroom. Sooo good.

The cook Subhan made me some chips. Bringing my bowl back to him I saw Attel sitting in his office. Coming down from the first floor, just one minute later he was gone. I heard some noise from the street. Something was going on there. I had a look. Upppps. Some fighting was going on…… I saw that 2 guys throwing stones at the end of the hostel property over the 3 meter wall, or did they throw towards the neighbours property? Most of the hostel guests want to see what’s going or where involved. Who or how it started….? Maybe some guys came to Attels office I hear…..? Not clear…? Anyway, around 30 people where fighting or trying to stop others from continuing. Faiz had a red head taking two stone from the ground growing it behind some guys running away into another direction. Attel half involved tried to call the police…… lot of anger around. The fight stopped and started again. I was asked to go back behind the walls. Lots of others came back too. I took a shovel to bring some sand beside my room to the trash area, when Shahzad in rage tried to find something. He teared the shovel out of my hand. i tried to stop him but I am not strong enough, knowing he want to use it as a wappon. He was somewhere bleeding or had blood somewhere….. because I had suddenly a some blood on my arm. With the showel he went to the street. Inventing did not help. Shahzad has a little mental problem, the day before he did not have his regular tablets…. now he seems in the same mood. People tried to stop each other. Faiz seems to bleed also, he comes a few times to wash his face but then he goes again in fighting mood, in rage, in defending behavior? ….. with a very red head and rage to the next round….. Shahzad looked again for more wappons and finds a pickaxe. Luckily Attel brings him to another room. I quickly bring the pickaxe to hopefully safe place. Shahzad comes back to the scene and finds a saw. Behind his back he fixed the saw in his trouses and leave to the street. Davood arrived from the street and is so angry, that nowone helped him to get away there. …… The police arrives…… later in the evening everyone is asked to go to the police station to report……  until know, everyone came back but I don’t know yet what really happend. Attels and Faiz older brother came to my window and told me, guided by two friends who also work for peace, that I can be sure, that they always support me. We will talk later. It’s now 2am. Will see tomorrow.

Everything is quite now. Why someone had to brake to glasses an hour ago…… don’t have a clue……

There is so much tension in the country. Everyone somehow feels it, continuously or not.  When something happens it somehow exploited!!!???!!!

With Love and Peace and happiness