Dies ist der FriedensPilger-Blog
This is the peace pilgrimage blog

No further reports of my Norway journey

Dear friends.
I have decided not to write more of my Norway journey by bicycle.

There is lots to report and really interesting things happened to me. But to write it all down, it’s just to much at the moment for me.

Just short.
I reached Bergen in Norway at the 1.10.23 and I stay here for a month in my friends ‚Hilde‘ house. I am totally fine.

Next year the journey to the North will be continued.




What I like very much

What I like very much

Finding something, what you can need.

In this case, I found a glove. Proparbly someone lost it, another person picked it up, put it on a picnic table beside the Post Routen way. It was wet.

But, surely, as it becomes colder, I need it. You can say ‚but it’s only one‘. But I say: I can find another one, somewhere. This glove is for the right hands, could be a very little bigger, but it fits and will do the work.

Anyway, for the left hand I already have a working glove. I found a pair a year ago in Poland (some hundreds meters away from each other, fitting each other). While cleaning up Aaron’s Finca in the mountains of Gran Canaria, the right one gave up its life. I kept the left one for some trash picking.

But this left working glove will do it’s work, to keep me a bit warm on the bike, when needed.

I love it.

Maybe I’ll tell you some more stories of a similar kind. At the moment I remember 3 only from this journey.
I love it and it makes me smile bride.

Cycle repaired

My bike is repaired. Yippee

I am so happy, that the XXL-Shop in Lyngdal had the needed piece. Also brakes exchanged. And the service was effortable. I am so greatful.

Yesterday I had a crazy night, unrestful thoughts. Having the bike fit, relaxes me a looot.

Also I trust my abilities, getting up the mountains. Today 831m gained. Some days ago I was surprised to even managed over 1.100m during the day. ….and if I am not able to do it all the way, a make a break or even push a little. I am full cool about it.

I am again happy, to be in Norway. Things will turn out fine steppp by steppp.

The nature is amazing and enjoy the drinking water from the creeks. So delicious.

And I enjoy the cycle wanderer spirit. Soooo grateful.

Blessings to all of you

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Not at all – Norway

Peace Pilgrim in Pension – not at all.
Friedenspilger in Rente – von wegen.

Reaching the North Sea, I cycled north, meeting the Vestkysten route no 1 (west coast route) I followed it north. With the support of the wind, which came now from the south (very unusual at all, but to this time of the year even more).
And slowly it started sink into my mind. The north is calling.
With some exceptions the wind continued to come from the south. One day it changed the direction – super strong wind from the north. But this did not change the calling towards the north, it was more a greeting from North. All together the wind and weather supported the cycle journey northways.
I met two cyclists, Johannes and Richard, much quicker on the way, also towards north, at one of the beautiful shelters in Denmark. Based of Allmende (a culture in Scandinavia, which means, that All the nature belongs to everyone) Denmark, Country, Counties and Cities/Villages builded shelters, for all to use for free. There is an app, telling you the location and you are invited to stay there for a night. There are shelters, where you can sleep with a sleeping bag or tent. Water and toilet are available mostly and greatly taken care. Johannes and Richard cycled 120km a day, had to reach a ferry to Norway on Friday for some climbing activities there, wanted to cycle back, after that. It’s just wonderful and it’s a special spirit to meet other cyclists on the way. And they have been some other very nice encounters on the way.
One day I met Jonas and I told him my starting thoughts about going north, maybe even to Norway. I told him about my earlier connections to northern Scandinavia and some of my intense spiritual experiences, insides and my work with it. It was good, to speak it out, but still more thoughts, but kind of unrealistic to this time of the year. Who travels in autumn to Norway with a bicycle??? Hääh???

But it came more and more realistic, by cycling further, supported by wind and a kind of inner calling.
Here the sentence came to my mind (see headline) ‚Friedenspilger in Rente – von wegen‘ and supported me to maybe really do it.
My mind told me again and again ‚this is so crazy, wrong season, it’s becoming winter!!!‘.

A plan, day by day, slowly developed in my spirit.
Getting now to Norway – cycling until end of October – leaving the bike there, while flying from November until May ’24, as planed to India and Nepal – coming back in mid of May, picking up the bike to continuing cycling all the way up north – having lots of time in the north of Norway and Scandinavia.

This plan sank in more and more.
Last Monday I arrived in Norway, in extreme heavy rain, was hosted by Cornelia and Tarald, which I know from Greece (helping refugees arrive in Lesvos 2015/16).

So now I have travelled in Norway already 2 days, today first rest day at a lake (first rest day since the journey started). In Norway everyone is allowed to camp in nature for free under simple rules (150m away from private property and leaving the place in good condition, taking away own trash). Weather is not easy, but manageable.

But…. difficulties arrived.
Sure, here are mountains, and they need to be climbed with the bike. This will get more easy steppp by steppp (on the bike) in time.
The equipment needs to adjusted to the season.
My shoes are all the time wet, have to get better water proofed shoes.
My jacked is kind of done, less water protection after 4 years use….
From Susanne in Angeln I got a wonderful cycling trousers, which dries pretty quick…. but another water proof trousers on top maid be needed …
…. summer equipment need to be sorted out

Yesterday I went a let’s say crazy way. It’s an official cycling way on the old post route. But so steep up and down, even in the lowest gear, the back tyre nearly did not grap anymore at sandy/little stone wet underground.
At the end of the day my ‚running app‘ which counts the km, said: 804 elevation meter gained. Don’t know if that’s true, but it was a taff day.

Furthermore my gears are not working good. It’s not quick enough to change. Than the right turning gear is almost out of order, it strikes and falls almost in pieces. Tomorrow I have to see a cycling repair shop. Don’t know, if that is able replace. I guess this turning gear piece is not to become here (tried already in Germany, it got a bit weak). So I don’t know, if it’s to replace by another system without having the whole Shimano system renewed. That maid be expensive. Puh….
Or is this bike even not to repair at all?….. Aaaahhhh….

As I still live from donations, all this is really stressing my small budget. What I learned from 11 years on the road – help has always come……and I am so greatful for it.

Remember, when I started on the 8th of September, I did not know, that my journey will take me to Norway. I had no clue.

I always follow me deepest callings of my heart.

And I always said: I don’t know from where I will fly to India. Don’t know, where the way, my inner guide leads me. That’s the reason, that I have even some luggage with me, which I need in India/Nepal.

To my friend Hans I recently shared, that I don’t receive in the moment in advance messages, they often come from in the ‚here and now‘.

Today is equinox. The day and night hours are the same on the whole planet. From here on winter comes to the north, summer to the south of our lovely planet earth, which I serve from the bottom of my heart.

Now, 21.9.23, 22:44, after days of heavy rain (arrival), sun, rain and storms (tent nearly flew away) the weather is very calm. The lake in front of my tent is mirror like.

Best greetings

Bicycle riding and meditation.

Bicycle riding and meditation.

For my birthday (31.3.) I got a used bicycle from my brother Ulrich, sister in law Kathrin, sister Conny and mother Inge. While being on the Canaries I was looking much forward to finally start cycling again.
At the beginning of July I finally got the bike handed over.

I had already a training plan in my mind in order to gain more fitness for my body. Also, before starting the peace walk, I always had a bike and always loved very much riding bike. So, on first of July I starting cycling – the idea was, to ride every day 40, better 50km.
From the first day it was a joy, I loved it again.

Coming back from the peace walk in 2022, I had in my mind to get to Scandinavia for the summer, but I ended up serving in the Vipassana center in Poland for almost all the summer. So this year, I had it again in my mind to travel north. But I stayed longer on the Canaries, then I stayed with my mother while my sister’s family went to holidays. And finally I stayed in the house of Elisabeth in Worpswede, while she was in Switzerland. Also the weather was really not inviting to get somewhere from the middle of July.
So I cycled in circles. At my mother’s house, in Worpswede and finally, when I reached Angeln and Flensburg (I lived there before the peace walk).
In July I circled in the middle (incl all the break or bad weather days) almost 40km a day, in August it increased to a little over 45km a day. September has a middle until today of 65km.

Suddenly the weather, from 1st of September became more stable. After realising, this is not only for some days, I started to think, cycling in Denmark.
At the fifth of September suddenly the wind came from the east. It invited me to get to the west side of Denmark, to the North Sea. Three days later, my friend Hans had just handed over a warmer sleeping bag, which was in his house all the ten years of my walk, still with the support of the east wind, I started my journey.

Update 20.6.2023

It’s more then half a year ago, to write here on the blog.
It has been a intense time, processing inner stuff.
I have the feeling, I went through the hardest part, including lots of pain. It was a deep deep process on the edge of my possibilities.

From the beginning
Steppp by Steppp

There is a foundation of being guided, whatever comes on the way, even if it is something almost not visible or feelable anymore. But deep down or inside of myself I always know or at least can remind myself, there is this ‚being guided‘, trust, being hold, embraced…..
Actually we are all somehow guided through our life, through the net of existence, whatever believe system we have, religious or not religious.
Yes life is difficult sometimes. Yes it is. And life brings us through our challenges towards solutions and development. And that’s a gift and a reason to be grateful.
And that is sometimes even difficult to feel, the gratefulness, but having worked so continuesly developing consciousness, it’s only a matter of time, that gratefulness is present again. Sometimes only the knowing, that all will work out, because it does, brings gratefulness back, maybe little first, then more and more.

After my time at the Baltic I was welcomed at Sandra’s house (always welcomed there). Her mother, Edith, was getting weaker and weaker and finally left this level of existence. It was a very peaceful finallysation …..

I went to England to sit a intense 30 day silent Vipassana retreat and come back for some more weeks to Sandra’s house.
During this time, we could bring Edith’s remaining ashes to the family tree in the closed by ‚Friedwald‘.

My mother’s Inge 85th birthday got celebrated in her home. All the family was present. As a collective present we created a calender, where all of us, children, grandchildren could design a page, which tells the future story of having a nice day together with Inge. Means, everyone of us is inviting my mother to a special day, event, during this year.

I still live from donations (and will continue so), what means , I go there, where I am invited, or where I feel, I have to go to.

Actually, I was drawn first to leave around mid February to India, Moreh. Because of a not clearlyfied situation, what happened with the former donation money and a not clear communication about it, I decided not to go yet. I was emotionally also to hurt and not stable, to face the situation face to face, because the communication with my very good friend in Moreh was, on my point of view, not open. I still love the clean up project in Moreh and somehow, I am still open to getting involved again. (Currently, since 6 weeks, there is no communication online possible, the government cut the internet because of violence between ethnic and religious groups)

But there was an invitation by Alex(andra), to come to Gran Canaria. Alex is a Vipassana friend, which I got to know in the Vipassana center in Poland last year. First I stayed in her house, with a beautiful view over the whole city and harbour of Las Palmas.
But she had a surprise for me:
Aaron, whom I also met last year in the Vipassana center in Poland, was about to buy a Finca in the hills of the island. And so he did.
The property lays opposite of a UNESCO world heritage side Risco Caido, which honours the first settlers of Gran Canaria, who lived in caves. His property lays on steep ground, has also a some caves and more or less improvised simple ‚houses‘. The terrasse land has the possibility of farming, some trees, lemon, orange, figs, almond are already there. It’s completely silent in the valley of Barranco Hondo de Abajo in the northwest of the island.
I was always interested in meditating in a cave, so soon after signing the contract, we 3, Alex, Aaron and me went by bus to the 910m high location.
The property lays really calm and beautiful, the land has a lot of potential….and the place needed a lot of help, especially first for cleaning up. So I ‚moved in‘. Day by day cleaning up the messi areas, inside the barrack and more needed, in the with trash filled up caves. But also quite some trash on the property.
In the beginning I had no running water, so I had to bring it from somewhere.
I stay here more then 3 month now and it soon comes to an end.
Yes, it was challenging, to stay here, but this is only regarding towards my inner work and being here for almost all the time totally alone. The silence brought me totally towards myself and my inner struggles.
But the land and location is just so wonder, wonderful. Having no car ( and I don’t want one) it was always an effort, to get to the next villages, towns (Artenara, Agaete, Galdar) but there was also a small but good sorted little shop half an hour to walk away. Often I walked to the next settlements, but there are also busses, who leave 45min or 1h 15min walking distance away, a few times a day. To get by bus to the next town takes about at least an hour or more.
My friend Elizabeth just asked me yesterday, if I have already wistful feelings about leaving in a few days ( and I had some weeks ago, a bit). But I could truthful answer now ‚No, I don’t have, it feels, everything is rounding up so beautifully‘.
Aaron came some days ago back to the Canaries and so I can hand over everything to him. His girlfriend Ilu arrives, when I leave.
This place will become a place for mainly meditators.

So what comes next ?

Meeting dear friends in Heiligenhaus, Helga und Hartmut for some days.

Staying at my mother’s house, while my sister’s family is in holidays in July.

Maybe house-sitting a place in Worpswede.

Getting towards my earlier living place area Flensburg and around, visiting friends and nature to there…..

Somehow a city in Netherlands, Uetrecht, is on my maybe list, I heard so many good things from this place….

And for sure, all the time being back in Germany, I will bicycle a loooot. I have to train my body a lot. Looking so much forward to it!!!!!!!! Yippieh!!!!!

Also I maid serve a Vipassana course this summer

After the summer
I proparbly move to India again. I will sit a 45 day silent Vipassana retreat…..
….and some maybe’s…..

Be blessed





Update 11.11.2022

English und Deutsch (weiter unten)

To all my dears, friends, family and supporters.

Its 7 1/2 month since I am back in Germany/Poland/Europe. Since then unbelievably no further post on my blog (www.steppps.net) and a lot (most) of you friends (who life in Germany and Europe) I have even not seen yet. How is that possible? – and somehow I don’t know.

A try to explain.
First I went to my mothers house and I got a great welcome back recieving, with most of my closest relative, around 20, present. I had in mind to come back more often back, to see my mother, but after the 3rd visit, I found out, she is in very good hands, has her own ideas of living life and is not really happy, with the ideas, how I wanted to enrich her life….. so I gained again some more flexibility…..and freedom.
I visited two close friend, Elisabeth and Sandra, who supported me by offering there space for me (and for the future). I have big gratitude towards them.

And I spent all together more then 5 month in Poland. More then 4 1/2 of it I served as a volunteer in the Vipassana center in Poland (cooking and garden).

After being in Katowice and in the Beskides mountains in south Poland with Marcin and his family I am now in northern Poland at the Baltic (finally) and breathe in fresh ocean air and forest air, just 500m from my room away. Actually in Gdynia north of Gdansk (Danzig). I rented a neutral space in a hostel to meditate and clear my mind.
And think/feel about, whats coming…

Even though I have a 4 1/2 volunteer service at the edge of my limits behind me, I still think of project to do next. And there are so many in the pipe….
Just to mention some
– Meditation until Liberation
– School in Nepal
– Clean up Moreh in Manipur/India
– Reforest a hill in Armenia
– Several big projects in Northern Germany, there are a bit on ice, because I did let go of them, until they maybe appear again
– Some people always say, I should write a book
– Slide show and report about the peace walk
– Several peace walks
– long cycling trips
– visiting Africa and maybe get active there
– …..and more more more
All has to do with spreading Love, Peace, Happiness in the world

How to manage that all?
And most of the projects need so much support and the involvement of many many people!

The good thing is:
All the doors are standing wide open.
The doors are illuminated by the same light.
I can go through any door, there is no obstacle…..

Still some Fears:
Will I get continuesly get enough support, also moneywise? Will I be able to continue live as a peace worker/walker?
Will I be able to have enough time and money to have a rest, like now?

Life is so short
How is that all possible?
What is planed for me?
How to fulfill all of this?

1) All this 10 years I was blessed with support and money for whatever I needed to do. Why should it change?
2) At the 11.1.2020 at night I was sitting in my room in Moreh/India at the border to Myanmar (which was not open) and I asked: ‚So, what should I do now?‘ …..and the answer was by a silent voice: ‚You can do whatever you want!!!‘ (I spoke about the doors) – As most of you know, I stayed one year to clean up the rivers in Moreh before I came back to Europe.
3) Meditation is since years so important to me and for me, and it means more then 2 hours a day…. and it has to fit into all coming up things
4) Time will show, whats coming up and which doors have to be gone through….or none of them????!!!!
5) Now I definitely need some more rest – and its so hard, to allow myself to do so.

What was the coan on the peace walk?
And its still more than up to date:

Step by Step
Breath by Breath
In the Moment

I am so happy to see everyone of you again 🤎
And I love the planet and the nature on it soooo much

Thanks that you all exist and that I know you

An alle meine Lieben, Freunde, Familie und Unterstützer

Seit 7 1/2 Monaten bin ich zurück in Deutschland/Polen/Europa. Seitdem unglaublicherweise kein weiterer Eintrag in meinem blog (www.steppps.net) und viel (die meisten) von euch Freunden (die in Deutschland und Europa leben) hab ich bis jetzt noch nicht gesehen. Wie ist das möglich? – und irgendwie unglaublich.

Ich versuche zu erklären.
Zuerst bin ich zu meinem Elternhaus und ich hatte einen grossartigen Empfang, meine Mutter und die meisten meiner nahen Verwandten, etwa 20 waren gekommen. Ich hatte mir fest vorgenommen,  öfter zurückzukehren, um meine Mutter zu besuchen, aber nach 3 Besuchen fand ich heraus, sie ist in sehr guten Händen, hat ihre eigenen Ideen das Leben zu leben und sie war gar nicht so begeistert von meinen Ideen, ihr Leben zu bereichern….. so bekam ich ungeahnt mehr Flexibilität…..und Freiheit.
Ich besuchte 2 Freundinnen, Elisabeth und Sandra, die mich mit ihren Wohnangeboten und Einladungen unterstützt haben (auch für die Zukunft). Ich bin sehr dankbar, danke danke.
Und ich war zusammen mehr als 5 Monate in Polen. Mehr als 4 1/2 Monate davon half ich als Volunteer/Server/Helfer im Vipassana Zentrum in Polen (Küche und Garten)

Nachdem ich in Katowice und in den Bergen der Beskiden im Süden Polens mit Marcin und seiner Familie war, bin ich nun im Norden Polens an der Ostsee (endlich) und atme frische Meereslust und Waldluft, grad einmal 500m von meinem Zimmer entfernt.
Momentan in Gedynia nördlich von Gdansk/Danzig. Ich hab einen ’neutralen‘ Raum (Space) in einem Hostel um zu meditieren und meinen Geist zu klären.
Und denke darüber nach…..

was als nächstes kommt
Obwohl ich gerade ein 4 1/2 monatigen Service an meiner Belastungsgrenze hinter mir habe, denke ich schon über die nächsten Projekte nach. Und da sind jede Menge wartend…..
Nur um einige zu erwähnen
– Meditation bis zur Befreiung
– Schule in Nepal
– Müllprojekt in Moreh/Manipur/Indien
– Wiederbewaldung eines Hügels in Armenien
– Verschiedene grosse Projekte in Norddeutschland. Ich hab sie vorübergehend mal losgelassen, bis sie evtl sich wieder melden
– Manche meinen ich sollte ein Buch schreiben
– Dia Schau und Bericht zur Friedenspilgerreise
– Diverse Friedenspilgerwanderungen
– Lange Fahrradtouren
– Afrikareisen und dort ggf aktiv werden
– und mehr mehr mehr
Alles hat damit zu tun, Frieden, Liebe und Glück in der Welt zu mehren

Wie das alles meistern?
Und viele dieser Projekte brauchen soviel Unterstützung und die Beteiligung von sooooo vielen Menschen!

Das Gute ist:
Alle Türen stehen weit offen.
Die Türen leuchten alle im selben Licht.
Ich kann durch alle Türen gehen, es gibt kein Hindernis.

Noch ein paar Ängste
Werde ich weiterhin genug Unterstützung haben, auch Geldtechnisch? Werde ich weiterhin in der Lage sein als Friedenspilger oder -arbeiter zu wirken?
Werde ich genug Zeit und Geld haben, um mich auszuruhen, wie jetzt?

Das Leben ist so kurz
Wie kann das Alles möglich sein/ werden?
Was ist für mich geplant?
Wie kann ich das Alles umsetzen?

1) All die 10 Jahre war ich gesegnet mit Unterstützung und Geld für all das, was ich brauchte. Warum sollte sich das ändern?
2) Am 11.1.2020 saß ich nachts in meinem Zimmer in Moreh/Manipur/Indien an der Grenze zu Myanmar (welche geschlossen war) und ich fragte: ‚Und was soll ich nun tun?’….und die Antwort, eine leise Stimme sagte: ‚Du kannst machen, was du willst‘ (Ich hatte ja schon die Türen erwähnt) – Die meisten von euch wissen, ich blieb ein weiteres Jahr in Moreh, um den Müll aufzuräumen, bevor ich nach Europa zurückkehrte.
3) Meditation ist seit Jahren so wichtig für mich, was bedeutet, mehr als 2 Stunden am Tag…. und das muss mit all den anderen Dingen zusammenpassen
4) Die Zeit wird zeigen, was kommt und durch welche Türen ich gehe oder zu gehen habe….oder keine von ihnen????!!!!!
5) Jetzt brauche ich ganz gewiss etwas mehr AusruhZeit – und die Umsetzung ist gar nicht so einfach.

Wie lautete der Koan für die Friedenspilgerreise?
Und ist immer noch so aktuell:

Schritt für Schritt
Atem für Atem
Im Moment

Ich freue mich schon so, euch alle wiederzusehen  🤎

Und ich liebe diesen Planeten und die Natur so sehr 🤎🌍🌎🌏🙏🌳🤎

Danke, dass es euch alle gibt und dass ich euch kenne.

Ending the journey


English/Deutsch weiter unten
In about 3 month I am travelling home (home is actually for me everywhere on the planet) to Germany.

After 10 years steppps peace walk on foot from Germany to India/Myanmar, after 24.000km walking, crossing 16 counties and 1 year in Moreh/Clean up paradise.

I will land in Frankfurt in the evening of 31. March 2022.

The last three month
Until 29.12 Imphal
30.12.-8.1.22 Moreh
9.1.22 Imphal
11.1. ✈ Imphal – Bodhgaya
12.1.-23.1 Vipassana retreat 10 day
26.1.-3.2. Vipassana STP 9 day serve
9.2.-12.3. Vipassana 30 day
15.3./16.3 ✈ Bodhgaya – Imphal
17.3.-29.3. Imphal / Moreh
30/31.3. ✈ Imphal – Germany 🇩🇪
1.4.  🚆 Train to Reckenfeld, reaching mothers house/relatives


In etwa drei Monaten reise ich zurück nach Hause (zu Hause ist für mich tatsächlich überall auf diesem Planeten) nach Deutschland.

Nach 10 Jahren steppps peace walk zu Fuss von Deutschland nach Indien/Myanmar, nach 24.000km pilgern, durch 16 Länder  und einem Jahr in Moreh/Aufräumen im Paradies.

Ich werde in Frankfurt am 31.3.2023 landen, abends.

Die letzten 3 Monate
Bis 29.12 Imphal
30.12.-8.1.22 Moreh
9.1.22 Imphal
11.1. ✈ Imphal – Bodhgaya
12.1.-23.1 Vipassana retreat 10 Tage
26.1.-3.2. Vipassana STP 9 Tage Assistent
9.2.-12.3. Vipassana 30 Tage
15.3./16.3 ✈ Bodhgaya – Imphal
17.3.-29.3. Imphal / Moreh
30/31.3. ✈ Imphal – Germany 🇩🇪
1.4.  Ankunft per 🚆 Zug in Reckenfeld und Besuch Mutter und Verwandte

The peak

I could sent this donation request to some of my friends on WhatsApp, but until now, it feels like begging, or being misunderstood as a beggar.
I had so many support through my friend during the last 9 years.
I just cant sent this around.

The peak
Earlier I spoke about ‚a peak‘.
I guess, its hopefully the tension peak. Because I can’t really stand more than that tension.
It was an unspoken tension in the air. A tention combined from many factors. A lot to do with the (unknown) past, people dont know where to put the trash, also ignorance. A tention before a solution, which will hopefully now last long.
To the same time I developed a tention inside of myself, which is not really gone, I take care of it. This feels like a somehow karmic tension, which has now the chance to transform.

A peak, also, in the sence, that my time here is coming to an end or preparing for an end.
I am guided, so my mind does not always know, what comes next, but I can interpret the things happening around me.
It feels, there is still lot to do here, while a change already happened.
It feels a bit like, I have to be here another while, with my presence, to help the solutions enfold. To witness and stabilise the enfolding solutions to come.

I love to be guided and to be an instrument.

Thank you
Love Thomas

Facebook post

This I posted today on facebook.

Day 120 🌳 2.6.
Clean Up Khujailokh river

A call for donation.

I am excited.
WATAM is on the way to bring there service to another level by offering step by step to more and more streets a door to door service.
WATAM is transforming his waste management service with a tractor towards a real truck, which can more easily go to also smaller streets. …and can reach quicker the dump area.
WATAM now has about 2.7 Lakh together, to make this dream come through. There was a truck available for 2.5 Lakh, somehow in a good condition.
But there came a better offer around the door, for a nearly new truck, build in 2020, which was barely used because of Corona. It’s 4.7 Lakh. This truck could serve Moreh for about 10 years…. Because of his young age there is little repairing to expect and he needs also less gas than the older version.

Who can donate or contribute some or more Rupies, Dollars or Euros? Or give a credit? So still 2 Lakh are missing, means 2.745 $ or 2.242 €.

Please contact Thounaojam Shekharjit Luwangcha or sent to my account in Germany, if from Europe/International. Any $/€ helps.
Thomas Heinrich Schmöckel
Bank: Kreissparkasse Steinfurt
IBAN: DE46 40351060 0077526473
The money goes to 100% to WATAM. Any bank fees from my account to India I will cover.

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you