A challenge

I managed the only 12 km the second day.
But…. After 3 1/2 month meditating and resting the walk is another story.
My mussles and all my walking system is hurting. To carry the backpack… it feels also very heavy. … as I said,  just another story.
I even got some blisters at my toes.
They are care taken. Step by step I will continue.

For the moment I will mostly stay at night in hotels. Today I have again a low budget one. Including some cleaning. Means, if the place is not so as I with,  I do what I can to make it a bit better.
Only if I get invited somewhere, I maid go with the people. For now it’s for myself and the people maybe better not to ask – because of Corona.

Step by step to continue the big hug (do you remember?)

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