Feet and heat

I took the chance on my pause day in Bihar Sharif to buy some new flipflops. And the rest took some fruits. My body felt so much better when I woke up next morning.

With my new flipflops and a stronger body I walk east out of town. During the way, at midday, I feel, I can really make it to the 26km distance town of Barbigha. 5km before the day goal I sit down at the side of the street in the shade. People are resting under big trees. 3 teenagers playing cricket in the nice relaxing scenery. I just walked until here. Have I been somehow in trance? I did not feel the heat to hot, but I realize that my arms got really red. Quite satisfied, that I can walk good with the new flipflops I realize some little abrasions at my feet. Ok. Let’s have the old flipflops for the rest of the way.
Shortly before Barbigha I feel super exhausted, have to rest at the street, water bottles are empty, observing my breathe I feel the effort of the day.
The first hotel is a little bit to expensiv for my budget, next hotel even more money. The first hotel also did not want to take me, they did send me to the police station for a ’stamp’….?? Anyway, I ended up by the police station, because no other place to find. Maybe they have an idea…. Entering the police everyone took a sidestep (foreign man with backpack and face mask)…. soon I learned that they had no Corona incidents in the town yet.
Here I got to know Alok, a Yoga teacher, who came accidentally here, visiting some police friends. He invites my to his home. Always when you go to a police station… it takes time… reports have to be written, passport and visa papers has to be controlled, story of the peace walker have to be told, translations have to be made, the chief officer has to be informed by phone….. There was also a reporter from a newspaper (next day we read, he described me as a Japanese :). After everything was done the police brought us by car to Aloks home.

Already at the police station I got to know, that my feet where a bit swollen, the little injuries where watering, I had some blisters which I did not realize before,  and on top, the sun has made it really red.
At Aloks house I firstly had to patch up my feet, water out of the blister and Alok had bought a special creme for me.
Next morning my arms where fine, the colour changed into light brown. But my feet. The looked aweful. Still swollen, some little places open and watering. Already decided yesterday, to take Aloks invitation for two nights. Really nice food and Alok gave me a private yoga session.
I further extent my stay. It’s raining and the feet…. still not ok. Anyway, just know I remind myself, …. when needed, there is always help…. so on that level, everything is best.

From the newspaper today I learn, that only yesterday 83 people in the state of Bihar where killed by lightening. In all of last year they where ‚only‘ 39!!! So many in one day.

By the way: The state of Bihar has around 100 million people. Around 8300 people got infected by CROVID-19, most of them are recovered, all together 57 died.

Further notice: my next Visa, because of lockdown and Corona, the Foreign office FRRO has to issue it, in process. But parts of there web side is not working. Emails, other notices and phonecalls let me be in time-consuming circles….. brrr. … there maid be another usefull reason on another lever behind it… at least I have to further learn to be equanimous with every situation.


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