First day walking again

First way walking after 3 1/2 month was quite fun. But I walked only 12km to adjust myself to the situations. (So today I walked 0,5% of the rest of the way to Myanmar/Yangoon-2.500km)
Some people on the road quite friendly. Some a bit afraid.

I reached Nalanda. Today I stay in a OYO hotel. Some month ago I saw a video on Facebook about the owner. It’s a just 25 year old man, who had, when he started nearly no money in the pocket. In his village he saw that the local hotel was not booked at all. So he made a deal with the owner, a kind of bet. He promised to make the hotel busy. He changed some sheets and blankets, pillows. Arranged everything in a need way, took care for some more cleanliness, took photos and published them in the internet.
After a little while the hotel was really good booked. He somehow became the co-owner.
Now he owns 1000s of hotels in all of India and became a billionaire.

Nalanda is known for a old Buddhist university, which tought Mahayana Buddhism, which spread all over Asia, specially Southeast Asia. Ruins and excavations are to witness here. I myself don’t go, because mostly these days it’s anyway closed -lockdown- but also because tourist have mostly to pay 12 times more entrance fee than Indians……

Bihar is actually a very beautiful state, when it comes to nature and climate. I don’t know, if the Monsoon this year is a bit early? Anyway, here and there it rained a bit and a bit more.



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