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I have arrived in Lumbini. Lumbuni is the birth place of Buddha. After 1985 this area was developed into a sight, where lots of monasteries settled around here. An UN General Secretary had the idea to this plan. Lots of countries sponored monasteries from different Buddhist traditions to build here temples in this area. Also a world peace conference center and a peace stupa is established.
I stay since 3 days in the Korean monestary, who has a large guest house. The little fee of 4.50$ includes 3 very good vegetarian meals, and guests are welcomed to use the temple for meditation and attend the morning and evening ceremonies. The guesthouse is simple but very clear mindful organized. To me it seems, that everyone who comes here, is after a while embraced by mindfulness and calms down. Just beautiful.

The walk until here, the last 160 km, where again a little taff at some areas. My right knee caught my attention here and then. There was suddenly pain again. Then it was gone and later it arised again. I clearly felt, that the pain is a momentary thing, but in between doubts arose ‚maybe there is a damage?…‘ In fact I still feel it’s a blocked meridian and I could, for example, find out and locate the end of this energy line at my right toe beside the little one. There I could clearly see-feel the blocked energy.

Enjoyable was a lot the intact jungle forest. It’s just so beautiful and relaxing to walk along, beside or through an area which radiates freshness and offes the healing atmosphere of ’nature in order‘. The forest strech was around 100 km long with some villages in between. Here and there you could find signs that partly are elephants,  rhinos, monkeys or even tigers are present.

Coming to Kalapivastu I learned, that the palace of Buddha’s parents are just close by. Buddha lived here 29 years/ before his enlightenment. Bric stone fundaments are still to see. It is said, that on the foundation they builded the palace as mud houses. I nice guy brought me there on his motor cycle to kindly guide me around.

Earlier, close to Imiliya, I met Santoosh. He is around 25, visited some Vipassana retreats and is now establishing a farm in the area, where he wants to employ people. He wants to bring healthy life to them and there family. Every person he employs has to do soon or later a Vipassana retreat. Santoosh has a clear vision what to bring to his area. Nice.

Just a day before I arrived to Lumbini I came to a crossroad. My maps.me app did not show me any village there, but I guessed to find a bigger village, because five ways where gathering. But, actually I found only a few houses, but super simple. On one side it looked a bit like a bigger garage, very super simple. I got some more clothes on, figuring out where to go for the night. Meanwhile I was surrounded by lots of kids, being curious what a white man does here. While still investigating where to find a place to stay I saw a village close by. Ok. That maid be a possibility. While closing my backpack Varun, 26, arrived. The typical questions came up ‚I am looking for a place to stay for the night‘ and surprisingly he mentioned, that I can stay in his school. Aha, one of these ‚garages‘ is a school. Varun founded this school three years ago with the intention to bring better education to the poor area and to improve the English skills. He himself is one of 10 siblings, who all got a good education. His father is also a teacher and somehow managed to finance the studies of the 6 girls and 4 boys. I also get to know his grandmother, who lives in a part of this ‚garages‘ area. The family invites me for a meal in the near by houses, but Varun, me and his brother will sleep in the school. On a plastic, to protect from the dust (the school does not have a floor yet), a isolaton mat as we use in a tent, and a blanket. He sleeps always there.
I already feel that I want to help Varun and he shows me around everywhere. Nothing is ready here, between the classrooms is just a half wall, so the sound gets from all the five classes with 150 kids to everywhere.

On top of the building he started a room for himself, and wants to build more classrooms in the first floor.
Some 46 more students study English in afternoon classes.
Every student pays only a very little fee, where he has to pay the teachers and construction and so on from. If someone can’t pay they ‚just have to tell him‘
I like him and his energy, his intention, visions and overview.
He is also responsible to give mini-credits from the world bank to people, who start there small businesses. And he is involved in some other projects.

After arriving to Lumbini I diguest and contemplate, finally decide to support the school. I have done good fotos in the morning and put everything on Facebook, instagram and this page to hopefully attract some people to help him, the kids and the area. I am not 100% sure, but it is possible, that I stick with this project. Let’s see how it developes. And also I will come to the area several times in the next 2 years because of renewing my Visa etc. So that’s perfect too.
See the article before.

I will join a Vipassana retreat from today on until the 26th of December. I hope to find some more donations for ‚Varuns school‘ (2 donation already arrived, juppie) so that I can bring him some money before New Year. This is my Christmas wish for this year.

Have a wonderful Christmas time who celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth.
Blessing, Love and Light

(Who wants to donate to the school can still do so, I will be always come to this area again and again…. kind of crossroad)

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