something to give ‚Varun’s school‘

Dear friends. It’s Christmas time. Here is a project to sponsor, if you like – maybe instead of Christmas presents….????

It’s a privat school here in Nepal. I met the principal and teacher yesterday. Varun Karan. He opened the school to bring good education to a very poor area. Especially he went to improve English skills but also more. The building is half ready. The ground is until now just dust. There are already 150 kids in 5 classes full time studying/+afternoon classes.

The tuition fee is only 250 to 450 Rupies (2.50 to 4.50 $ a month) per kid. If someone can’t pay, they just have to tell him….

I feel, I want to help him a bit with money, but I don’t have really. You can sent me money to my account and I will bring it personally there. Varun did not ask for that at all. I am just inspired by the energy he puts in there. And improvement is needed….


My account you find on Sponsoring or Kreissparkasse Steinfurt DE46 40351060 0077526473 (mention ‚Varuns school‘)


Thanks a lot



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