Energy changes

Just after I uploaded my last articles I checked my bank account – oh, there was a donation made by a good friend of mine…. so great…. thanks…. so money worries are gone actually…. only have to find a bank with an ATM….. rare on the country side

Bruno and Susi, two Germans which I met on the highway, who had some trouble with there motor bike, changed 25 $, that’s a help for now.

Very enjoyable to walk through the jungle along the highway, who is not so busy during these days. So beautiful to feel the intact nature. One man said to me ‚this property on the other side belongs to the UNO‘, what I somehow don’t believe. I don’t think the UNO has no own property.

My sister and my mother communicated about my maybe intention to visit my mother next summer. Reacting to that, my mother sent me a voice message via whatsapp telling me: ‚you don’t need to come back to Germany because of me, I am fine…. please continue your journey and after you have completed it, then come back home….‘ In a following phone call I tell her about my idea to invite her to India (but she proparbly does not because of health circumstances)
Anyway I am touched, what she said on the voice message, that she could say it in this way, without any expectations, touched me for her… that she is so open…
I feel, this opens new doors to our relationship, so beautiful.

My knee is also getting better, 2 days ago. While walking I felt, that the meridian blog opened up….
Now I have two days rest…..

Thanks for anyone who supports me in whatever way on this peace walk journey……



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