New year has started

Dear friends,

Lots to report. But I do not have the time and space to do so. So many things are happening. So I keep that for later.

I am good. But had also a accident with a bus. I was walking on the left side, when I was hit by a big bus, he had to turn away from a car on the other line. The bus driver choosed to hit me instead. I was pushed forward, my whole back and head where hit by the bus (back was kind of polstered by my empty backpack). All happend on the 29th of December in Lumbini. First I thought the bus driver will continue driving, because after the hit he two times continued to move the bus. But it was only to park the bus safe. Depak, the bus drivers, came to me. After a while I decided, not to see the hospital. Body was good from outside. But I was not sure, if I got a concussion – anyway I cured it with a meditation. I felt a deep release during that 1 hour meditation especially in my neck area. But surprisingly my right shoulder in the front area was effected, a pulling. The way to the hospital was to long, about 22km and over a bumpy road. That would not been good in that stage. Depak was worried and we communicated on whatsapp later that evening to calm him down and to respond to his guilty feelings and care taking energy. I told him ‚ Seems that we had to meet, and there was proparbly no other way….‘ It’s ok, I will manage, but never hit a human anymore, please…‘ and now I have a new friend in Kathmandu and a invitation there….  The shoulder hurts still a bit, but I can make most movements now. A pulling always takes time, so I guess in 2 or 3 weeks everything will be supergood.

The next day I went to Varun’s school, to bring him the collected money 440€ and 50 US $ to help with the most needed. He asked me, for what I wish to use it: ‚I want more dignity for the school kids, they have even not enough space on the poor benches and tables in a much to small room, how can you learn like this? – And how to manage the sound of nearly 200 kids in a kind of garage or little storehouse with having only half walls in between the classes of 50 each?….‘ ‚And I want you, Varun, to attend a Vipassana retreat and after to bring the children there, to learn a 10 min Meditation routine for every day…‘

Since I left the Vipassana retreat at the 26th of December I found no space to relax. I also collected money from you and on Facebook to sponsor 85 new quilt covers for that center. They just did not have. From some of the old (20) covers with big holes in it, we designed some sponges to clean the bathrooms – a tailor was willing to take this project for 200 sponges for just 12€. Anyway, all the money came together. Not a single Euro to much or to little. Thanks for the doners.  

With this two donation projects, the bus accident, and the non-time reflection or afterglow the retreat…. and the understanding, that the school needs much more attention, I senced, ‚oh I don’t get a rest here…‘ I have to get some more Distance ….also to see, if I want and can get more involved with the school…. There is so much to do, to lift up the quality…. and I guess, Varun and his young teacher team, who want to establish better education in the poor environment will attrack even more kids…..  Am I able to give guidance and support?…. is that project to big ?….

So, short decided I went away from Lumbini, into India, to attend another 10 day retreat in Kushinagar (Buddha left his body there)… actually, when I arrived, I learned I have to serve the course….

About the experiences in the Vipassana retreats I will report later.

Now, I am in Jaipur. Here I will attend again a Vipassana retreat, but this time for 20 days (20.1.-10.2.).

To get here by train took me unexpected through Lucknow, where I was invited by Tabish, to stay with his student colleges at the very well known Drama school. After a silent time its somehow overwhelming to meet so many new people, but these artists already cultivated some space inside, so when I really needed time for myself, it was totally accepted.

Hugs to you all

with love 



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