30.11. in the morning

Dear friends,
walking towards Nepalganj somthing really nice happens,  the road is paved. No dust. What a different experience. So nice. Everything looks and feels more clean. Inside and outside. The whole atmosphere is so much more enjoyable.

And…. the beds have been clean for two days in a row.  So good. What an effect this has on my well-being.

In Nepalganj, I have a room close to a big temple. The puja is going on for hours. The really nice part in it is the bell ringing, in the evening as well then in the morning. Clear bell sounds. .. wonderful. …

My room has 40 or 50 mosquitoes. …. uuuuhhh….. there is no way to sleep exept of building a improvised mosquito protection by a big shawl (blanket) which I have with me. I position one side under a uplifted pillow, other side around the pillow where I lay on…. ventilator on….sure earplugs wearing .. … so I reduse the bites to a minimum of around ‚only‘ 10 that night. But I stay two nights…. exhausted.
Later I realize why there are so many of them, the grey water makes everywhere puddles….

I try to change my 45 $ in one of the banks in town…. they refuse to do it. All the banks tell me: ‚we can’t change, they look to old and there is a little drawing on the 5 $ note. Our central bank is not accepting any damaged bank note, even though it’s only a little damage’…..

I walked already 200 and a bit km when I continue my walk towards east. My left knee started hurting on the walk into town a very little and increased the pain a bit while resting. …. so I have to walk a bit mindful and careful…. I guess there is a meridian blocked and it feels like mussles and sinew are to lose….. It feels also like twisted a bit too, even though I did not. The pain is also little, I could it also call pre-pain, but I feel it.

After walking through a forest, suddenly everything is different. In the right sight some hills, on the left side I can guess some mountain siluettes. The fields are much greener. Somehow the people here are 2 weeks in front of the once before the forest. On the other side also so many fields are empty or on the way to be studded. Here the mustard does not flower anymore….. Somehow also a different consciousness…. different county/state?….. thats always so interesting when I walk, to see a ‚whatever change‘ happening in such a small area….
I stay with a nice family. The father, Ganesh, is a veterinarian,  the mother, Tulsa, has a shop for cosmetics. The 9 year old son Rohid wants to become a veterinarian, too. The 4 year old son Ranjid a pilot. Great. Seems this family can make it possible.
After a great meditation in the morning I have to walk nearly 2 km back, where Ganesh picked me up yesterday. Now the knee hurts even more. Now I can feel it with every step. … will see how that developes. … hmmmm

While I am writing this I wait for the food.  I had everything packed to leave, got an invitation for rice eating from Ganesh…. I thought, ok, seems to be ready soon….  but then the cooking process increased, presure cooker hissed, the son went to buy some potatoes….. In Nepal people eat also late in the evening, around 8 to 9, but yesterday a bit earlier, after it’s sleeping time…. because of that, stomach is still full in the morning…… and because school starts at 10am,  the families eat before school time…. But now it’s before school time, so it seems the food is ready soon…. hopefully….. but the kids went to school…. still waiting…. finally…. at a bit after 9.30am, but only because I asked…. The eating times don’t fit with my schedule and rhythm, in the evening it’s just to late, in the morning again to late, also because the winter days are short…. sun goes down at 5.30pm now…. smile

Anyway I could finish the blog article 😊😊😊

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