Some more things

A week ago I stayed with Mrigendra, Goma and son Ishan in Jhunga. Mrigendra told me that the whole area was forest before 30 or so years … now everything is farm land. I somehow feel this painful change during walking through the plain areas.
Ishan also warned me, ‚it’s dangerous to walk on the highway (a bit north) because there is a national park beside and some people have been attacked by tigers there. Luckily I choosed the south route along the Nepali-Indian border.

In Gulariya I meet three guys how all work with kids…. one in ‚after  birth control‘ pages by the government, one for a NGO who is active to fight against leprosy which is still around in this area. …. I tryed to find out how many people are still have leprosy in this area but he could not guess the number.

Here in the lower parts of Nepal live also a lot of different tribes…..  and I learn that the Indian government build some of this roads in the south… in the north of Nepal China builds some roads… both as a donation to help develop Nepal. Here in the south some of the roads are not totally finished, but main bridges are build and roads are somehow connected – and very often not paved.

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