update 30.10.2018

Dear friends,

my little injuries from the walk are nearly gone. The bursa patella on my knee is fine.
During the healing process at my feet I found out, that my horn skin underneath my left food was frozen. The horn skin peeled and I find now new healthy baby skin there.
The left eye healed also. But it is still sensitive. I work during the Vipassana meditations in the moment with deep rooted old defilements. One is coming from the left pelvis all the left side up and a part of it leaves through my left eye. This is ongoing since a while and I know…. this is, why my eye is so super sensitive and that’s maybe even the reason why the sun had such a big effect on my eye…..

Through all the month I was so busy with my mind and heart and all my system to find out, if I have to go somehow now to Germany to see my parents. Back and forth I moved it in all directions…. (that was such a deep and difficult process)
Finally I came to the decision to continue the walk now. On the 8th of November I fly to Delhi. From there the night bus to Mahendranagar at the border in Nepal. From there I walk, maybe proparbly with company – Aparna wants to join – to Lumbini and later, beginning of next year, to the Buddha places in India…. see timetable….
(I have to leave a gap, because of Visa issues, what will be walked next autumn)

I promised some month earlier…. if someone comes, can’t effort walking with me because of no money…. I or ’steppps‘ will take care of it. It should be not the reason of anyone,  not to join the peace walk because of money issues…. anyway, we knock at doors and ask for food at night….. but it’s a little challenge for me….. and while writing this here, I feel so happy to face it…..

I was joining again a Vipassana retreat. This time I could meditate all the time. I can only recommend it to anyone of you, to join at least a 10-day retreat at one of the centers in the world. It is free of costs and so so helpful for further spiritual development …..

In earlier blogs I already mentioned, that I want to integrate the Vipassana technic into the silent retreats, when I come back. Now, in the last retreat, at the second last day, Mister Goenka mentioned in a extra little audio tape, that he can’t allow any mixing of the technic. The main reason behind it is, that it is possible that the beautiful Vipassana meditation technic gets again lost….  Also, that people can’t see, what result is coming from what technic/doing….  So he mentions it again and again, and I have even the feeling, that this little extra audio tape was played more or less for me!!
So what to do?…. Anyway…. it’s still time until I give the next silent retreat…. so I can contemplate on it…..
But also I can’t hide the beautiful technic to anyone…  it’s so powerful and it has to be spread…..
And it’s the natural continuation of teachings in my seminars…..
But dropping all of the things I taught before…. can’t also not be the solution…..

For the last days in Leh/Ladakh I promised to help again in the Vipassana center to serve the upcoming course – they had a problem finding enough servers – …. From there I will get directly to the airport.

Anyone who wants to join the peace walk is heartly welcome!!!! In Nepal and India we walk in easy terrain. Also extrem weather situations are not expected in the next month. …

Love to you all

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