Back in Leh area

Back in Leh area

Konchok greets me and I am heartly welcome. Finally a mirrow and a body wash action the next day – in the monastery no facility, no warm water….

And looking at the mirrow – oje – how do I look like, as a Yeti. The skin hangs down from the sun burn everywhere in the face, the beard so long, the lower lip opened at some places….

Sadly I have to move out from Konchoks place after a week, because it’s a government place and we don’t have more permission.

Skarma has a house just close by. Here I stayed with another guy, Soham for 4, 5 days or so… what a nice time also.  Thanks Skarma by the way. And I am still there.

The kneecap bursa is getting better too.

And the skin under my feet starts to peel, wonder of body presents a new skin.
The lip is also nearly healed.

Eyes are also nearly fine again.

Another peace walk I can not start here. Zanskar had to be cancelled because of the snow. Nubra Valley I can’t walk too.

I will visit again a Vipassana retreat from Wednesday on. And I meditate a lot anyway. 2 to 4h a day. A lot of defilements I work through. So good.

The vision of the triangle route remains the same then from June. But no clue how to bring it down to earth. Maybe in 2 years, maybe after the walk…. will see and diguest…
Anyway, I made a map ….. about diverse details….
Before I upload the map here it maid be a little overworked and beautied. … and it needs explanation….

This walk really shaked me. Especially because of the case of ‚doing a visit to Germany, seeing my mother/father/family or not, now or later – or continuing the walk until Myanmar without interruption. … this is a huge process for me…. also because I feel a commitment and a vow towards a ’non-interruption‘ of the walk…..
I am going with it
It seems so easy, when observed from outside, but somehow it’s not…..
I could write pages about it….
Solution will be found… ……………
If I find words to explain I will do it later….

I love to be in Leh with it special energy

And I love to see the Shanti stupa as often as I can…. such a beauty

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